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Koei Tecmo Reiterates That Fatal Frame Wii U Is Only For Japan

Koei Tecmo has reiterated to fans on Twitter that Fatal Frame: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden is only for Japan. However, the firm says they are aware of fans requests to localise the title. Fingers crossed we get a western release, but it doesn’t sound likely at the moment.

And regarding #WeWantFatalFrame requests, as far as we know this title is JP release only. Back to the office tomorrow FYI.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

142 thoughts on “Koei Tecmo Reiterates That Fatal Frame Wii U Is Only For Japan”

    1. Does anybody here have splinter cell on wiiU? Thinking about getting it but not sure, I heard the multiplayer doesn’t work.

        1. I’m pretty sure it has online, at least it seems it does according to the little research I’ve done. Something called spies vs mercs. Whether or not you can find matches is a different story altogether.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Ah yes you’re right, my bad…

            There is no offline multiplayer but online yes, I guess I confused the two…

  1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

    I NEED FATAL FRAME. And none of that Europe only crap. I want it for America too. Stupid sexy shrine maidens…

    1. I know what you mean man. Gonna have to download games for my modded wii. We didn’t get fatal frame over here and I wanted to play it. I also wanted to play disaster day of crisis but we didn’t get that either.

      1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

        Download? I bought the physical copy for 90 bucks when FF4 was new. Still haven’t gotten around to playing that Europe only release though. Probably because the thing only pops up on ebay when I don’t have the money to buy it.

        1. By download I mean pirate. What other way is there for mew to play those 2 games? I would need to buy a european wii and import the games. That’ll probably come out to $200+. As for FF4, that was a japan only release correct? Do you have a japanese wii? Or did you mod an american wii and use an english patch?

          1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

            Yeah. I modded my Wii. After I discovered Brawl mods, my life was complete. It’s a pain in the butt to set up, but after you figure things out. The entire game is at your will. I deeply recommend looking into it. It’s like getting someone elses computer and replacing all the desktop backgrounds, games and music with whatever you want.

  2. You need to release more games over here and over there nintendo. At the very least it will look good to see a wide selection of games on offer and make the console more appealing possibly as a result.

  3. I think it’s pretty lame how most Nintendo fans complain and then do nothing when they have the game available. They all complain that most third party developers are ignoring Wii U, but when they release their games, everybody ignores them. Take a look to the best selling Wii U and 3DS games. How many third party ones are there? Maybe one?

    Even with second party games like The Wonderful 101 are brutally ignored by most fans while NSMBU (the worst selling game on the list) sells 17 times more. How many copies would Fatal Frame 5 sell outside Japan? 100k being optimistic?

    1. “I think it’s pretty lame how most Nintendo fans complain and then do nothing when they have the game available.”
      I think its lame that some people fail to look at the bigger picture.

      They all complain that most third party developers are ignoring Wii U, but when they release their games, everybody ignores them.”
      Now there is a few factors that effects this. Gimped ports and lack of advertisement, etc. Even fail to even tell people that a Wii U version exists.

      “Take a look to the best selling Wii U and 3DS games. How many third party ones are there? Maybe one?”
      Wii U there is not that many, but since you are talking about both 3DS and Wii U combined in 3rd parties, you are way off the number.

      “Even with second party games like The Wonderful 101 are brutally ignored by most fans while NSMBU (the worst selling game on the list) sells 17 times more.”
      It wasn’t gimped, but lack of Advertisement is the reason. Most third parties do both gimped ports and lack of advertisement.

      “How many copies would Fatal Frame 5 sell outside Japan? 100k being optimistic?”
      Or maybe you are just being too negative.

        1. Nope, you are being too negative. If I look at the the first 3 fatal frames, they sold pretty well outside as well, not like blockbuster selling, more like a notch or two lower which is still good.

          1. Were they on the Wii U though? I don’t remember seeing any fatal frame on Wii U all the times I’ve been to the store. :P

              1. So if the games didn’t sell like hotcakes on one of the best selling systems, how would it do any better on the Wii U? :p

                  1. No. I’m only saying this because I’m pretty sure that’s one of the reasons they don’t want to bring it to the west. Fear that it may not sell enough.

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      Then by your logic, I wonder why Mircosoft bothered releasing Xbomb in Japan when they knew it was going to bomb.

