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Thomas Was Alone Takes The Leap To Wii U This November

London-based developer Curve Studios has announced that Thomas Was Alone will head to the Wii U next month. The endearing platform-puzzle game tells the tale of Thomas – an AI being shaped as a red rectangle – who must find his friends, and together find a way to escape the hazardous levels in each area. Featuring voice-over by the talented Danny Wallace, Thomas Was Alone was originally released on PC back in July 2012 and went onto considerable success, selling one million copies on various platforms.

Now, Curve Studios aims to release the successful indie game on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Wii U with an attractive £6.99 / $9.99 price tag. You can check out some gameplay for the charming title above. Thomas Was Alone will arrive in November for North America and Europe.

15 thoughts on “Thomas Was Alone Takes The Leap To Wii U This November”

      1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

        I appreciate that.

        But seriously, this, Meme Run, Spiky Walls

        What ever happened to good ol’ fashioned quality

        1. This is nothing compared to the other two games you’ve mentioned, honestly.
          It looks simple, but it actually has a clever plot, personally I found it enjoyable. It’s a quality indie game, that’s been more successful and well-received than you probably expect.
          To class it with games of the likes of Memerun is straight out disrespecting the developers, as they have actually put some thought into the game, which can’t really be said about the other two games.

  1. Funny isn’t it? If this was a Wii U exclusive there would be a lot of Assholes talking sh!t about it.
    Anyway, I feel sorry for the people who pay for things like this.

      1. Nope, I try Games not this, you can download this kind of shit free for any android.
        If you’re gonna pay for something, at least it should be worth the money.
        -Little Inferno-*
        -Trine 2 DC-*
        -Mighty Switch Force HDE-
        -Edge- *
        -Tank Tank Tank-
        -Giana Sisters TD-*
        -How to survive-
        To be Honest, the only indie I regret buying was -Chasing Aurora-.
        So that’s my little indie support list, and those are great games especially the “*” ones.
        Now go there an jump with that shitty squares “game”(maybe you can put edge on the same category… But I think edge is a lot more elaborated than this one)

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