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Project CARS Aiming For 1080p And 60fps On Xbox One And PS4, But Probably Not For Wii U

Slightly Mad Studios Andy Tudor has revealed that the team are looking to achieve 1080p and 60fps on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Project CARS. However, Tudor admitted that the Wii U version of the game won’t hit the performance highs of either of those two versions. Tudor did say that he’s pleased with the development of the Wii U version, though he confessed that they have had significant hurdles to overcome.

“With the Wii U port due out next year. It won’t hit the performance highs of the Xbox One and PS4 versions, though Tudor is happy with the progress Slightly Mad is making.”

“There are significant hurdles that we’ve had to get over, and that’s kind of expected,” he said. “But the fact we can have weather, time of day, a significant number of cars on screen, it’s actually really promising.”

207 thoughts on “Project CARS Aiming For 1080p And 60fps On Xbox One And PS4, But Probably Not For Wii U”

  1. well.. that’s not news, that’s already well known

    they’ve never said anything that led us to expect the wii u version would be graphically on par with the xbox one /PS4 versions.. quite the contrary

    1. He is saying the WiiU version prob wont hit 1080p that’s all he’s saying in the previous statement he said it will match the other versions in terms of graphics so he’s saying maybe not 1080p though he has never said graphics wont hold up ???

            1. HGJ- Too Lazy To Sign In

              It’s talking about the resolution of the different versions. Wii U included. Is it really that difficult to see?

    1. Nintendo Wii u version won’t hit 1080p, how is that hard to understand? Any game can easily run at 1080p on wii u but odds are it suffer from detail, and framing.

      As long as we get a solid locked framed rate, then I’m good. 720p, 900p, or 1080p I’ll doesn’t really matter.

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      Racing games for Wii U are becoming like fighting games for the 3DS. First Street fighter and everyone cheered. And then Dead or Alive. Which was pretty good. And then Blazblue came out and people said why? And then Tekken came out after people stopped caring. I see the same thing happening. Unless the online is any better that is.

  2. It’s been already confirmed it runs at 1080p with 60fps on PS4, whereas it will have a lower resolution but also 60fps on Xbox One. Nothing was said about the WiiU version yet though, if I’m not mistaken.

      1. Nope, pretty sure I read an article about it just yesterday, was about Project Cars. (:
        It was one of the devs confirming it at a games convention of some sorts, if I remember correctly.

          1. Considering it will have lower fps, you’re right. (:
            But it still looks damn good, in my opinion. Project Cars will just be looking slightly damn better, lmao.

            1. HGJ- Too Lazy To Sign In

              Project Cars is on PC too. :P Lol but just cuz it looks better doesn’t mean it is. Neither of them look as fun as The Crew imo.

      1. Hate to break it to you… I don’t know why so many people don’t know this about their own games they buy, but Mario Kart 8 and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge are not 1920×1080.

        Mario Kart is 1280×720, 60fps upscaled and Ninja Gaiden is 1280×720, 60fps with a dynamic resolution that scales a little lower during more intense action, to 1024×576.

        So they are both native 720p. I have both those games, as if that isn’t enough to go by either.

          1. @Snowman MK8 is not 1080P and neither is Ninja Gaiden 3. Even if Ninja Gaiden 3 was 1080P, it wouldn’t be that impressive considering its basically a port of the 360 version. And trust me, I can definitely see the difference between 720P and 1080P unlike most people that say they can’t notice it.

                1. Yes you did, you said can tell the different between 1080p and 720p easily, therefore meaning you have eagle eyes! To the big house for you for 5 minutes!

                  1. Wait, so if you can’t see the difference between the two resolutions, then why you guys give Xbone so much hate? Hm? XD

                    1. Valve Admiral GLaDOS

                      My reason for hating the Xbomb is not the resolution, you are better off asking the others with that reason that question.

                    2. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Me and the Admiral and others of the same rank or higher are occupied with bigger problems than silly resolutions…

            1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

              Ah, the 1080 stigma. Not sure why so many gamers are so bent over it. I mean, The last of us was 720p with a high of 30fps. That game looked great. Even so, I’ve always been impressed with what Nintendo has been bale to create with technically inferior specs.