                      Thing is, it sold enough with the first three copies. So if I was a game developer and it sold less than I expected it too, but sold enough where I could make a sequel, then would you think I would not release there again? No, I would totally go for it again, because I think its safe enough to assume that I established it.

                      1. That’s comparison doesn’t apply here. Microsoft has tons of money. They don’t need to worry about it in Japan at all. But despite the fact that they have a lot of money, I can guarantee that they are going to be extra cautious next time about releasing something there. The US audience isn’t the same as Japan. And the Wii U is different from the rest of the other consoles. Third parties need to be super careful with their decisions of bringing games to it because it takes a LOT of effort to get them to sell. Especially trying to compete with the Nintendo games. Just imagine this now: How well would Bayonetta 2 be doing on the Wii U if it was multiplat? It’s probably going to sell decently since its gotten a lot of hype and Nintendo fans seem to be happy that it’s exclusive, but that wouldn’t have been the case had it have been on PS4 and all the other systems.

                        1. Doesn’t really matter. Koei has a lot of money too, and as I said before, Fatal Frame may not have been a blockbuster seller, but it sold enough to the point where it has a following that it could sustain it outside of Japan. Also if the comparison doesn’t complylike you say, then both our arguments are moot and we shouldn’t be explaining to each other anymore.

                          1. Lol that’s what I like about you, Valve Glados. Instead of arguing you always find a way to end it with a truce. Well played.

                    2. Fatal Frame sold 140k on PS2. PS2 sold more than 155 MILLION consoles. Fatal Frame 2 sold 310k between PS2, Wii and XB. Fatal Frame 3 (PS2) and Fatal Frame 4 (Wii) both sold 80k copies….

                      And you expect Fatal Frame 5 on Wii U to sell more than that? The whole Fatal Frame series sold 610k copies on PS2, XBox and Wii (282 million consoles worldwide) and Wii U only has 7.21M units worldwide. I think you’re the one that is being waaaay too optimistic or naïve.

                      1. Say what you want, but I think you are being way too negative and naive. And if that is true, why release 3, that’s right 3 Fatal Frame games here? That must mean it sold enough even though those look like small sales. So you may be overthinking it.

                            1. In all honesty, it probably has something to do with the content in the game as to why it can’t come over here. And those sales figures are really bad. I know I was trolling before, but there’s no denying that. :/

                              1. Maybe to you, but if that is such bad sales figures they should have stopped releasing Fatal Frame outside of Japan since the first one. So I find it safe to assume it did well, also I thought we were done with this argument, stop it, we are going no where when its me and you against each other.

                                1. But I WASN’T arguing just now. I was just simply saying that that might be another reason as to why they won’t bring it over here.

                                  1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                                    Well, even when I say it would sell decently outside Japan, I never said that they would release it outside even considering the fact that I’m being “optimistic”.

                                    1. ★HollowGrapeJ★

                                      Anyways, in other news, Windows 10 was announced today. I’m really excited about it! Definitely better than what they did with 8. It’s supposed to come next year so hm… Maybe I ought to wait for it before I get my complete gaming PC. :O

                    3. eh, there have been some late or gimped ports from 3rd party on the Wii U. The actual quality games like ZombiU and Rayman sold pretty well. It’s too bad TW101 didn’t do well but it’s very niche so totally understandable. What other non gimped or late ports are you talking about? What quality 3rd party games on the 3DS failed to sell? Seems like that has been abandoned along with the Wii U.

                  2. Surely the title should include ” for now” at the end or just “Koei Tecmo Europe Uncertain of Fatal Frame WiiU Western Release”

                    It seems the Twitter account is merely doing what they need to and avoiding speculation or actually commenting a decisive yes or no. It doesn’t confirm or deny anything, really. Much like Nintendo “never commenting on rumour or speculation”.

                  3. If they don’t release the game in the west… that Wii U I have will be going back to GAME for points towards the Xbox One… Seriously, this is the game I’ve been waiting for and they won’t release it over here?

                    Nintendo… this is your problem, you don’t release games outside of your own country that would actually sell over here as well…

                    1. That’s what I ended up doing. We had two Wii Us, one left. I really don’t want to sell it, but this is getting pathetic, even for Nintendo standards. Nothing is being released. Coupled with the 3DS version of Smash stealing the Wii U version’s thunder… just not happy right now.

