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Latest Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS Glitch Turns Players Into Giants

There’s been a few amusing bugs in Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo 3DS, but the latest has to be the best yet. The bug, which you can see in the video above, happens when you’re confronted by a number of enemies. If you choose to play as Yoshi and continuously lay eggs it makes your opponents bigger and bigger until eventually they take up the whole screen and decimate you with a smash.

Thanks, Michelle

122 thoughts on “Latest Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS Glitch Turns Players Into Giants”

        1. Well if we are talking about failures, here are a few funfacts
          The PS4 has sold more hardware and software units in 11 months then the Wii U in 22 months.

          WII U= WII Fail to make and sell our games and hardware to U

          1. By hype. But did you also know that Xbox DOne overall sales performance is actually worst than Wii U from 2013? So look who’s talking about failure when they failed to mention everything else that’s playing roles in the market. Oh and don’t forget Vita..again.

            1. Lmao AlLstars has a cult following my friend and knack looks way better than mario and our great psvita will rise once we unviel project f.a.w.k…..

              1. Sony fanboy alert. *sirens*

                Seriously, what cult? Everyone knew its a direct ripoff and a very bad one on top of that and Knack better than Mario…WTF kind of piss are you drinking? lol Knack flopped like shit when it launched.

                And good luck with Vita making a comeback since Sony also given up on supporting it too. Now its nothing but Sony’s Wii U Gamepad copycat.

                1. If you had cared to try PSABR, you would know it’s, besides from characters of Sony’s franchises coming together to battle, nothing like SSB. It isn’t as good as SSB of course, no doubt, but it’s far from being a bad game. In my opinion at least, I enjoyed it.
                  Also, he didn’t say Knack was better than SM3DW, he said it -looked- better. I wouldn’t call 1+ million sales a flop either actually, but each to their own, I suppose.
                  And the Vita is a copycat of the WiiU’s gamepad ? Ignoring the fact that Sony has been playing around with remote play since the PSP (regardless of how well it was working, it’s about the idea behind it after all), which would make the Vita being a copy of the Gamepad chronologically impossible and the Gamepad a copy of Sony’s products if at all, I would like to see you having acces to a damn nice variety of games on your gamepad, without using the actual WiiU console. Unfortunately, it’s true that the Vita isn’t getting the kind of support it would deserve from Sony, but other developers are still showing some love for it at least. Also, there’s a huge library of PSX and indie games in the PS store, and I don’t think any other console offers you the same quality on the go. No, not even the 3DS, because everyone knows
                  PS store > 3DS eShop.

                  1. Yes PSASBR is terrible on originality in every way. It’s a sad joke of Sony still trying to be like Nintendo when they’re not and never will be.

                    Knack clearly doesn’t look better and yes, I’ve seen the game displayed in Best Buy’s huge ass screen. It’s so messy and pixelated stretched out. 3D World on the other hand has its gorgeous charm in visuals. Imagine when Super Mario Galaxy 3 comes to Wii’ll make every single “good looking” game cringe to its beautiful style just as Galaxy 1 on Wii did in its time. Knack merely selling 1 million on a 10+ million platform which shitty reviews THAT IT DESERVED Is a flop.

                    Isn’t the Remote Play only compatible to some games and functions with the home console? Sounds limited compare to Wii U Gamepad which you can play and do anything with it.

                    eShop is worse compare to PS Store? You need to remember that eShop focuses on game sales with applications that enhances the system’s experiences. PS Store may have more but let’s be real about one thing: eShop never got hacked and shut down multiple times because of a company’s neglect of its security. Yeah, PSN was pathetic for lack of security.

                    1. I tried having a decent conversation with you, but of course, all I get is a salty and ignorant comment nearly based solely on personal opinions. Thus, I won’t even bother going any further into the discussion.
                      Thanks much and have a wonderful day.

                      1. I’m being real, not arrogant. Knack isn’t as good as I hoped it would, All-Stars is and will always be a joke trying to rip off Smash Bros., PSN is good but flawed with its security, constantly getting attacked by hackers every time and not once they tried it with Nintendo Network which they always perform maintenance and updates to keep it running. eShop may not have much but it does its job.

