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New System Update For Wii U Adds Folders, Tweaks To Quick Start Menu

Nintendo has unleashed a new system update for Wii U. Available via an Internet connection, version 5.2.0 U allows users to create folders in the Wii U menu to hold and organize software icons. It also adds changes to the Quick Start Menu and modifies the design and layout of the HOME Menu. The latest update includes the following improvements:

Changes to the Wii U Menu:

  • Folders can now be created in the Wii U Menu to hold and organize software icons
  • A Download Management icon has been added to the Wii U Menu

Changes to Quick Start Menu:

  • The Quick Start Menu will now display when the Wii U is powered on from the Wii U GamePad TV Remote
  • Options have been added to Power Settings that allow users to hide certain software from the Quick Start Menu

Changes to the HOME Menu:

  • The design and layout of the HOME Menu has been updated
    Changes to the Nintendo eShop:
  • Disabled usage of characters not used when redeeming Nintendo eShop cards (O, I, Z, etc.)

Improvements to system stability and usability:

  • Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience

126 thoughts on “New System Update For Wii U Adds Folders, Tweaks To Quick Start Menu”

      1. Ok, this is a good update. To bad it came almost a year later. I’m counting those summer and fall updates as the ones that should’ve had this. Nintendo is soooo incompetent, it’s brilliant.

        1. And yet PS4 hasn’t done this.
          If Nintendo’s incompetent for putting in folders this late, then what does that make Sony?
          Quit digging for reasons to bash; you’re only digging a grave for yourself.

              1. maybe he does, but Wii U can’t do it either, so why is he giving an example of something completely unrelated to this is beyond me.

          1. So just because PS4 doesn’t have something (that it doesn’t need anyways), that automatically justifies Nintendo’s turtle speed of implementing stuff like this?

            P.S. Wii U = nearly 2 years old
            PS4 = nearly 1 year old

            1. It needs it just as much as the Wii U did, especially considering even its PS3 compatibility is all digital and the library on it isn’t going to stay tiny forever.

              Also, you demonize Nintendo’s speed then use the PS4’s age as an excuse? Hypocritical much?

              The PS4 needs it. They’ve had the time to implement it, just as Nintendo has.

          2. I like how you people don’t like nintendo to be compared to sony or microsoft in terms of graphics, 3rd party, online multiplayer, BUT when you get something like folders which they don’t have, you do not hesitate to show off how the console of your choice is superior in a way to theirs, and when folders are the thing to brag about, you really do have to ask yourself is the wii u worth it. Ps4 doesn’t have folders, and I do not care for it because I will not buy it, but I will say that it should have folders, because having folders is pretty much a standard like cross game chat, cross game invite, cross platform shopping, 3rd parties…. All systems have their faults, but Wii U sure as hell has more then ps4 and xbox one combined.

            Is asking for more really so taboo in this Nintendo community. You shithead fanboys are the reason Nintendo is doing everything so slowly if doing anything. Where are Miiverses user made communities which they promised back in april 2013? Still not here.

            1. Cross game chat?
              What games on the Wii U would even take proper advantage of that?
              Similarly, cross game invites are annoying. If I put in a game that I want to play, I don’t want to be spammed by people asking me to switch to something else.
              Cross platform shopping isn’t a huge deal.
              Third parties fucked themselves over; quit pretending otherwise.

              Shithead haters like you are the reason Nintendo is hesitant to even IMPLEMENT chat functions into games, much less anything else that supports core gamers.
              If there were less idiots like you, maybe Nintendo wouldn’t be so put off of so many core-support ideas.

              1. Chat functions? So you little faggots can talk shit while you hide in your room…No i dont ever want that, in the real world, shit talkers get knocked the fuck out.

                1. Exactly.
                  So many people make out in-game chat to be this huge deal, but then you waltz into a public room and all you hear are little retards trash-talking like they’ve got some sort of prize to win for being the best at it.
                  It’s pathetic.
                  Chat in friend rooms is good enough, if chat even has to be a thing.
                  Public room chat just plain sucks.

                  1. Party chat is for friends to communicate while playing games. If you can’t see the advantage to that then you are a non-factor to the gaming community and your opinion on the matter, matters not. Maybe you have no friends? Most likely you are just trying to damage control for a company that wants every fucking penny you have. You do know Nintendo doesn’t give a shit about any of their customers right? Their only concern is how they can sell you the same thing multiple times. So why try and damage control for them? is what i’m asking.