                      1. I’m trying to save up for another platform (preferably a PC) so I can get more third party games since the Wii U lacks them. Trying to hold on to my Wii U and give it a chance for just a bit longer, but if things don’t really work out with me trying to get another platform, I will have to sell mines too unfortunately. It’s just not working out having it as the only console.

                        1. Take it from someone who has a WiiU and a PS4; I Like my ps4, but I love my WiiU, trust me, right now the WiiU has more to offer than the other two home consoles. You’ll buy a ps4 and you’ll get bored quick trust me :/ I finished all the games I have on it and with ps plus I get free indie games every month that I’m really not that into. I suggest you go for a PC, save up for one :)

                      1. His point is that we could play the game on our US systems. Many people would be able to play this, irregardless of the language. I have an import GC and play Phantasy Star Online 1 and 2 all the time in japanese, and that’s text heavy and I don’t know a lick of the language. Easy to figure out, honestly, unless it’s a text game like a dating sim.

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                      1. Idk, just an idea. The money will be for the translation team? So they can see how badly we want it…

                        That didn’t sound as stupid when I said it in my head

                        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                          What both High Command and the rest need is to get shaken to the core that their arrogance and somewhat oblivious nature has to end…

                          But that won’t happen until the cattle/blind sheep stops buying and demanding everything the empires tells them to…

                  5. lord ghost : king of the federation

                    lol who really wanted this japanese school girl horror game. wii u has zombie u , cod ghost, captain toad adventure,watch dogs, disney infinty 2.0, 007 legends and resident evil revelations. may be child monselters, die hard japan style gamers or nintendo fans wanted this game.

                    1. “who really wanted this japanese school girl horror game”
                      Yet you watch an anime for Japanese Schoolgirls. Exposed.

                  6. And regarding #WeWantFatalFrame requests, as far as we know this title is JP release only. Back to the office tomorrow FYI.

                    #WeWantFatalFrame requests, as far as we know this title is JP release only.

                    as far as we know this title is JP release only.

                    as far as we know…

                  7. Didn’t Iwata said that they would bring as many games as possible to the west? That one of Nintendo’s priorities was to give all the players around the globe the same experiencies, blah blah blah… I think it was on this E3 direct or something

                      1. We’ve seen iwata make so many questionable decisions lately (region locking being one of them as well as not giving us a proper account system) that unless he can prove us wrong, he deserves to be fired as well as Reggie.

                        He has two houses: either release the game outside of Japan or remove region locks from the systems. End of conversation.

                  8. I don’t think that complaining here will do anything at all….
                    Why not email them and suggest they bring games over here, as it is much more needed here than there…
                    But I would think that it won’t do a dam thing as well…

                  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s because of the poor sales of Spirit Camera on the 3DS (which is also a Fatal FRame game).

                        1. I agree. Spirit Camera was a pain to play. Sometimes I had to use a torch for the pictures to even register. :(

                  10. There’s no chance, the developers just said so..

                    I understand why they don’t release it. It wouldn’t sale enough to justify a release…

                    However looking from the other side I do believe thay should set up a pre-order experiment. Maybe allow pre-orders for the game, and if the pre-orders reach a certain amount that they are comfortable releasing the game, then they do. If pre-orders are extremely low, then it is not released and people who pre-ordered get thier money back..

                    An experiment like that would not cost the developers any money, and they could get an exact number on how many copies they would sale on a day one release…Just be sure to let the consumer know that a pre-order does not guarentee a copy and they would be reimbursed if that happened..

                  11. Game is hard with the gyroscope (gamepad). Going to try standard controls later.
                    The content of this game is pretty disturbing. suicide child murder.. I can imagine there is more to the lack of localisation than just sales/

                  12. What the Fuck is happening in the house of M? They are having another game drought and they still choose to make some games exclusive to japan?

                    1. The game is great sucks to be you guys.. Joking the game is scary a hell but I am not sure about the camera. It seems to lose tracking and is hard to use than the right stick.

                      I dont think this game will be localized. COntent is too strong for American audience. Too much suicide, too much Japanese religion and too much jiggle.

                      1. Seriously, if that’s the reason why the game isn’t coming, then surely Nintendo doesn’t understand shit about America when all they are is violence and if other platforms had Fatal Frame in America, WTF is Nintendo’s “better” excuse of not bringing it there?