                        And “tried”? That’s not exactly what you’ve always done in the past anyway. What makes this occasion different?

                    2. Most of Knack’s sales were due to it being a pack in game with the PS4, so no, it’s not better looking or a better selling game than Mario. LOL Fail.

                  1. You need to get YOUR eyes checked. Lol what the hell? I agree that Knack looks kind of mediocre, but it is definitely better looking than 3D World. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE 3D World, but right now you’re just being a fanboy.

                2. Omg stfu, as someone who played and finished knack, it’s HORRIBLE ._. It’s so repetitive, there’s no variety and the characters might as well have been silent ._.

                3. Lol, nope. Knack looks like a college physics project and plays like one, too, with less pixels and frames per second than super mario 3D world, Vita will, and always will be, a gimmicky ripoff of the 3DS that nobody will buy, All Stars is, admittedly, a good game, but cult followings don’t really boost sales, as they already have said game.

                  Looks like you’ve been…


              2. If it was because of hype only, don’t you think it would have died down long ago, resulting in sales number decreasing significantly ? Hype is something that usually vanishes once the product is out, but the PS4 still is selling quite well. But honestly, even if it would have had sold solely thanks to hype, why would it matter ? Did it sell or not ? It did sell, and that’s pretty much all that’s of importance in the matter of numbers.
                Also, just because the Xbox One sold “worse”, which I actually doubt it did, considering it had sold around 5 million units (which was about 3/4 of the total amount of WiiUs that had been sold at that time, if I’m not mistaken) in a matter of months, doesn’t make the mediocre sales of the WiiU any better.

                1. “considering it had sold around 5 million units”

                  Shipped =/= sold

                  In fact, we haven’t even heard how much of them did sell in months, which is what Mircosoft does when something sells not as well as they wanted it too, not reveal what is sold.

                  1. Oh yea, that’s very true. I’ve left that out of consideration, also probably should have added an “apparently” in that sentence you’ve quoted, as I wasn’t really too sure about it myself. Thanks for the correction. (:
                    Everything else I’ve said in my previous comment still stands though. d:

      1. I dont think you understand how complex fighting games are. Smash being one of the most. There’s bound to be the odd glitch when you select a certain fighter and use a certain move under a certain condition

        1. In brawl or melee days, they couldnt really patch up the game. Meaning if something like the peach ban glitch happened in Brawl, then the game would have been broken with no patch.
          Smash 4 on the other hand they can patch as much as they want. That’s why i think some things are done on purpose.

          1. Dude, Brawl and Melee had glitched, too. Remember Meta Knight’s infinite dimensional cape and Jiggilypuff’s infinite Giant Final Smash? Both glitches. There’s a glitch in Brawl where if Lucario is hit by Mario’s cape while doing his B-Up, he is sent flying crazy high off the screen. Those are just the one’s off the top of my head, but, honestly, every game has glitches. Melee had glitches and Brawl had glitches (to a even greater extent). Glitches are practically unavoidable. Every single person who has any knowledge on game design knows this.

          2. they could patch them, what they did was stop manufacturing the glitched game and create patched copies to sell. Granted, there would be some glitched copies of the game still floating around

      2. Or its another exploit. Seriously, Watchdogs, Arkham Origins and even BF4 was released with shittons more bugs than this game but ya don’t complain for shit I bet. But Nintendo however…

        Suddenly the skies fall. XD You people are stupid.

          1. Oh pleaze. XP If BF3 was coming for Wii U which Frostbite was running well as proven, then BF4 on Wii U is most likely possible. BF3 to 4 are no different except cosmetic engine updates with more particles, bloom and a skyscraper collapses. That’s it. lol But neitherless, I don’t want any of EA’s garbage that’s corrupted with Origin, their Spyware service.

