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Sakurai Takes Time Out To Answer Fans Questions About Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has taken some time out from the development of the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros to answer fans questions in his semi-weekly column in Weekly Famitsu. Here’s the questions he was asked as well as his replies.

Question 1: Why does the game support the C stick on the New Nintendo 3DS, but not the expansion slide pad?

Sakurai: “Because supporting the expansion slide pad adds to the processing load on the CPU. Back when I was working on Kid Icarus: UPRISING, I was told it would add about 5%. This is a rather large amount. Both Kid Icarus and Smash Bros. utilize the Nintendo 3DS to its fullest extent and this was a wall that could not be overcome. Especially with Kid Icarus I would have liked to have used the expansion pad for targeting. With the New 3DS, however, the CPU has been upgraded and the C stick is not an expansion, and so we were able to support it.”

Question 2: Why did you make Zelda and Sheik and Samus and Zero Suit Samus separate individual characters?

Sakurai: “This is mainly due to the limitations of the 3DS. It’s a portable console and no matter what we do, making them into dual characters was impossible. However, limitations can lead to positive outcomes. Form-changing fighters have the negative aspect of losing their character distinctiveness as well as gameplay becoming vague, so I feel the way it turned out is cleaner and better.”

Question 3: Which is your preferred character?

Sakurai: “I don’t have one. However, for this game, I tend to like the heavier fighters.”

Question 4: What should I do about network play being laggy?

Sakurai: “Connectivity can depend heavily on location so I really don’t know what to say. At the very least, we’ve confirmed that smooth play is possible under various conditions of external networks. During multi-player, you’re connected with another player and sending light amounts of data back and forth, so if the game feels laggy, it’s due to the connection speed. If you play when it’s laggy, then the person you’re playing with will experience the same lag, so it’s best to play when the connection is clear. During development, there were cases where we had too many people and the connection became sluggish, so we turned off our cell phones and the connection would clear up. It’s best to avoid playing while streaming something or by a tethered connection. Free wi-fi spots are probably not very good either.”

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74 thoughts on “Sakurai Takes Time Out To Answer Fans Questions About Super Smash Bros”

      1. I really don’t believe that for a second. Everyone has a favorite character in everything, whether they know it or not. It just feels like he’s too busy being “polite” and it’s always sad to hear. You hear this constantly in interviews and such when asked about a person’s favorite character. It makes that individual look fake.

          1. Definitely, I loved spamming his grab because if both fighter only have one life, he instantly wins. It’s a neat way to win a battle even if you are losing by 100% damage points.

            1. just wish he has some sort of range attack given how slow he was and his moveset, also no more belly sliding when dashing..hehe

    1. Hero of (wasted) Time

      His favourite character and main is Ganondorf (=
      (he played like the Demon King in a lot of japanese interviews and said that!)

  1. I remember a video where he was on a tv show in Japan and he chose to play as Ganondorf. Wether he’s just a beast with Ganondorf (he was. he won the match against a Lucas player) or he legitimately loves the King of Thieves, well, who knows?

      1. Yeah. I honestly always thought that whenever people talked about Ganondorf getting a sword. Like, Sakurai might lose his main then! At the same time, I feel like he didn’t want to change it because he didn’t want people who mained Ganondorf to feel alienated from their character of choice.

  2. stupid , he respond two the c pad 3 times already and the only question to ask is when is the released date for wiiu and this holiday is not a good enough answer

    1. sherlockwillfightbilbo

      To be honest we don’t know how much it really does. They’ve kept quiet on the Wii U version because the 3DS one hasn’t even released in NA yet. I’d wait to pass judgment until the inevitable Smash U Direct.

      And before you start throwing examples like Ice Climbers at me, just know that I don’t know and don’t WANT to know the unrevealed characters.

      1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

        Well, one thing that has taken a hit already are the customes…

        If the Wii U had more quality time, all characters could have had unique customes…

    2. Yeah, I’m thinking the Wii U has a TON up it’s sleeve, I mean, hopefully. The reason they’re not talking about it too much is because they want consumers to focus on the 3DS one as much as possible right now. And then in two months, they can start stiffing about the Wii U one. I hope event matches and some kind of killer single player mode is included.

        1. It’s not. So if you want to use a less cloney Captain Falcon of Ganondorf for online matches with non-friends, you are shit out of luck & stuck with the damn clone.

        1. On a console more powerful than the GameCube and Wii. Oops.

          Oh, and I just love how he claims that “they weren’t given a priority due to their series unlikely getting a new game.” Duck Hunt Dog anyone? ROB? Captain Falcon? Ness? -_-

      1. Beg to differ.
        Dr. Mario…. Really?
        Dark pit… Really?
        Duck hunt dog……… Like come on
        Wii fit trainer…….. Pathetic
        Pacman…….. Piece of trash. He gave in.
        Lucina……. Could have been a costume for marth like how wii fit trainer/villager has male and female.
        Rosalina…….. Pleasing the boys boners….. Like really?
        Bowser jr…. Cool addition but the way he fights……. The hell is that? He can walk, run. Give him the scarf and the paint brush.

        1. You literally dont kno if any of said figters ate bad or not and even if you do, its different from actually playing them but I could be wrong, its my opinion anyways..cant wait to play the roster

            1. I agree somewhat to what your saying and I would bowser jr. to fight with the scarf and paint brush, but I think the reason he fights like this is that’s how he fights mario in some of his games. Like the new super mario brows games, paper mario sticker star, etc.