                    1. Any chatting I do, I use a computer program for.
                      Also, that claim that they’re only trying to sell you the exact same thing multiple times?
                      Call of Duty says hi, as does The Last of Us Remastered.[Now with more SPARKLZ!]

                      It’s not as huge a deal as people are making it out to be.
                      People just want ANY REASON THEY CAN FIND to bash Nintendo, because that’s the POPULAR thing to do right now.

                    2. Nintendo doesnlt just sell you rehashed mario games over and over, they also sell you the same VC games at ridiculous prices and hardware variations. 3DS , 3DS XL , 2DS and now a new 3DS and I bet that will have different versions. Open your eyes and stop being such a fucking damage controlling fanboy.
                      Nintendo is bashed because they are a shattered shell of their former self. They are 10 years behind MS and Sony. The reason that they are bashed all the time though, it’s because they think their shit doesn’t stink.

              2. Function of that is as simple as ever. I don’t think I should explain that. It works independently of games. that is the whole point…

                That is just you being a fanboy. If you don’t like it, turn it off.

                Cross platform shopping is a HUGE deal if I had 30 games on 3ds’s eshop, but I can’t transfer it to Wii U. It is your opinion, and I never got how options are bad, but you’re an idiot, and I’m not, so we don’t think alike.

                3rd parties what? Nintendo made platform that makes no sense to be developed for. They support their own handheld like 30 times better than they do their console.

                There “core supporters” don’t have ideas, they are just happy with anything. shut the fuck up now

                1. A point that is literally irrelevant so long as people have computers and Skype.

                  That’s just you being a suck-up. It’s an unimportant feature.

                  Cross platform shopping is not the same as unified accounts, imbecile. You’re talking about taking a 3DS and ordering a Wii U game, not a unified account system where you can access your games regardless of which 3DS or Wii U you switch to, because they’d be linked to your account.

                  “Third parties what?”
                  Go look up Sniper Elite V2.
                  Go look up Call of Duty Ghosts and Black Ops 2.
                  Then realize that third parties have done literally NOTHING to make these games attractive on the Wii U compared to the other versions they spent so much more time and money on.
                  It makes perfect sense to develop for the console.
                  What DOESN’T make sense is putting a half-assed port onto it then bitching when sales match the half-assed efforts.

                  The core supporters have better ideas than fuck-ups like you.
                  Take a seat under your bridge and shut the fuck up yourself.

                  1. But what about the developers making games for next gen that haven’t made anything on the Wii U yet? I don’t think it’s just some kind of coincidence that most major third parties don’t want to make anything on the Wii U. There is clearly something Nintendo is doing to prevent them from doing it. Just not quite sure what it is yet…

                    1. It’s not Nintendo unless their entire reason is purely based on the specs of the Wii U not being able to handle the games they’re making.
                      And if you see them making any of those games for the PS360, you can bet your crown that it could go to the Wii U if they actually wanted to.

                      The reason they’re backing off now is mainly due to the fact that their lack-luster ports haven’t sold like they wanted them to.
                      They’re convinced that they can’t make money on the system because their ports didn’t sell, but they’re overlooking all the reasons why they weren’t attractive to the Wii U fanbase in the first place.

                      There’s really nothing Nintendo can do at this point, aside from secure exclusives from a few of them.
                      Next generation, Nintendo will have a more powerful system, but third parties still won’t sell even then because Nintendo gamers have learned that third party multiplats are always done wrong on Nintendo home consoles.

                      It’s a vicious cycle that only third parties can break.

                      1. ★HollowGrapeJ★

                        It’s really sad. I wanted the Wii U to be my platform of choice that got all the games I wanted and it got tons of third party support. But the exact opposite of what I wanted happened… I’ve been a Nintendo fan (I even used to be a fanboy I’ll admit :p) But the lack of games has made me seriously worry about Nintendo platforms in the future. I don’t even think I want the next console Nintendo makes because of what’s going on. It’s just been too many issues for me from both sides. I haven’t gotten any of the third party games I wanted to come to the Wii U and I really wish Nintendo has put forth more effort to do something about this. If better hardware is what pulls those sucker third parties over, then they should make stronger hardware. Too much fighting going on here this gen. I got a Wii U at launch and I went through one of the most painful gaming droughts I’ve ever experienced. Nintendo should’ve just delayed it and got their stuff ready first. I’m definitely not getting the next console at launch or any other console for that matter. I’m probably going to avoid the next console if stuff like this ever happens again. Too much for me to handle.

