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Here’s A Look At Today’s DLC Update for Hyrule Warriors (Video)

NintenDaan has captured some footage of the Hyrule Warriors downloadable content which came out today in Japan. The DLC allows you to use Link’s trusty steed Epona to battle enemies and also sees the arrival of Cia, Wizzro and Volga as playable characters. You can watch the footage in the glorious video embedded above.

60 thoughts on “Here’s A Look At Today’s DLC Update for Hyrule Warriors (Video)”

    1. Yes indeed the game is fun, ill give it a solid 7 it has its flaws but still a great game and this is coming from someone who has never like any dynasty warriors

    2. Do you happen to know how to pull down majoras moon and crash it with the hookshot? I did it a couple of time but still dont know how to do it, its freaking Awesome btw..

  1. Volga’s move set reminds me of Sanada’s from Samurai Warriors. Can’t wait to see this for US download. Enjoying the game with hubby very much!

  2. Indeed the game is really good. And for Zelda fans is pure joy, you can tell they really put a big effort into make sense and make a game with all Zelda elements, I am very pleased with my purchase.

    1. Glad I made the plunged and went ahead and bought the game, it truly is a game for zelda fan, Impa is my main and shes AWESOME!

  3. This game suks. Bad grahics, lame story, and and it is not puzzle like zelda. Plus, the guys name is link not zelda. They messed up and is they selling garbage. Dumb game… (In reality I am having a hard time not playing this game! I just figured everyone else with a Playstation related name is bashing on this game, so I had to be silly as well. I’ve sunk 30+ hours into it and have unlocked every character. :P I can’t wait for the Dlc.)

                1. Really? i’m sure i told you…or maybe someone else. it’s not a secret anymore and i’m happy the people around me accepted me.

                    1. Nintendo is my Blood Reborn

                      A lesbian? Never noticed that but it doesn’t change anything.
                      Funny how Obinna has offended nearly all ethnic groups on this site…

                    1. Thanks, you’re a cool guy.
                      Did you play hyrule warriors? that game left me breathless. it was better than i expected!

                      1. ★HollowGrapeJ★

                        Nope. I refuse to buy any Nintendo games at all until next year. (Yes, even Smash Bros) Lol. I got Mario Kart 8 to keep me company until then.

                      1. it does not exist, the caveman can’t accept he was defeated even before the battle started XD

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        1. Whoa, what? Seriously? I hope you’re lying otherwise you just spoiled some major shit, Ridley. I don’t have the game yet. XD

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    2. This game is badass. So much color and super smooth even when you are hacking away at 30 enemies in the air and doing a downward attack into another 20 enemies knocking them all bad itajust barely even wants to slow down its beautiful.

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    5. Since I’ve completed Legend Mode (why’d it have to be so fucking short!?) & unlocked every character that is only unlockable in Legend Mode, I’m waiting for October 16th to get here since not only does the first DLC pack download for me, but Cia, Volga, & Wizzro become playable characters & the ability to cut off cutscenes entirely, making grinding more tolerable, is also added into the game.

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