                        1. Honestly the game starts with Yuri stood on a cliff trying to kill herself and then at the end of the first stage there is a 10 year old boy killing a little girl.

                          Do you think this would get by the censors?

                          And then there is the Jiggle.

                          1. Sadly no, NA wasn’t such a bitch at one time. We had awesomely grotesque games that allowed you to do unspeakable things but now they have all been censored or no longer exist. Now everyone is so sensitive or some feminazi.

                            … but no we can let rapist off easy and let little whores like Miley Cyrus infect the brains of millions of poor children around the world without a care.

                            USA! USA! USA!…

                      2. xD Too much jiggle & violence would explain why we got Dead or Alive Dimensions for 3DS & Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge for Wii U… Koei Tecmo will be full of shit if they use these as reasons why they won’t localize it for Europe & the US since they did give us those two games in the last 3-5 years… And Nintendo would be fucking stupid to do the same thing when they are actually funding Bayonetta 2 for the Wii U which has both a lot of jiggle AND violence.

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                  14. Nintendo needs to localize this game. It’s not like we are gettting any other third party games. Why the fuck would they not want to do this? I hate NOA’s localization logic.

                  15. No! why? the u.s loves horror games! and I like Japanese girls! XD lmao seriously though why? we’d all like a couple more mature titles for wiiu wouldn’t we?

                    1. I think it’s bullshit we have to campaign for us to SPEND money. Seriously? That’s what this industry has become? We have to beg companies to take our money because we let them have that much control over us. I’m out………..just kidding I’m addicted and couldn’t leave even if I wanted to. XP

                  16. and then no wonder as to why people want to hack their system. Give to the customer what they want. Nintendo and even tecmo do paid DLC cause some customer asked for it. Saying that if there is 50K people outside Japan it make sense no to release it. I think the issue here is they don’t know how successful the game will be outside japan and to even make an english translation will cost money.

                  17. just wanted to add, if the wii U was region free then Nintendo JP or EU or America will be able to know how popular a game is. I guess when some people find the way to unlock the region free they will have this information :-)

                  18. Nintendo is the Publisher and not Tecmo-Koei. If enought people bug Nintendo to release the game outside Japan then it could happen. And if Nintendo of America knows what’s good for the Wii U they’ll localize this game even if it becomes an eShop only game, as long as they bring it.

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                  20. Well, it looks like the JP Wii U I bought will come in handy. I realized it’s faster to learn the language than for Nintendo to localize games that they announce to be Japan only.

                    Petitions and crying about it seems useless and pointless. If I was Nintendo I would’ve made the same decision. Game companies prioritize on making profit. And the history of FaFr series doesn’t show much promise for the next one, as this series have been very niche.

                    Sure as a gamer, I do want to see the game make it overseas, but as Nintendo, in a business perspective, it’s very risky to release a game like this.

                    1. In order to sell more, they have to sell the game to broader audience by getting the game rated T. This likely would get rated M if not toning down the some of the visuals and possibly language, if harsh.

                    2. If toned down, aka censorship, which may include character appearance redesign to scene cuts. There will be torches and pitchforks, putting Nintendo in another unfavorable position because of a title that possibly may flop.

                    3. Other minor and trivial issues they may think of….

                    I’m no Nintendo fanboy, but tied up to PC and PS little more. (None of that XBOX One bullshit in my house. 360 is good to stay.) Call me what you want, but as of late I decided to think more logically from both perspectives than crying a river without a thought.

                    Here’s a weird bit. A lot of people want to have dual audio for the JP voice, but don’t care for the original script, when the localized translations are not so accurate and occasionally conveying different meaning and context. How strange… no?

                    1. Replace Nintendo with Koei. And ignore the first couple of lines from the second to the last paragraph. Too bad I can’t edit. Not sure why I thought it was Nintendo while writing. Facepalm. Then again, they’ve also made eniugh of bad calls in the past and probably may so in future.

                  21. I honestly don’t see myself supporting Nintendo anymore in the next year. Being a huge Fatal Frame fan, the first 3 games came out in america on PS2. Nintendo buys the IP for some reason ruining my life and not releasing Fatal Frame IV on Wii. I had to import it, hack my Wii and use a english translation to play it. And now again, it doesn’t look like Fatal Frame V on Wii U will being coming to the US…I’m done with Nintendo.

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