              1. @ Nintendo Sub- Lieutenant That was because of inferior hardware. I mean, would you honestly buy TLOU for PS3 if you knew you could get it on your PS4? :p

    1. Look at Xbox One’s track record of low res games to get higher FPS. At this point, only PS4 maybe capable of 1080p at 60FPS, Xbox One around 800p indefinitely and Wii U in 720p at best.

  3. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

    Oh for fucks sake, now they are purposely trying to piss off Nintendo fans.
    And WE contributed the majority of this games funding,

        1. There was no kickstarter, period, and they raised 5 million over 3 years. Unless Project Cars themselves took a poll from each person who helped back the project and asked the what console they would prefer, your claim is bullshit.
          Given how well more realistic and mature games sell on Nintendo consoles (Bayonetta 2 sure is doing well), it’s also a huge stretch to say that more Nintendo fans want the game than from supporters of the other consoles that have huge sales of driving-sim games.

          1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

            Indeed there was no kickstarter… it was on WMD, a similar crowdfunding site exclusively for Slightly Mad Studios, they took a poll and the majority of contributors were Wii U owners


            1. And if you had simply provided the link to back it up we wouldn’t need to have drawn out this conversation as that’s all I asked for. Regardless, an unscientific poll that can’t verify whether the voter is being truthful or accurate or will actually follow through on that vote can only go so far as to predict actual sales. We’ll see exactly whether people can actually back up their professed support when we get the sales numbers. Based off of the sales of other similar games and going by the kinds of games NIntendo fans actually buy, I’m more inclined to believe that it’s all bark and no bite from them. But if I’m proven wrong I’ll admit it.

              1. Doesn’t exist anymore, you can believe it or not, doesn’t make it any less true. Only way you will find out is a time machine.

    1. Purposely trying? I wouldn’t say with this per say, they already did that with yet another delay that was intended on the WIi U fist to begin with.

      In regard to this though, any Wii U fan who thought this system is going to outperform the PS4 or Xbox One were delusional. Especially with a game that looks as good as Project Cars.

      On top of many of the most graphically demanding exclusive Wii U games, they are all 720p.

    1. dude its a simple case of its a pc game being ported to 2 other PCs the wiiu version was never going to be polished OR EVEN MADE…

      there total horse shitters,shin’in a group of like 5 guys doing 60frames 8k texture fast racibg neo

      mk8 is 60 frwmes with 60 frames gamepad also with seperate shit being rendered

      native res is IRRELEVENT they can get around that EASY frame compression , bigger pixels,960×1080 etc etc etc

      it will be a cheap dirty port likely not even developed by the same team

      game was pushed back and gimped by the PUBLISHERS thats already been exposed

      i have no intention on buying this garbage

      1. interesting… yeah I don’t know the details of programming and publishing games, but the way the wii u is treated in terms of release dates and content from ports doesn’t make any sense except for bigger companies trying to stick it to them and maybe publishers dissing them for any number of possible reasons.

        1. Neither does this guy, he just rinses and repeats whatever he hears on the internet.

          We haven’t even seen Fast Racing Neo in motion and people are so quick to use that as a graphical stand point for almost all Wii U conversations relating to graphics simply because of some tweet Shin’en made. The same thing with Mario Kart 8 when many argue it’s 1080p when it actually isn’t.

          Look at Art of Balance by Shin’en, do you see people raving about its graphics other than Shin’en? Not really and guess what it uses 4k and 8k textures just like Fast Racing Neo will. Shin’en hasn’t even said anything about Fast Racing Neo being 1080p either and as I’ve said many of the best looking Wii U games all run at 720p, so it’s a safe assumption it will be 720p as well.

          Even with the recent Fast Racing Neo shots, they aren’t to the point of jaw dropping in terms of gorgeous.

          Art of Balance running at native 1080p should be no surprise to anyone who has played the game. It isn’t some hardcore action game with a million things going on. Shin’en talks too much and this has been the case with all of their games.

          They’ve even gone as far as saying the Wii U is several generations ahead of current gen… I’m sorry but that is not true, it isn’t even above the PS4 or Xbox One, so how the hell is it several generation ahead. Maybe a generation ahead sure but not several, Shin’en always talks about pointless things when it comes to their games and it’s amusing to me because Wii U fans shit on every other console user who talks about nothing but graphics but as soon as one developer on the Wii U starts bragging the same, all the sudden all those fans are on the graphical bandwagon. It’s just pathetic and ass backwards.