          1. I’m playing it on the Wii U right now, and there is a glitch while attempting to unlock one of the radio towers, so I can quick drop in that area. Every time Batman smashes the computer, the doorway remains electrified. I’ve tried several times, and it will not let me unlock that tower. If I leave and come back, the enemies all re-spawn and I have to smash the computer terminal again. It’s a glitched game and I’m only 10% into it.

    1. For 10 years nintendo gave babies,baby consoles,Baby Wii and Baby U,and they thought for 10 years the babies who bought Wii will remain babies and never grow up and move on to Baby U,lololololol Hahahahahahahaha nope the babies grew up by 2012 and waited a year to get a PS4, and the babies the new babies went for Samsung Tablets and Ipads and smartphones.

      I don’t know what’s happening to Nintendo because next year Sony Is bringing out the Big Guns, like Uncharted 4 and its going to blow nintendo really hard up the ass.

      2015 Baby Iwata is going to step down and also discontinue the Baby U afterwards

        1. Sony has been struggling for a long time and way worse than now before, they aren’t going bankrupt anytime soon, not with the PS4 selling the way it is. On top of all the restructuring the company has done, dropping all their least profitable divisions.

          People can hate on Sony but they do make quality products, I think with that alone they can continue to survive even if it’s only by a thread. People respect that.

          Sony has been in worse financial situations also, so if they didn’t go bankrupt then, they aren’t going bankrupt now. Everyone is flipping out about this 2.1 billion loss but Sony has had bigger expected losses in the past.

          For sure things will happen within Sony as a whole but the Playstation division will be just fine, it is one of their most profitable. So you can hope all you want, and anything is possible sure, but it won’t be happening for a long while is all I’m saying.

          I personally don’t see why people pick on Sony so much when every console maker out right now is suffering in some kind of way, due to the vast shift in the gaming market.

          1. Your right when you say Sony will be ok becouse the PS4 is selling well. It is selling well, and Sony will be fine becouse of that.The thing with Sony Michelle is that they depend on the success of the PS4. If they hit any kind of road bump, or if for some reason they start having problems with the PS4, they are in deep trouble..This is not a place Sony wants to be in, having to depend on one product to keep thier company alive. Alot of people give Nintendo flack and say they are going out of business, but the fact is Nintendo is in a MUCH better situation finacially than Sony is..I hope Sony the best though, I really like the Ps4 as I did the Ps2, and Ps3.. Not so much the original playstation..

      1. -_- My question for you is if you feel like Sony is for mature gamers, why are you on a Nintendo related site acting like a spoiled child? There are plenty of great games out for the Wii U, (A.K.A Baby U,) and its library is growing. Don’t get me wrong I grew up with a PSX and a PS2, but Nintendo had always had some of my favorite games. Besides Kingdom Hearts, which also has some stellar releases on Nintendo consoles, I really don’t play my old Playstation consoles. I still own and play many of my older Nintendo classics to this day. Learn to tolerate other gamers choices. At the end of the day its just a game.

            1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

              I grew up with the Japanese consoles. My cousin owned a Playsation and I had an N64. We would often visit eachothers houses to check out the new exclusives from their respective consoles. It was a bright childhood memory. I never really felt that mine or his was better. It was simply a different fun experience. It wasn’t until I was a teenager that I stared to notice differences in performance with ports me and my cousin shared. Somewhere along the line, I don’t remember when exactly… I guess I started fanboying. Especially with RE4 port.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                I had a similar situation but back in the Ancient War…

                I had Sega Megadrive while my friend had SNES…

                He then joined the PC Master Race while I bought his SNES for a very cheap price and so I pledged my loyalty to Nintendo…

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    PC Master Race has always been first…

                    We were called something else back then…

                    Something most do not know…

                1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

                  I imagine you have an ominous robotic voice. The things you speak simply “are” and nothing more. XD I wish I had the patience to establish a character. Haha.

      2. So you mentioned 1 game that’s a 30% chance of good sales. Nintendo had/has several releases this year that already did or going to drive Sony in like a nail. That’s the nicest way I can put it, ciao!

