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Rune Factory 4 Could Well Be Coming To Europe

NeoGAF member L-A has spotted a listing for Rune Factory 4 on the  USK ratings board. It’s a recent listing and suggests that the game will be coming courtesy of  XSEED and Marvelous US. Rune Factory 4 is likely to be a digital release on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

Thanks, Kyle

24 thoughts on “Rune Factory 4 Could Well Be Coming To Europe”

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      I’m happy for them. Rune factory is a wonderful series that EVERYONE should be able to enjoy. Exclusivity by region games make me mad. We haven’t had a Fatal Frame game since 2005. And spirit camera doesn’t count. It was short and overpriced. I only bought it to show interest in the series existed in America.

  1. OMG YEEEEES! I already accepted its initial cancelation, but this is great news! Make sure not to forget about Australia!

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