          What’s really sad about Shin’en, is everyone only knows their games because of the graphics, they aren’t amazing games by any means and the only reason people respect them is simply because they look good… but doesn’t that go against everything so many Nintendo fans preached for years until the Wii U came out? So it’s ok to crap on PS4 or Xbox One fans for being happy about the graphics on their systems but not on the Wii U?

          People even tried to say the same thing about Bayonetta 2 while the entire time, I always had to be the voice of reason. I knew that it would be 720p also, now it’s been confirmed. All those people who made thos claims have crawled back into their holes.

          Native resolution is huge also and far from irrelevant, don’t listen to this guy when he can’t even spell basic words properly, so I’m sure he knows a shit ton about programming… (sarcasm). Upping the resolution in any game is very demanding on the hardware, any long time PC user also knows this from experience alone.

          Games like Mario Kart 8 would not be 60fps if Nintendo had decided to go with 1080p and I can promise you the game overall graphically would have suffered a little as well if they tried to achieve maintaining 1080p and 60fps.

          I really don’t know what people expect out the Wii U but I for one never expected it to be some 1080p powerhouse or to have better looking technically superior games to those seen on more powerful consoles, only the completely delusional fans who have no real concept of how hardware even works, dreamed that up.

          COMMONSENSE, clearly has none when it comes to programming. Yes, it makes it easier to port games to PS4 and Xbox One, still though even the PS4 and Xbox One has small hick ups at times compared to an actual PC, so it really isn’t that easy just because they have x86 architecture, they still aren’t exactly setup like a PC for it to be that simple of a conclusion. Even the Xbox One has problems keeping parity with the PS4 with many games, even with it being closer to the PS4’s hardware, so no one should expect the Wii U to be exceeding either of those with multiplatform games.

          I’m not shitting on Nintendo or any of it’s games either because of this, just stating facts and I will actually say that in a weird sense, as much as I don’t like Nintendo always being stuck with the weakest hardware, it could pay off always working with it. Even though sure, not all their games are running at 1080p, they still look amazing which is a huge achievement. I feel like because Nintendo’s developers are used to working with weaker systems, they know how to work around things better than most developers which leads to the amazing games we see even if they aren’t up to par spec wise as the rest.

          Sometimes I’m amazed what they manage on the 3DS with how low the resolution on the screen is and with how minimal the hardware is as well.

          1. 720 p doesn’t affect the look of the games on Wii U as far as I have seen and that is on my 60 inch plasma… so they hold up.

            Thanks for all this info… they are just numbers. Sometimes you have to trust your eyes and the playability and re-playability of these games

  4. aiming for !!!!!!! and if 60 graphics will be shit

    this stinks of early bullshitting they hyped the fuck out of it I GARANTEE THIS GAMES SHIT…


    this seems to be more about it being a ugly ass low budget game

    shin’in doing 60frames and 8k textures on wii U with a eshop game so lets not pretend otherwise you BULLSHITTERS WHO PRETENDED TO BE BACKING WIIU


  5. I’m pretty fucking excited.
    Got my used xBox360 Slim. $200. 15 GOOD games.
    Here are my impressions:
    1.) After booting GTAV, it’s obviously a last Gen console. It looks NICE, but the WiiU is obviously way more powerful, as it should be.

    2.) As a fan of Windows 8, the tile menus were nice. Although less polished than the WiiU, at least there is some kind of folder/category system.

    3.) GTAV looks like the GameCube game, True Crimes. I loved that game. It’s fun to cause mayhem again. Lol

    4.) There is NO reason an xBox360 game can’t run on the wiiU. It’s a bulky, last Gen machine that runs hot and loud, and I love that my WiiU is do quiet and runs cool. Online multiplayer coop games is literally the only advantage the 360 has.

    So, I’m very happy with my purchase, and love that I can play GTAV and destiny and later, Evolve with my friends, but the WiiU is a stronger, more efficient, modern piece of tech, no contest. Sincerely a next Gen leap from 360. Sadly, Nintendo did not beef it up a little more, so we can expect to lag behind the other next gens.

