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Nintendo Japan Reveals These Fantastic 3DS Background Themes As New Site Launches

3ds_background_theme_zeldaWith the New Nintendo 3DS launching in Japan in a mere few weeks, Nintendo has revealed a whole host of new 3DS background images to feast your eyes upon. Scheduled to arrive in a new firmware update for all 3DS consoles, current handheld users will be able to purchase an array of background themes and custom menu features for a small price on the Nintendo eShop. Nintendo of Europe has already confirmed the Nintendo-led themes will be available during October, but in the mean time Nintendo of Japan has launched a new website detailing each theme.

There are almost 50 background themes to choose from in Japan, so you may just be spoiled for choice. Though the themes may vary for western users, you can take a look at the new website, here, as well as check out the list and their Japanese prices, which all range between 100 and 200 Yen. Which 3DS background theme do you have your eye on? Let us know in the comments below.

28 thoughts on “Nintendo Japan Reveals These Fantastic 3DS Background Themes As New Site Launches”

  1. My pikachu deserves a background. He once beat that one gym leader….and beat that one guy….GIVE HIM A BACKGROUND YOU LAZY SLOWPOKES!!!!

  2. Wtf why not free if you got an game with the main character of the background nintendo is worse than ea monetly grabbers even after 5 years some titles still cost 60 or 50 dollars or 40 lmao they milk people dry to the bone

  3. These will look amazing! Crom! Why can’t Nintendo do this on the Wii-U already! It still doesn’t have even folders to organise games etc. Nintendo drive me insane sometimes! Depending on price I can see me getting these wallpapers.

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  6. Just to let some of you know: There ARE free themes. There’s a theme similar to the white home menu theme, but with colors, and then there’s the… neon theme. I personally like the purple home menu default theme, but I wouldn’t mind using that blue/yellow neon theme when I transfer over to the New 3DS.

    That being said, I’m going to buy the Black/Gold star theme. It looks like a solid deal to me.

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