      2. Who cares if you are first? All you have shown is what kind of person you are. Get out of your moms basement once in a while.

        1. Why do people always use “moms basement” insults? Why is it never “dads basement” or “parents basement”? Better yet, why a basement? I want to ask this every time someone uses the “moms basement” reference. Also, is there something wrong with living with your parents? Oh well, I’m thinking way too deep about this.

          1. It’s usually the people living in their parents basement that say that. In an attempt to conceal their own reality, they actual reveal it. It’s always “moms basement” because the mom is projected as being the soft one that allows it to happen even if dad disagrees.

            There is nothing wrong with living with your parents lol. It’s an american thing created by drop outs…

            Adult kids living with their parents is normal for most of the world. Parents take care of kids then kids take care of parents. Houses past down from generation to generation. A lot of wealthy families are created this way…

      3. Ok, nice trolling comment, you want a cookie? We all know none of the trolls here hate Nintendo, that’s why they visit a Nintendo fan site every freaking day, the love the news and of course they have a Wii U or 3DS, they just do this hateful comments to angry people and start fights and laugh like the losers they really are. I will never understand the internet, I guess all these losers that need tons of attention ’cause in real life they get none and have some insecurities need to trollt he internet to feel superior and better. Oh, well, NOT MY PROBLEM!

        1. Or maybe they think a representative of Nintendo may visit this site unanimously to read the comment section on specific topics to see unanimous reactions and maybe get some ideas to improve a product. Not all negative comments are trolls trolling.

    1. I’m surprised it took this long for the folders to appear. Glad they are there, that’ll be a nice update when I get around to it. Afghanistan makes updates a pain lol

    2. Nice that the quickstart menu now opens from the TV remote menu. That had always puzzled me when I turned my Wii U on from the TV remote and then had to wait until the full menu loaded.

    3. Wii U is still the most homosexual console on the planet.

      When you are looking in the Wii U games section in either a department store or GameStop, women look at you like a man child. A tender man with the balls of a 5 year old. They want to be penetrated by brodudes. They love to told what to do and that they will not be given time to orgasm because you already nutted and got to log on in order to meet you boys in the new COD map. Not that’s “Playing with Power”..

      1. actually, out of all the gaming communitys ive seen, girls typically prefer nintendo from what ive seen. your a special type of stupid.

      1. Stranga get a life you damage controlling piece of shit. You sound like a little bitch when you post. I wish I saw you in real life I really really wish I would fucking rock your world.. Clown

    4. Stranga, when your mom got penetrated and inseminated in relation to you being conceived it brought new meaning to the saying “Screwing the Pooch”… Fuck you

          1. Yes, misspelling a word shows that you are an idiot, and should be in school or studying before posting comments and playing video games

          1. Yeah, sorry. I just get so fed up with Sony fanboys coming in here and screwing with us when all we want is to just enjoy the good news our console gets.
            Sometimes I need to vent, too. I’m only human…

    5. Why do we moan about everything these days!!!, we complain about games, consoles even if its a good game visually or gameplay!? We should be happy that industrys such as nintendo,sony even microsoft are keeping the gaming world alive. All i see in articles nowadays is negative comments ,and less of appreciating how lucky we have having such variety of games and consoles these days.

      1. I would agree until you mentioned “Microsoft”. They’re corrupting and destroying the industry by buying out everything. I’m not spending money on a faulty ass box with ripoff online services that’s suppose to be free and has no good exclusive and when I mean exclusive, I mean a game that doesn’t launch for PC too which counts as a platform. Sony at least has a right to stay, Xbox must die.

              1. If people can afford a $500 Betamax/TV box for a “game console” or a $450 PS4, then they can afford a $400-500 laptop that has 4-8GB which is adequate enough to run PC games that has multiple graphic performance settings. lol

                1. The great think about console gaming though, is it corrals the developers to one or two sets of specs. PC gaming, especially a laptop that can’t have it’s graphics card updated, is just an expensive hobby. I’ve recently discovered my gaming needs are totally met with two consoles. Can’t believe it took me this long to come around.