    Personally, I’m content with 720p HD and 60 fps, so I am cool with WiiU being weaker, but I am not cool with the perception being weaker portrays, and the utter lack of online coop games.

    Hyrule Warriors would have been EPIC with online coop. :(

      1. Windows 8 Desktop mode looks like Win7. ;) Just switch to boot to desktop instead of metro. You’re good to go. My PC is also a tablet, so it makes more sense to have the tiles. My other tower is running win7, which I agree, is a nice OS.

      2. Windows XP for the win… Unfortunately even for me, XP was getting too old, so I had to let it go and moved to 8. I still miss it.

      1. Couch Coop is not the issue. Every Nintendo game has that. But those of us living in the sticks with no IRL neighbors and few IRL friends need Online coop to coop at all.

        Poor Decision to leave it out in 2014.

        1. I agree 100%, as someone who also kind of lives on the outskirts of town, my friends aren’t so willing to drive miles to see me, nor am I, to see them.

          Kind of annoying also when past Warrior Games have online co-op. Will be even more insulting if they put online co-op in Dragon Quest Heroes, another game Koei Tecmo is collaborating on.

          1. Right? Hyrule Warriors is fun, and I bought it knowing it was a warriors game and that It didn’t have online. I am thoroughly enjoying it as I love what they’ve done, integrating all the Zelda plots together and I like warriors game play.

            That said, if I could coop online with friends, this game could have been stellar.

    1. If you are planning to play evolve on the xbox 360 you gonna be waiting a while man. Only console release of that game is gonna be on ps4 and xbox one, no last gen release.

    2. Yeah, looking at some Wii U games, it’s obviously more powerful than last gen by a decent amount. It’s more powerful than it’s been given credit for, and very efficient, but it’s not a powerhouse. I’m like you though, 720p 30-60 fps (depending on the type of game) is fine with me. Look at MK 8, SM3DW, and Pikmin 3, they are all gorgeous. It could handle ps4/xbone ports if developers tried, it would just take some scaling back like pc games already have settings for. Do I wish it was more powerful? Of course, I would’ve shelled out the extra dough in a heartbeat. However, it is definitely powerful enough, evidenced by some of the games already out, and the games are sure to keep getting better looking. It would’ve had to been a bit weaker for me to have been disappointed, but I still would’ve bought it for what really matters, and that’s the games. I can always count on high quality games from Nintendo, and that’s why I’ve been a fan since the NES.

  6. WAKE UP the Wii U is a NIGHTMARE to develop for!
    Why you think so many 3rd party and turning their backs?3rd party games ALWAYS sell like cack on the Wii U!
    Is OBVIOUS that they would focus the best experience on the 2 most powerful consoles with a combined user base of 13 Million compared to the Wii U of 6.9 Million!
    Nintendo should STOP with the innovation and make a more powerful console that is easy to develop for and then maybe their next home console will get heaps of 3rd party support!
    Why would they waste their time trying to get the Wii U version to 60fps when it will sell like cack anyway on the Wii U!
    Need For Speed on the Wii U was an awesome game, yet Nintendo fans shunned the game and it sold like cack!
    Until a 3rd party game sells like Monster Hunter on the 3DS for the Wii U developers will continue to not try 100 percent!

    1. How about you wake up?
      Need for speed sold like crap on wii u because everyone had already played it elsewhere.
      That’s why we didn’t support it.
      And most Wii U ports are half-assed crap that doesn’t deserve big sales from us.
      We’re not blinded by third party bullshit like you are; if a third party treats us as an afterthought, we will do the same, not beg them and suck up to them and purchase their crap ports in the hopes of getting something better down the road.
      We expect more than hand-me-downs from third parties.

      1. HollowGrapeJ- Too Lazy To Sign In

        @Smashbrolink That’s assuming every Wii U owner had another platform to get it on. I didn’t. So I picked it up. People that only owned a Wii U had no excuse.

        1. Good thing that number is a minority, then.
          Most players from the Wii gen that went with Wii U, also went multiplatform and likely own another system for the sake of GOOD versions of third party multiplats.