        2. This is STILL all your opinion man, because I’m fucking HYPED for Pac-man, Bowser Jr., and Duck hunt. I can’t change how you feel, but it’s not a shitty roster.

        1. There’s tons of people who “should have been in since melee” but just cause you don’t get who you want doesn’t mean the roster sucks. It just sucks to you. There’s characters some people are gonna love and others will hate. I don’t like wii fit trainer either, but it happened. Never expected or even knew of Game & Watch till melee, now he’s one of my mains. He has more history than her by far, but he’s really not that famous in the video game community. Pac Man is. I wish it was more of the classic pac man but either way I’m happy to have him. Duck Hunt Dog is definitely unexpected possibly more than anyone from any smash game, but I’m over the weirdness. As long as he plays good, I can appreciate the nod. Every new smash has new characters for everyone. The new big cool famous ones, and obscure weird ones many never heard of.

        2. I’ll give you the clones Dr Mario & Dark Pit but Wii Fit Trainer, Duck Hunt, & Bowser Jr actually deserve their spot since they are actually unique characters. And the fact we get the Koopalings as alternates for Bowser Jr effectively made him a must have for me & others that loved the characters. I’m personally going to enjoy using Lemmy Koopa the most out of Bowser Jr’s alternates.

      1. Yeah, Lucas was my boy. but there’s so many new character I wanna play (Little Mac, Villager, Robin, etc.) compared to any other smash game that I’m fine with him being absent from this game.

      1. Out if those 3 you just said, I marked with Mega man when they first revealed him. Pacman i didn’t want in the first place. Lil mac…… Never played Punch out so i can careless.

        1. See, you didn’t play punch out so you don’t care less about lil mac. Does that mean he sucks cause you personally have no attachments to him? I’ll give you wii fit trainer for sure, and doc mario should be an alternate costume as well as dark pit, but lil mac is classic. Lucina should be alt. costume too, Rosalina is very popular for people (I don’t mind her but I ain’t in love with her like most people), so that’s why she’s in, although I think Daisy deserves a spot before her. And bowser jr I’m only glad he’s in cause it led to the Koopa Kids being in. Bowser jr is trash. I’ve softened up a bit over the years but he’s still trash. They definitely could have had a better move set though. The wands the kids use from the 2D Mario games could have been used, and such.

        2. I’m actually looking forward to Little Mac. I think he and Link will be my two mains. Oh and Sheik. Maybe Zelda.

  3. lord ghost : king of the federation

    my anti mario kart 8 campagin did not work so am getting a new target
    a warn to all drones this game will suck :)

    1. Well wait, Mario Kart 8 didn’t suck, in fact I play it almost every night with my roommates so….

      Why should I take your advice about this game? I feel like your credibility is pretty lacking.

  4. Somebody ask why Dr.Mario, and Dark Pit aren’t alt costumes for Mario and Pit.

    Also why the rosters have to be the same.

    If there’s character DLC.


  5. Hey, I have a question for Sakurai:

    WHY are you hindering what could be best Super Smash Bros experience thanks to your sick love of the 3DS?

    1. I feel like if he didn’t make it for the 3DS, there might be only a bit more content in the Wii U version, but not too much. And it might’ve been completed earlier.

      That being said you just KNOW there would be people clamoring for a 3DS version of smash if that was the case. You can’t please everybody I guess.

      1. “I feel like if he didn’t make it for the 3DS, there might be only a bit more content in the Wii U version”

        You are speculating there, by that same logic I could also said that if he did not make it for the 3DS, The Wii U version of SSB would be the best SSM ever made. The differences between your speculation and my speculation? My is backed up by already proven facts.

        “You can’t please everybody I guess.”

        And Sakurai is definitely not pleasing the Wii U owner by saying they are not going to get the best game the Wii U can offer to them, instead the best game the 3DS can offer to them… ported to the Wii U.

        1. Okay well, like, I wasn’t out to get you dude. I just didn’t want to say what I didn’t know, I’ve never made a game. We’d probably have Ice Climbers, but… that’s all I can think of? Transformations might still be around, but that wouldn’t be a good thing.

          And yeah, like I said, he can’t please everyone. He still made the game for Wii U though, so he is pleasing people with a Wii U. And those who wanted it for 3DS, get a 3DS version, So I think he’s pleasing more people than not. The Wii U might be lacking some content (for now we can ONLY prove that the Ice Climbers are missing because of this), but I think a game is still better than no game.

  6. The wii u version really needs an actual single player mode like brawl. It needs something to really set it apart from the 3ds now that there’s no cross play between them

  7. Q= “Why is Wolf cut from the game?”
    A= “… Can’t let him do that”

    [Don’t get me wrong, I love Wolf and he’s my Brawl main… =(.]

  8. Yeah I got a few questions for ya:

    1. Krystal from Star Fox has been one of the most highly requested characters since before Brawl; why has she not been playable yet?

    2. It strikes me as very unfair as well as a bad business decision to have the same roster across both versions. Will there be DLC for the Wii U version for Ice Climbers (where they worked before being cut because 3DS couldn’t keep up) and other favorites like Lucas, Mewtwo, Krystal, and more?

    3. In what world does your explanation of why you made Lucina playable instead of Chrom (summary of his explanation: “I didn’t add Chrom because he offers nothing unique. Instead, I added Lucina- she is unique because she has the same moveset as Marth.”) make sense?

  9. At this point, fuck it! I’ll gladly fork over extra money for DLC of a playable Ridley! If I can just have Ridley, fuck Sakurai’s failures with Ganondorf once again being Captain Falcon 2.0.

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