                2. LOL… A laptop. Laptops suck for gaming and the only ones that can game decently cost way more than $400-$500. The PS4 and Xbox One are going to play games a lot better than any $500 laptop or desktop for that matter.

                  Plus laptops are more costly when it comes to replacing parts, so that would be that last thing you want to mention to anyone on a budget or anyone who is first getting a gaming PC. When it comes to gaming, a laptop should be secondary thing, if you’re first getting into PC gaming, you want to get a desktop. It’s future proof, cheaper to upgrade, and you will always be able to continually upgrade it. Laptops reach their limits, people stop making parts for them because they vary so often and their cases are so many different sizes to begin with depending on what laptop you get, even custom ones.

                  Also, what do graphical settings have to do with anything? When you are suggesting a cheap laptop?

                  The problem with your logic, is not everyone wants to spend that kind of money on a mediocre gaming PC that can’t even outperform consoles.

                  Funny seeing you hate the Xbox One so much, when you want a freaking Surface tablet to game on… If you can’t see the irony in that… I don’t know what else to tell you. Just from that alone, you are the last person anyone should be taking advice from when buying a new PC.

                  It is clear you don’t own one, so maybe you shouldn’t talk about them. It’s obvious you don’t own one, based on how misinformed you are about the cost of PC’s.

                  1. Hell the Wii U will play games better than a $500 laptop also, you aren’t getting a good gaming laptop for that much money. Bare bone laptops that aren’t even made for gaming, cost that much for christ sakes.


                    You were saying?

                    And about Surface, I’m curious to own one for different reasons with a bit of gaming on the side asshat or did you forget to finish your “English Comprehension” in school?

                    And I have about 5 fucking laptops at home and theres 2 of them having the appropriate supported specs to run games.

                    Try again smartass. You seem to take a step forward just to trip and fumble on your own ego. lol Your act of “intelligence” isn’t working and playing that “love/hate” games on me doesn’t make it any better.

                    1. Fuck laptopninja, they dont know shit…..pc gaming died w/ wolfeinstein…ive had a laptop for years and never rrplaced parts….you are just dumb

                      1. You know, for someone who calls me dumb and saying PC gaming is dead yet still owns a PC thats never replaced and more than likely have a PC game or two in a disgustingly typed sentence, you sure hit the grand scale of stupidity. Maybe Michelle should start focusing on yours and take a permanent vacation from hoping on my dick whenever she’s hungry for it over attention. lol

                3. Lol a $400 laptop can’t run shit. Nowhere near an Xbox One. If you build a PC then perhaps. But I doubt you’d be coming anywhere close to 1080P 60FPS on newer games. @Stranga A decent PC that’s gonna last awhile playing next gen games will cost at least $800-$1000. It doesn’t make any sense to get a cheap ass PC that will already be outdated by the time you get it. You can make fun of the Xbone all you want, but compared to a $400 laptop it is beyond next gen. Lmao.

              2. This. My tower needed way more than $200 in upgrades to run modern games. So I am way ahead by getting an xBox… It was by far the most bang for my buck.

    6. I just see comments like this is shit, crap gameplay, even though the game is on its development process, we have a lot of spoilt critics these days!! Play the damn thing before commenting it makes life easier for ppl who want a decent review of what the game is REALLY all about.

    7. Is it just me or are these updates a little annoying at times? I turned on the Wii U to play Hyrule Warriors and then I had to wait for an update. This has happened several times and since I only use the Classic Controller on normal occasions, my Gamepad is typically dead. So, I have to walk over and charge it to let the update go through. It can be a bit of a hassle.

    8. Amazing update, it addresses a lot of the issues people have been having with the console, and more! Just came home from work, and BAM, already installed!

    9. Thank God. These folders arrive just in time for the holidays. I put a new thumb drive in my wiiU, and it mixed all my games up last night. X.x I’m so glad I can arrange them in folders tonight!! :D !!

    10. I doubt I’ll ever need a folder on the Wii U. All I use it for is to access the internet (which I’m doing now).

    11. Unless we get a whole torrent of Zelda games for the Wii U, my Legend of Zelda folder will only have 5 Zelda games in it for it’s entire lifespan. Well 4 since the 5th one is just the Hyrule Historia thing from getting the Wind Waker Wii U bundle. Now my Legend of Zelda folder on the 3DS is another story. I guess I could get Link to the Past & the original Legend of Zelda on my Wii U at some point.

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