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Pier Solar Is Coming Soon To Wii U (Trailer)

Pier Solar and the Great Architects, the retro themed RPG developed and published by WaterMelon, will be heading to the Wii U soon. The company announced that Pier Solar will be released on September 30th for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation3 , STEAM, and OUYA, while the Xbox One, Wii U and SEGA Dreamcast versions will be announced next month by WaterMelon, pending certification

31 thoughts on “Pier Solar Is Coming Soon To Wii U (Trailer)”

  1. I’ll be highly tempted to get the Dreamcast version of this! Though I bet they don’t release a PAL version of that…

    1. People like the art direction and simplicity of them, while still being challenged. They can disregard certain modern flare and focus more purely on the game aspect of the games. And it probably won’t end for indie devs because it’s cheaper for them and they probably can’t afford to work on something with a modern aesthetic. If they did anything 3D, it’d probably be compared to modern games much more and be seen as a downgrade, but choosing an 8 bit or 16 bit artstyle, they don’t have to worry about those comparisons and can even make them look better than the games they would be compared to thanks to modern technology (them being compared to the old 8 and 16 bit games of their respective generations). This way they’re still “good looking games” and can avoid modern expectations of triple A ‘look at how beautiful those wrinkles are on that old man’ graphics. People still love these classic styles, and if they play well then that’s really all that matters. Do visuals do enough to support the gameplay? If the answer is yes then they’ve done enough to make a game that will sell, in most cases, and that’s good enough for them. Also, they get nostalgia rushes making these games cause they make the same style games they played as kids, so that also makes them make more

  2. Oh, yeah… that game. After all those delays and the developers not saying a word, I’d given up hope and completely forgotten all about it.

    Shame we’re not getting it the Wii U the same time as the other versions… but at this point, another delay’s no longer a surprise.

  3. Sorry, but I have to dust off the Dreamcast for this one. Going to be sweet.

    Wahhh… I miss the Dreamcast days and I really want another Shenmue. I need a genie, so I can wish that Sega returned to it’s former glory… Bastards are nothing but a tease now…

    Still waiting for PSO2 and Yakuza… Oh, I hate them for it…

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  5. This indie RPG looks like a love call to 16-bit systems… Super NES and Genesis (Mega Drive in Europe and Japan). Love that nostalgia.

  6. Wow, for a second I thought the header picture was of Alundra. Got me really excited, the first Alundra game on PSX was fantastic.
    You can’t deny the resemblance though.
    Long-ish red hair, elf ears, blue jacket, white shirt. Coincidence ? I think not. (it most likely is a coincidence though, lmao.)

  7. Ha! Sega’s been out of the console race for years and their console is still getting games. You really can’t underestimate their tenacity and will to succeed!

  8. I’ve been waiting for this game for a long time. I really like the upgraded graphics. Day one buy for me…. I really miss the big strategic boss fights in these old rpg’s. Sadly, these type of boss fights no longer exist in today’s games.

  9. Do people not realize this IS a 16 bit game? This is not a game meant to look like a 16-bit game. It’s an HD port of a homebrew Sega Genesis game.

  10. I guess many don’t know much about this game. This is an HD re-release of the game. The first one was made in 2010 on the Genesis, and they first announced the Dreamcast version before confirming all the others.. Not too much of a surprise, of course, you would have had to have heard about the game.

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