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Pokemon TCG Online App Launches For iPad And iPad Mini Tomorrow In US (Video)

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This morning, The Pokémon Company International launched the Pokémon TCG Online app for the iPad and iPad mini in various markets, including Australia, France, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. The app launched in Canada last Friday. Tomorrow, September 30, the app will launch in the United States followed by other markets in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa later in the week. Fans will be able to get the free app at the Apple App Store at

52 thoughts on “Pokemon TCG Online App Launches For iPad And iPad Mini Tomorrow In US (Video)”

              1. WHOA. What are YOU talking about? I’m simply enjoying my lollipop of victory. You clearly have other thoughts in your head. LMAO.

                  1. You aren’t so innocent yourself. You know you’ve sucked some in your life too. What’s your favorite flavor? XD

                                      1. ★HollowGrapeJ★

                                        Since you keep replying to me on this post, I may as well bring this up. XP Have you seen Microsoft Windows 10? It looks brilliant. Thank god they’re merging it together instead of focusing solely on stupid touchscreen like they did with 8. I’ll definitely get it.

                                        1. XD OMG. I cannot believe they’re repeating the same stupid ass mistake like they did with Xbox One naming. WTF call the next Windows OS, after 8, “Windows 10” instead of 9 which comes in between those numbers? LMAO I knew Microsoft can be stupid sometimes but DAMN. lol

                                          And some of your idiots thought the “Wii U” name is bad. XD Microsoft just redefine the definition of “stupid”.

                                          1. ★HollowGrapeJ★

                                            Lol they can’t count. I know. But that’s not what I’m talking about. XD Also the Xbox One is getting an update for Windows 10. Pretty cool! Hm. Do you think I should get an Xbox One? I know I am already getting a PC for new, but I mean later. Like idk. Looking at that new start screen and seeing the Xbox icon makes me feel like my PC wouldn’t be complete without something… Xbox related. :/

                          1. I hope it comes to windows and android as well. Other wise if they are just making iPhone content then it sort if defeats the purpose of making the product. IPhone = lower sales of Nintendo handheld/ Wii U. So why would you bring your games to just that platform?

                        1. This may be the first step to Nintendo games on mobile devices.
                          Can we please have Ice Climbers, Balloon Fighter, Super Mario Bros. , Dr Mario, Donkey Kong, Excite Bike, and a Game n’ Watch Collection on the app store now? Please???

                        2. Can someone please tell me, I know Pokemon is IP of Nintendo. However, is the Pokemon Company completely run and backed by Nintendo ?????
                          I thought they werent dipping into the mobile market.

                          1. I’m thinking that Nintendo probably sees phones and tablets as separate markets. Plus the game they’re releasing isn’t new. It was released on PC a long time ago, in fact I’ve been playing it on PC for a while now.
                            Also Nintendo doesn’t count it as part of the game section of the Pokemon franchise. It’s counted as a spinoff of the card game.

                          1. Uhm, because the majority of smartphone users are iPhone users? So it wouldn’t make sense to develop it for the smaller demographic at the beginning? An Android version will probably come later

                            1. That isn’t necessarily true, the biggest issue with android is the fragmented user base and having to optimize the games for such a variety of different phones.

                            2. Actually that’s incorrect, Apple is the top manufacturer but Android is the most used platform and that is only counting smartphones. On tablets Android wins too.
                              The biggest issue for Android, and probably the reason for Pokemon Company decided to not publish on the platform, is the higher piracy rate compared to IOS, also the App Store has much more sales and money transactions than Google Play since Android users are more convinced than all mobile apps should be free.

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