            1. It’s just as valid a claim as what you said, since we don’t have any hard charts showing anything.
              However, it’s a known fact that the Wii gen didn’t get a lot of good multiplats, and it’s also equally well known that the Wii U’s selection of multiplats is filled with a lot of bad eggs that people didn’t want to support, compared to multiplats on other systems.
              That’s what I base my statement off of; Nintendo gamers aren’t JUST Nintendo gamers anymore, and haven’t been ever since third parties started treating them so poorly.

              1. You do have a point there. I used to have a Wii and was solely just a Nintendo gamer, but as I noticed more and more games I wanted, I was seriously starting to get angry. It’s a similar situation happening with the Wii U only 3X worse. I missed so many games last gen because of the Wii and now with the Wii U, my patience is growing thin. I can’t even count how many times I’ve considered selling this this. Whenever I thought about selling it, I usually didn’t have enough money to back it up and buy another platform though so I guess that’s a good thing. :p I’m holding on to it right now with all the patience I have and I am willing to miss out on every major upcoming Wii U game this holiday so I can save up for another platform. That’s how serious this has gotten… If I run into money troubles for some reason and I can’t keep saving up, I’m just going to have to let this thing go and get a PS4 or XB1. It’s getting really ridiculous!

    2. No innovation = no gamepad. I love off screen play and the game pad.
      They should have beefed it up a little more though. The developers would have really embraced the game pad I’d the console had more power, and more significantly, the added power would have bumped up the install base since initially, people want to feel they have the strongest console.

    3. Actually, its not and uses a familiar coding architecture that these lazy bastards hate using before. Its not the hardware. Its the developers looking the other way for different and wrong reasons. If some definitive games like NFS Most Wanted or Rayman on Wii U says anything, its that with hard work, the games will look great regardless. Remember Super Mario Galaxy on Wii? If a game that amazing looking is possiblr on such “inferior” console, then the 3rd party can do it to. They’re just concered about one thing and one thing only: The bottom line and they’ll do anything, including weasel people through false profit, promises and support, to get that bottom line.

      1. I bought NFS: Most Wanted U to support the dev team because they actually put time & effort into it even when their EA masters wanted to skimp out on the port. A shame so many dev teams have to suffer under the capitalist pigs at EA.

        1. But it will be the last game I get from EA. Least until Star Wars… and that’s if the Wii U gets a good port. If not, I’ll just have to once again go without some Star Wars games & once again be stuck with just the movies.

          1. Yeah. Never again from me, either. EA better get some better management in the future. Otherwise, the devs under them won’t be getting money from me again. Til then, Need For Speed: Most Wanted U is my last EA purchase.

  7. At least, the developers are talking about the Wii U version and assuring its existence, unlike Ubisoft morons that delayed Watch Dogs and keptg hiding and denying the game’s existence until the release date announcement.

  8. Nintendo shouldn’t have made a Baby console in 2012, all the babies forgot about nintendo and left to go play on Ipads and iPhones, sorry nintendo

    1. The last part of this comment is actually true, and why Nintendo’s success with the Wii gave them a false perception of their audience. Now they screw the core gamer to cater to a segment that doesn’t buy many console games. If any.

          1. Failing to notice the PS2 was selling because of the DVD player and too stupid not to put a DVD in the GameCube. And they had plenty of time in Game cube’s R&D to adjust to what was popular in the market at the time and was still stupid in not changing the GameCube. Just like how it was stupid in 2008 in their R&D with Wii u technology thinking it would hold up 5 or 6 years from then.

            1. Dumbass, DVD had nothing to do with PS2 success. It was its rich library of games that sold it off like crazy. PS2 had everything and gamers were happy. DVD didn’t do shit. Its an extra, a perk but not even a selling point of PS2. Xbox had the same thing but it didn’t sold itself so hot either did it?

              1. Dumbass? Ignoring DVD players weren’t popular at the time in 2000. Also ignoring GameCube and Wii U has a good library of games and both lost to PlayStation and PS4 doesn’t even have a good library of games. It doesn’t even need games to sell 100k a week.

              2. The reason why the Xbox didn’t sell even if it had a DVD because the Sony thought more compact and convience allowing PS2 owners to have the option to stand it up to take up less space or set it down. Plus I think PS2 was cheaper than Xbox. So why would Xbox outsell PS2? But at least Microsoft noticed PS2 was selling because of DVD players being new and added it to their console…. unlike Nintendo.

