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You Can Now Download Smash Bros 3DS Patch To Be Able To Play Online At Midnight

The Version 1.0.2 update for Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS is available early on the North American Nintendo eShop. The update will allow you to play online at midnight so it’s an absolute must. You can get it now on the eShop and it’s 364 blocks.

As of October 2, 2014, new update data for Super Smash Bros. has been made available for download in the Nintendo eShop. Users will be required to download this update prior to using the software’s online multiplayer features. Because of this, we strongly recommend that all Super Smash Bros. players download and install this update data.

Thanks, Josh N

47 thoughts on “You Can Now Download Smash Bros 3DS Patch To Be Able To Play Online At Midnight”

    1. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

      Unless more glitches come up… Which they probably wont.
      Personally, there is something magical about finding glitches in a well crafted game. Like Mario 64, or Ocarina of time. What ISN’T fun is playing a game RIDDLED with glitches. I’m lookin’ at you Bethesda. I reached a point in Skyrim where the game would freeze 10-15 minutes after I loaded my save. I was lvl 81, and was NAUGHT going to start a new game. Forget that noise.

        1. indeed. i do not think Sakurai will post a damn about the Wii U version.
          his upcoming posts will be about the 3DS version because it has been released worldwide.
          i still think the Wii U game has many features that he do not want to reveal (fingers crossed), not only the amiibo…
          only time will reveal…

  1. Already had an error, felt pretty familiar and I’m nearly certain it was a server overload. Tried it a few minutes later and it worked. Omg Nintendo’s servers are going to catch fire tonight!

    1. I think you could be surprised about the amount of people to impatient to wait. I must say I’m biking to the local game store before it opens to get some new games asap but I’m not staying up all night to play a game…

    1. I’m probably going to wal mart at midnight to get it early, then going to best buy in the morning to get my preordered copy so I can get my smash coin, then return that copy to wal mart lol.

      1. Lmao that’s epic. Still jealous over those coins though. I gotta work at like 2:30am then i’ll be waiting in the Wal-Mart parking lot from around 6:30 til 7 just to get it before I go back home lol. It’s not the Wii U version but this game still took forever to come out so i’ve gotta enjoy it. Even got a friend picking up good food and whatnot so i’ll be chillin all day tomorrow and if all goes right i’ll be online around 8am EST or so.

          1. Lol I work 3rd shift. Good pay for the hours though.

            Actually, I wonder if I can find a 24 hour Wal-Mart nearby. I’d rather get the game before work. Waited for Hyrule Warriors just for the old lady who didn’t know what she was talking about to say she’s never seen that game and that it must not have been out yet -_-

            1. LMAO I wonder if these people even bother to ever look up video game information online. How do you not know your own products that you are selling? They even get to see the games before anyone else does. XD

              1. Especially for a game that came out THAT MORNING. After talking to her I checked online, it GPS’ed and said the game was in stock at the Wal-Mart I was standing in lol. Meanwhile they hadn’t even put them in the display case and she didn’t even know that it existed -_____-. If that happens with Smash i’ll probably be in the news for clotheslining an old lady lol.

                1. Did you say you got it from Wal-Mart? I told you guys they’re the worst places to buy games. Lol lucky for me there’s a Target right next to where I work. I’ve never seen Wii U and 3DS games lined up so perfectly in a store before. It’s better than my crappy Wal-Mart and Gamestop combined. Lol.

                  1. Haha out of spite I didn’t buy HW from there, waited a bit and went to GameStop- which sucked cause there was no plastic wrap, they take it off and put their price sticker right on the front and put some crappy sticker tape crap around the opening side of the case. Still, it said new and my Club Nintendo points worked so I just went with it. And yes, Target’s video game department is great. So organized plus they have the best deals on Nintendo stuff it seems. Just a shame they’re further away from me. I think i’d pass 2 Wal-Marts and GameStops each trying to go to the closest Target lmao.

                    1. Exactly why I don’t buy new games at fucking Gamestop. I hate it when stickers are put on the actual case & either damages the damn cover or leaves sticker glue, for lack of a better word, on the cover. Instead, I use their website when my local Wal-Mart is too god damn cheap to have them up in stock. Not to mention two of the damn containers that would normally have the Wii U games have been broken for months, possibly broken for the past year, & are being used to store damn cards for preorder bonuses & shit instead.

        1. Haha yea I don’t blame you about the coins, glad they weren’t as limited as the hyrule warriors special edition. Damn you work overnights? That’s rough! I work nights and get off around like 11:30pm-1am and that already sucks lol. Unless of course you have friends with similar schedules. And yea it’s not the Wii U version haha. I’m like excited, but not Wii U excited. I feel like we are buying the real demo tomorrow lol.

          1. Lol Wii U excited is like staying up playing non stop- except for(MAYBE) work- and unlocking all the modes, secrets etc, along with the good food, drinks, possibly some good music. This is just the food and drinks level hype but idk if it’s worthy of marathon-ing. You can most likely get all the characters quick and the rest will just happen over time. Still, Hyrule Warriors plus this and later this month; Bayonetta 2 will def. be enough to keep me preoccupied gaming-wise until Sm4sh Wii U.

            1. Lol you keep trying to mention drink and food. Almost as if you’re trying to make us jealous of the good time you’re about to have. :P

              1. YOU SHOULD BE VERY JEALOUS! IT SHALL BE A FEAST FIT FOR A KING, DELICIOUS FOOD SERVED ALONGSIDE THE FINEST BEVERAGES… lol. Nah, not all that but it is gonna be pretty epic though XD

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  3. I’m having to sell a couple of my plush Nintendo backpacks to get the money for this. I don’t have to, but I don’t wanna spend my remaining pocket $ on games. And Hyrule Warriors will have to wait until another month or so.

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