      3. You put a lot of time into your message, what a waste of time attacking who? Nintendo? No fellow gamers just like you. Just enjoy being a gamer, and contribute fun and good times to our day instead of bitchy cynicism and meaness. Deal?

      4. You truly show your brilliant maturity with your pathetic antagonistic, anti-social behavior. You’re truly a loser at hart young one, I know it, you know it, hell kid everyone that knows you knows it. GROW UP and let people like what they want you pseudo narcissistic rank amature jack-ass.

      5. These trolls are hilarious, it’s obvious they are Nintendo fans, why else would they be here every day? It’s like me starting trolling just for laughs, but I would do it in a less pathetic way…

      6. Obvious troll is obvious, he’s just doing it to piss people off. What made me laugh is his terrible grammar and how he said Sony is bringing the big guns and then HE JUST MENTIONS ONE FUCKING GAME! HAHAHA! XD

      7. Sony has some good games coming in 2015 no doubt. Some games I’m really looking forward to. But so does Nintendo. Xenoblade, Zelda, and MH4U. Sony is not directly competing against Nintendo, they are competing against Microsoft….

        Stop being a hater, Nintendo games are fun. I hope I can stay a baby and play these “baby” games forever becouse honestly I hate getting old. Being called a baby is actually a complement once you reach a certain ….You’ll know oneday..

    2. Lol. Nice! Comes out on my birthday, but I’ll probably pass for now. Too many games to play. Hyrule Warriors, Final Fantasy Curtain Call, … I plan on sinking a lot of time into Hyrule Warriors. Should get me to Bayonetta easily. Warriors games can take a long time to complete if you get into the weapon customization and character growth.

      After Bayo, I guess I’ll rely on my used 360 coop, energy-hog machine until X comes out.

        1. I’m picking it up for sure, luckily my birthday is on the 2nd. Perfect timing.

          Although I still have a lot of crap to do next month which is why I held off on Hyrule Warriors, I’ll get it a little later probably sometime after Bayonetta 2. As of now though Smash Bros and Bayonetta 2 are my main focus of games.

    3. It would be sort of cool if Yoshi got bigger instead of his opponets, it would make him OP in Multi fighter smash and just about anything else.

      1. Forgetting Melee and Brawl had glitches of their own..which BTW, was never patched but exploited and favored by fans? Its better than what BS glitchfest in BF4 and even Skyrim ya suckers had to deal with. lol

    4. Well this seems cool enough to exploit. XP

      And I LMAO at the idiots calling this game “rushed” with just a few bugs which BTW, aren’t breaking the game but rather made it oddly funner like this glitch. At least the Peach one is quickly patched.

      Let’s take a good, damn hard look at BF4. That game was rushed by greedy EA for greedy reasons and its glitches from launch is by far the worst gamers have ever seen. Skyrim, same shit but knowing Bethseda’s reputation, they can’t design a glitchfree game for once in their overrated career. Arkham Origins; game breaking glitches but what did WB do first? DLCs before a patch that took months to come. So there you go losers. Don’t go attack Nintendo over the same exact shit you blindly ignore from other games and companies like an idiot.

          1. Ice Climbers is already proof enough it ruined the Wii U’s version. Could you imagine how much content we’d have if they spent all the time from the 3DS version only on the Wii U?

            1. Wow. One version ruined over one fucking character? XD Be serious. If Sakurai hadn’t shoved Dr. Mario and Dark Pit as playables instead of alternates, we would’ve had Ice Climbers back. Why they’re omited is a mystery and the “specs limitations” excuse is BS.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Like more characters and customes could have been done, more stages and so on…

            But like you said, let’s wait until we know more…

    5. Sony is going bankrupt trying to beat ms money doesn’t matter to ms ms hasn’tmade any profits in the video game console market there simply losing billions and billions of dollars every year trying to outdo Sony and shut them down

      and PlayStation all-stars does not have a cult following okay no one’s going to remember that game existed in 3 more months

      And all games have glitches

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