              3. I’m pretty sure it was because it could play DVDs and was less expensive compared to an actually dvd player.

                  1. Ignoring I compared the PS2 to Xbox but you rather play dumb as if PS2 was in perfect competition with a stand alone DVD player.

                  2. Says the guy who thought PS2`s DVD player had nothing to do with why it won that generation? Funny how PS4 doesn’t need a good library of games to out sell a console called “Wii U” that does. After all MK8 didn’t outsell the Wii U nor DKTF, Pikmin 3, M3DW shall I go on? Oh but repeating myself isn’t going to make me get smarter according to you. Last I checked didn’t these games get good ratings?

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Like I said, the core audience abandoned it because of PS2 DVD gimmicks and that the Xbots were created…

            1. Wii u has a better library than PS4 which conflicts with he said PS2 sold well because it had a good library of games. It sold well because Sony identified the market and thought AHEAD of time in R&D something Nintendo needs to start doing.

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                Whatever the cause, I don’t want our empire to go the same way as the rest, focusing on media gimmicks that has nothing to do with gaming at all…

                This is about games not garbage…

                If they truly do go that way then I go PC Master Race permanently…

                1. Making a gaming machine just for games doesn’t bring sells anymore. That’s why PS4 doesn’t need games to sell 100k noticing the changes in the market does. Good job Sony.

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Thanks for proving my point, this is exactly why gaming is going down the hill for every generation…

                    And this is exatly to why the other two are not about gaming at all and to why everyone hates our empire, they want more expensive cheap useless media gimmicks that has nothing to do with gaming at all…

                    That’s EXACTLY what ruins gaming today…

                    1. Will videogames are also set top boxes competing with Roku and Apple TV. People like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and Amazon and internet browsing. This is why videogames don’t really need DVD players to sell anymore. The market has changed and will continue to change and Nintendo needs to stay updated in all changes. Yes gaming consoles aren’t only for faming. The only thing in Wii U that makes it ahead is the gamepad which if they thought ahead of time in 2008, adding Ebooks, and other applications on tablets and powerful enough to handle more would have put a dent in Wii U sales. But they only left one gamepad giving Sony and Xbox enough years to pick up where Wii U left off. They could have made the game pad the next gen 3Ds unstead of being apart of the Wii U. Use that gamepad independent and more like an Apple Tablet but can do what Wii U can do 720p/1080p and still a 3Ds. That’s where the market is at the tablets!

        1. We’re the consumer. Nintendo caters to the people who give them $$$ or we go somewhere else.

          Besides, retribution wasn’t their goal, they actually thought it was a good idea… Well, they can continue with this shit, or continue to lose their hardcore fan base. Fuck, I’ve already dipped my toe in the water, so has a ton of others. They fuck up one more time, their IP’s may not be able to save them.

          They need to stop gimping their games. Stop gimping their hardware. Start making software that appeals to the core gaming crowd.. Hell, they might just pull some gamers back if they bother trying.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            The funny thing is, both of them barely do anything to cater this “core audience”, it’s the Third Class Empire’s that do that for them and they are the ones betraying us…

            What makes our world pathetic is that most of them don’t want to create original creative fun games, they only focus on making these often boring “realistic games” that are more about sotry and CGI than gaming…

            And yes, I do think High Command should stop being so arrogant…

            I guess that’s why I’m just as arrogant…


            1. If Nintendo had planned ahead, and launched the WiiU with strong 1st party software, (while the WiiU hype was high) things may have been different. Nintendo allowing the console to rot for over a hear, killing their hype and losing their 3rd party support was just an epic-bad idea. The Wii made them soft. They didn’t even begin HD development until it was nearly too late. The Wii made them believe graphics were irrelevant, and now they will pay for their ignorance. Even if the Wii was the absolute lowest, shittiest HD, it still would have helped keep Nintendo relevant. Now all their Wii games look like shit on an HD tv, which is a shame because I really wanted to play skyward sword (again) and finish Xenoblade chronicles. :(

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                They don’t look too horrible, why are you basing gaming fun with graphics?…

