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Super Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS Averages 88 On Metacritic

Reviews for the long-awaited Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS have come rolling in on review aggregator, Metacritc. The game currently has a Metascore of 88 based on twenty-four reviews. Joystiq and Games Radar had the following to say about Nintendo’s latest brawler.

“While there are definite areas where Nintendo could improve on Super Smash Bros. in an inevitable sequel, this is the most feature-complete, compelling Super Smash Bros. entry to date”

– Joystiq

“A highly polished iteration of Smash Bros. that plays great on its own. But when you’re afflicted by latency problems in local multiplayer, you’ll suddenly become painfully aware of the 3DS version’s critical shortcomings.”

– Games Radar

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60 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS Averages 88 On Metacritic”

    1. Lol ign gave this game a 8.8 because of smash run and the tiny characters xD imma laugh when they dont give it 10/10 for the wiiu version since it should it has neither of those things

      1. Smash was way too early in development for the N3WDS and not only that but many fans would be pissed because they would have to buy smash and N3DS which would probably be about 250$.

              1. I’m not saying shadow is a bad game( haven’t play it) but comparing a 20 mullions budget game with a handheld game and the handheld game still beat it is funny XD

                1. How is it not? They are called gaming PCs for a reason-they are built for and have the specs for gaming. There isn’t any difference between gaming Pcs (including the TBA Steam Machine) and home consoles.

                  1. Well… lets add it, according to Metacritic the game (on PC) has only 1 REVIEW ! so it doesnt achieve the minimun to have an average.

                    it doesnt even rank on Metacritic LOL

                    And you cant add PC score to the PS4 and calling it a day, because the only review is already on the PS4 version.

                    By the way, i love my gaming PC, and goes well alongside the WiiU, 3DS and PS4 i have :)

                  2. Consoles are closed platforms w/ hardware that’s optimized for gaming, usually exclusives (whether to consoles in general, or a particular brand of console). They are designed to focus on games. (As good as Trine 2 was on Wii U, it felt odd because it was originally a PC title).

                    Personal computers are designed w/ multiple functions in mind (the biggest being as a life tool [school, work, bills, e-commerce, research, communication…]). Some are tweaked specifically for gaming, but in the end, have too many settings & operating systems to truly be optimized. Consoles & their standards are streamlined, allowing a game to take full advantage, or @ least more @ home if it doesn’t push the hardware.

                    They’re both computational machines, but they’re geared toward different experiences. It’s like any all-in-one device compared to a specialized device: better parts & experiences are almost always indicative of the latter. Smartphones, Sony, & particularly MS have done a great deal of damage twisting what a console actually is. There might be more bang for one’s buck, but the types of individule experiences suffer to a greater degree. & 3rd parties are mostly ignoring consoles for the agendas of these all-in-one companies. Those who haven’t followed Atari, SEGA, Nintendo, & pre-7th gen Sony & MS but followed post-6th gen Sony & MS &\or just PC will not have the experience to really understand the difference. Fine, just understand the differences & act accordingly.

          1. Awesome! I get my used x360 today! … It won’t get much attention because of H Warriors, but I’ll get it setup this weekend!

            1. Just 1 hour & 5 minutes, give or take a few, for my download of Hyrule Warriors to complete. Then I can say… It’s time to fight!

        1. Shadow of Mordor looks like it might be my first game for the PS4… when I can actually buy the damn console. lol

            1. I liked IGN’s review. The fact losing actually results in something is freaking awesome! I wish more games did something similar. Like say a certain Space Pirate kills you in Metroid Prime 3, when you restart the game, that Space Pirate has been upgraded to something stronger.

  1. Just played full version today. Could use the latency thing and improvements in a patch, and would benefit immensely from dlc modes (or stages), for the first smash on a handheld, its absolutely fantastic!!!!

  2. 88 is ABYSMAL for such an accliamed game on the 3DS!
    Wii U version has less features so will probably get a crap 80 on the U!
    Nintendo has lost the plot, Bayonetta 2 epic failed on the Wii U in Japan, a game that was supposed to turn around the U fortunes!
    First party Nintendo games ONLY sell well, Nintendo fans cry when 3rd party developers shun the Wii U, when in the past ALL 3RD PARTY U games have sold pathetic!
    3rd party have the combined user base of PS3.PS4.360,ONE and PC, kinda OBVIOUS why they would make games for all that user base than the crap user base for the Wii U!
    The days of the SNES Nintendo had it all, best 3rd party and studios….today it has lost every 3rd party that used to love making games for them.

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