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Fast Racing Neo From Shin’en Is 720p And 60fps

Manfred from Shin’en has announced via NeoGAF that the company’s latest project Fast Racing Neo for the Wii U will have a resolution of 720p and will run at a blazing fast 60fps. Shin’en have only released screenshots for Fast Racing Neo, which you can view here. Hopefully we should get some gameplay footage shown soon.

Thanks, Christopher

101 thoughts on “Fast Racing Neo From Shin’en Is 720p And 60fps”

              1. lord ghost : king of the federation

                go get a hd tv. the game will look beautiful no matter what. even my 360 games looked great due to upscaled 1080p resoultion on my sharp tv.

                1. God dammit! These aren’t the type of responses I want! I want somebody to get pissed ! I can be a good troll you you know! XP Almost or possibly even better than Sasori. :p

            1. 720p is good enough, no need to waste bytes of code and stuff on extra pixels when it already looks nice at a lower resolution.

              1. I totally agree, and there is a LOT more to great graphics than just resolution, but Hallow has a point from a previous post, and there low-red, behind the times bullshit better have died with the Wii.

                But yeah, 720p, plus enhanced shading, textures and such, it’s going to look great!

            2. All Ps4 games from 2015 onwards will be 1080p,30/60FPS

              Something a baby console can’t do

              Sony doesn’t what Nintendont

              1. “Something a baby console can’t do”

                PS4 is a console.

                Also, all PC games are 4K, 60fps.

                Something a baby console can’t do.

                  1. We yeah, you just need to put in the right hardware and money into your commuter, might be a bit pricey though, or you could be lucky and find a deal.

                1. Not all PC games are 4K… Only the high-budget productions are 4K and you have to pay $1500+ for a PC to play them at a stable 60fps.

                2. Why would anyone waste their money on 4K yet? It isn’t ready yet. And no you cannot run games at 4K 60FPS. What the heck? People have trouble running at 1080 60FPS with high end cards. Unless you have like a ton of money to spend on supercomputer upgrades then you aren’t gonna be playing anything at playable frame rates.

                1. Because the bandwith of ~500 GB/s is not enough for enabling 1080p with simultaneous 8k texturesl you would need 4x more bandwith for doing that- also you would have to use more than one cpu-core (so the game will get more expensive as you have to make threads). The 8k-resolution on the streets in the game, and other objects eats a fuck-load of bandwith. PS4 only has ~ 100 GB/s for graphics-data. WiiU has more than 500 GB/s. See the problem for PS4?

                  You have to make compromises. Look at Shadow of Mordor on PS4,lol. Bland Open-world-game like Watchdogs. No action going on there. Just 1080p and 60 frames…but for what? For no effects? Thats the point.

                  This game will have all the shit most modern racing-games have (things like weather-effects, real-time-lighting-engine, 60 frames etc). Also this game here will feature atmosheric scattering. Something even Driveclub on PS4 doesn`t have.

                  And remember- this game will only use 1 cpu-core too. It does all the things with just one cpu-core. But- the code will be perfectly optimized for the system. Nano Assault Neo was unoptimized code.

              2. Thats easy to do since most of those games could be CGI. Give me a game a lot of button mashing or a lot og Gameplay at 1080p\60fps. Bayonetta at 60fps is really good sincw it has a lot of gameplay action. CGI doesnt require a console to actually do any work to get 720p because the console can predict when something is about to happen. But when it comes to gameplay, your console doesnt know when the player will push a button or a variety of buttons.

              3. Don`t think so buddy ;) At least not => Witcher 3 (even some high-end-PCs with Core i7 will NOTget 1080p here)- so you FAIL!

                Also- Assassins Creed Unity will with 99% probability not be 1080p. I guess more than 800-900p with 30 Fps will not be possible with that cheap amd jaguar cpu in those consoles…

              1. If Nintendo won’t do it, glad someone’s trying. In any case, there are a lot of high-speed race games. If it’s pretty enough, people won’t mind crashing. (like me)

              1. yeah they should have thought about that in 2008 when making Wii U. why would they think the power they gave it in 2008 was good four years later? Iwata is stupid.

              2. theres more games at 60 frames on wiiu than bone and ps4 conbined theres 1080p 60 frames on wiiu also

                wiiu is also doing 60 frames to two seperate screens at the same tie with different renders-views ET YOUR FACTS RIGHT IDIOT



                1. Actually, you should learn to comprehend what you read before making stupid comments that have no relevance to what I wrote. No shit Sherlock, thanks for repeating what I have been most my day…

                  “bragging about its 4k-8k textures, thinking it was going to be 1080p.”

                  Now read slowly, maybe you’ll understand it better this time. No where, did I say otherwise.

              1. dumbass- no PS4-game has 8k-textures. Infamous Second Son (the best PS4 has to offer right now), even has only pathetic 0.5k textures…So what excuse do you have for that, MIchelle? Are you a sony-pony?

                I tell you what- not even high-end-PC games have 8k-textures. That is because no PC has a bandwith of 500 GB/s (not in their graphics-card, Titans are only getting ~300 GB/s), no CPU has it…and the pci-express port is limiting to 16/32 GB/s. See? You logic is gone. Fact is- WiiU will get better and better from now on. PS4 is allrady lacking bandwith to do more. Its allready maxing out. WiiU is just starting its motors.

                Remember Infamous Second Son? The developers said, the cpu is allready used to max! Now look at THIS game here- this game will only use one of the 3 cpu-cores of WiiU!

            3. 720p 1080p polished upscale

              with 8k and 4k textures so who the fuks complaining mk8 had people fooled it was 1080 proving res fanboys utter complete idiots

              res isnot GRAPHICS……8k textures 60frames fantastic

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