                -Xbot detected?-

                Like I’ve said many times before, High Command over-estimated their own capabilities with the Wii U HD thing…

                1. Allow me to clarify, on my TV, the “Zaggies” (I don’t know what they are called) are so bad on the edges of the characters. And they are not static, or I would have been fine, they move, like little chainsaws on the edges of the characters…it’s just too damn distracting. So it’s the moving zaggies (and it’s not every game, just the ones I want to play apparently. :/ )

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Strange, I have a big HD TV and I have no problems really, except they look less sharper than my smaller TV from before but nothing that makes it look ugly…

                  2. I had the same problem with Skyward Sword… I need to play Skyward Sword on my Wii U again to see if it looks better on my new HD TV than what it did on my old one.

    2. Correction in 2008 they should have thought of all possibilities Wii U would need by 2012. Maybe 3 cores were good back in 2008 but not by 2012. They lacked the future of rivals and next generation software. You’d think they learned that when RE5 didn’t come to Wii. That was stupid.

        1. Sure ignoring that RE4 was really epic that RE5 at the time was hyped up. But rather play dumb like at the TIME resident evil games wasn’t the shit back then. Now all of a sudden you rather play dumb in fuse RE5 like a new game with Revelations and ignoring it was out on the Game cube.

          1. No. RE5 wasn’t as hyped and people knew, before its release, that RE5 focuses on too much action than horror. Fighting zombie-like dudes in sunlight (which Capcom promised it’ll make significant effect on players by blinding their vision..which never happened)..with their “Fear you can’t forget” slogan, HTF is that scary anyway? Leon’s entire campaign in RE6 was scarier than the entire RE5 plot and that’s saying something.

            And what was out on the GameCube again?

            1. RE4. Cap com explained why RE5 wasn’t on Wii but since you know everything care to explain why? Oh and after the sales of RE4 and RE5 came out of course a ton of people would run out and grab the game. They don’t know it isn’t as good until they play it or did you think gamers could tell a game before playing it after experiencing the sequel.

    3. Yeah. People with minimum attention spans only play garbage on mobile thinking its fun, just to learn 5 minutes later they’re boring as shit. Mobile is not gaming or consoles. Its past time that lasts for a few minutes at best.

      1. Yeah I always thought it was rather stupid to buy a $500 phone or tablet to play some wack ass pitiful weak graphical game over something that cost less with way better controllers, game play and graphics. I have a tablet for 4 years. I have not downloaded a single game. That’s why I buy video game consoles. My tablet is just used to turn on faster than my tower computer and watch movies when I’m traveling. I also use it for books. A Wii is more interesting to play than my tablet or phone. I don’t even use my smart phone for downloading music that’s what my 7 year old I pod touch is for. I paid $300 for it I expect to use it until it ever gets broken. I’m not about to use my smartphone to download music and movies that can still be down on my 1st Gen IPod touch.

        1. And besides a tablet held in your hand gets heavy after a while. But I do like tablets they just can’t compete with a video game console.

  9. For 10 years nintendo gave babies,baby consoles,Baby Wii and Baby U,and they thought for 10 years the babies who bought Wii will remain babies and never grow up and move on to Baby U,lololololol Hahahahahahahaha nope the babies grew up by 2012 and waited a year to get a PS4, and the babies the new babies went for Samsung Tablets and Ipads and smartphones.

    I don’t know what’s happening to Nintendo because next year Sony Is bringing out the Big Guns, like Uncharted 4 and its going to blow nintendo really hard up the ass.

    2015 Baby Iwata is going to step down and also discontinue the Baby U afterwards.

          1. Toddlercon.

            basically it means he has a fetish for baby fucking, which is why he talking about babies so much.

  10. It doesn’t matter what they do. I won’t be buying this anymore anyways. Idiots. Treat me like second class, I’ll put my money elsewhere. Hello New 3DS and MH4U, fuck you Project Cars.

  11. I hate graphics whores. I don’t give a fuck if it’s 720p or 1080p as long the game looks good and playable but because a game doesn’t hit 1080p and 60fps doesn’t mean it’s not playable. If you so concerned about 1080p and 60fps get a gaming pc

  12. Shit port for a shit console…you don’t understand core gamer and you expect to bring the core gamer back…Nintendo is fucken stupid.

    1. If you think core-gaming can’t be accomplished with 720p, you’re just a graphics whore. Ugh.. Whatever. Not getting into this again.

      1. HollowGrapeJ- Too Lazy To Sign In

        720P is getting outdated to be fair. I remember like in 2006 people were playing in 1080P on PC. XD

        1. Like… Next Gen, I don’t expect Nintendo games to run at 4k red, but they better do a buttery 1080p minimum. I’m just saying if you accept nothing less than 1080p, regardless of game play, there may be a bit more emphasis on graphics than what’s healthy…unless that’s what they want… I’m not saying whores don’t have fun too.

  13. Once again, slightly mad studios is screwing over Wii U owners. At this point, I’m officially dropping my support for both this company and this game.

  14. Why is everyone caring about the resolution and Fps!? Its not like they said “We will be unable to put all content, deny DLC, etc”.

      1. They were as foolish as the Electrons and the Xbot realm when they tries to buyout our republic. But our Supreme Lord Gabe Newell gave us his inspiring words in response to both offers those pathetic heatens gave us “I wouldn’t buy anyone of them out.”

        Hybrids indeed do know better, we have the best qualities of both races.

        Don’t get me started on those wannabe peons wandering around and creating those filthy slums in our republic.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          While our empire has problems with Stockholm Gaming Syndrome…

          But it’s great to hear that your Supreme Lord Newell said no to the defilers…

    1. Will I like game play and graphics. My Wii U has power enough to handle it I expect it to do that and not use that “game play over graphics” excuse. Other wise if graphics isn’t all that important what’s the point of a more powerful console coming out every 7 years? That goes for new 3Ds as well.

      1. What’s the point? For it do more things, more fluid gameplay, better sound, better controlling, more complex AI, etc. Better graphics isn’t the only thing that newer tech can do.
        Don’t making it sound like graphics are THAT important. They are important but not THAT important, its not like you are buying a painting.

        1. I look at it this way. I have a TV that plays HDMI my Wii U is connected I expect what I pay for. I expect game play which is why I like the Game pad too. Yet according to you a more powerful console is supposed to do more thinks? Yet it can’t handle 4 game pads and it can barely handle Netflix. They also started out giving it only 8 gigs. 3 cores in 2008 was enough? I think not. Shall we go on to why more powerful PS4 is outselling Wii U? They should have made it more powerful in 2008.

          1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            Even the PS4 wouldn’t be able to handle 4 gamepads…

            And our empire has always been about making the most effective machine while keeping it fairly priced for the most part…

            Although I think that it’s unfair priced in some territorie, the 3DS was overpriced as a whole…

          2. Why should need the use of 4 gamepad? That’s just going to raise the price of the console. I don’t see how it can’t handle Netflix, because it works just fine with a majority of other Wii U users.
            3 cores seems to be enough because most of the games aren’t even using all three cores from how I see it. From your logic you seem to mean using all cores this early is a good thing, thing is its not, that means that the Ps4 and Xbox aren’t even powerful enough to even last this entire generation and they are already at they’re limits, Wii U is not.
            Also so I go on about why more powerful PCs are outselling Ps4? So by your logic, Ps4 is also weak and should’ve been more powerful in 2013.

  15. Pingback: Project cars aiming for 1080p and 60fps on xbox one and ps4, but probably not for wii u

  16. So…you delayed the game to “make it better” without actually improving anything…..tell me how the Wii U version which has been in the works longer then the PS4/Xbox One version wont be 1080p/60fps? Exposed, another company that fails to come through.

  17. Ok, so all the special effects will be in, it will have the same level of fidelity in the graphics, it just won’t be native 1080p and/or 60fps. So, worst case scenario we’ll get 720p 30fps with one of, if not the best looking racing game ever, with no other sacrifices visually. Best case 1080p 30fps/720p 60fps.

    That’s really not bad at all. We all know the PS4/XBONE are more powerful, but this proves the gap isn’t really as large as some would like to pretend it is. The fact that the game is coming, and that they are putting as much effort into is, and thus far haven’t had to sacrifice much other than native resolution and/or framerate, shows their dedication. This game deserves to be supported.

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