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Fans Go In Their Droves To Queue Up For Smash Bros 3DS At Nintendo World In NYC

Fans have already started queuing in numbers to get their hands on Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS in the United States. As you can see in the image embedded above, there were more than a few fans queuing up at the Nintendo World store Manhattan. The queue was apparently three blocks long. Are you getting the game at midnight?

Thanks, Tomo

120 thoughts on “Fans Go In Their Droves To Queue Up For Smash Bros 3DS At Nintendo World In NYC”

              1. I set my download to run last night while I was sleeping. Now I have to work all day while staring at my 3DS, mocking me as it sits there with Smash suspended on it’s screen. D:<

          1. of course those 43 critics on metacritic are all wrong
            your biased opinion, having never touched this game in your life, is the correct one ;)


          1. Us drones are excited to play smash bros, what game are you playing.. destiny? pretty sure that got 75 on metacritic and worse reviews by fans. take your weak comments elsewhere.

        1. Sony Commander Kratos

          that what you think im proud to announce the first ever playstation all star tourney in st.Helen Montana! its going to be a slobber knocker were going to have the best of the best like HungryCube, Pinapple, Dr.Poopoo, BarkTwoQueen!!!!! and legendary commentary by C1 and Drog!….


        I have not seen it rated 5/10 anywhere, but even if you are telling the truth, you clearly have not played it. Don’t pay attention to review numbers, play it yourself and the work out how much you like it.

    1. I got this game since saturday, I didn’t realize I was one of the few to get it that early, I fought it was like pokemon x/y which got early all over the world.

            1. That really sucks dude. I live in south florida, and I get some here and there, but I guess you gotta be in new york city or japan to really get a lot. I’ve given up on streetpass for the puzzle pieces and Find Mii 1 & 2.

              1. You can go to starbucks and mcdonalds (among other places) to pick up streetpasses. Youll get the last 6 that were at that spot. Think you can do it every 8 hours for each spot. Im in NYC so streetpasses arent a problem, but its nice to pick up 6 quickly, especially as theres a hotspot (starbucks) that is in range of where I work. I often pass by a kinkos that is set up as a streetpass hotspot too, so thats 12 right there with minimal effort. Having the Nintendo store is great though. With events like this, youll get 100 SP’s easy. For the MK8 launch event I got 125 SP’s. Unfortunately I left my 3ds at my apt when I went for hyrule warriors.

                1. Nice to know damn didn’t know about the fact that I could go and pick up the last 6 people who were there. At this point I don’t know if I’ll bother, but it is good to know if I get back on it.

            1. You don’t need to eat anything. I go in there all the time and just either wait for awhile sitting in one of those benches or check myself in the mirror in the bathroom. I get the 3DS passes while I’m doing it and I streetpass like 10 people everyday. Lol.

    1. I walked around there got about 22 street passes, then walked to Homedepot and got another 6. I probably could have gotten more. But you just don’t get as many as you think cause once the 10 fill-up, people don’t reset them so you end up only getting a small amount.

    1. Go to a midnight release and buy the game at midnight, then go in the morning and pick up your reserved copy at best buy. Then return the unopened copy to wal mart. I assume you’re getting the smash coin pre-order physical gift? I am and that’s what I plan on doing so I don’t have to wait.

  1. What happens if the eshop crashes like it did for pokemon because it would be hilarious to see people’s reaction if it happens again with smash.

  2. I was tempted to walk down there today…buuuuuut I could deal without the lines. Yes, that’s not for me! Instead I just preordered at good ole Gamestop and I’ll head on over tomorrow. I hope the line isn’t too long though.

  3. I’m surprised it isn’t longer. Pokemon XY launch party was 3 times more packed than this. (Not even counting the crowd watching the activities going on stage)

  4. I’ve been playing since 7pm (GMT +1) today with my new Smash Bros. 3DS XL. From now on days will need more than 24 hours so I can keep playing both SSB3D and ACNL.

  5. And nintendo changes the game once again by bringing one of the best fighters to the handheld in 3 fuckin D!

    Smash on.

        1. Not worth losing sleep. You’ll need to get up early to get Smash. And you’ll need to have enough energy to be able to play it all day. Lol.

            1. Seriously? I stayed up for two days and started seeing things. I couldn’t even play my game or walk properly. I kept face planting into my Gamepad and walking into the walls. I eventually passed out on the floor and I thought the whole thing was a dream but it wasn’t. Lol I slept from Sunday afternoon and woke up on Tuesday. XD

              1. Eh, it was different for me.
                It was back when I was still a bit of a kid, with a Gamecube and Melee.

                Since I didn’t live near any other gamers at the time, I created this challenge in Melee where I went onto the Temple stage, selected 3 CPU’s set at level 9 that I felt were either hardest or most annoying, set the lives to 99, no teams, then set the items to nothing but hearts at Very Low appearance.
                I then proceeded to play through the entire match without losing a single life.
                I called it “Endurance Melee”, and clearing it took me the majority of those three days.

                Let’s just say I consumed far more caffeine that week than I ever have.XD

  6. I’ve always been a passionate gamer. Obsessive in many ways. But I’ve never stood in line (queued) for any game or console.

    I still have fond memories of being the first person to buy the Nintendo 64 and Super Mario 64 at KayBee Toys back in 1996. They got them in stock a week early, and actually sold them (something I didn’t think stores were allowed to do).

    The only console I missed out on (at launch) was the Wii. I got it a week after it’s release. But it was no biggie, since I didn’t truly like the Wii until maybe 9 months after I purchased it. But even now, I still don’t consider it one of Nintendo’s best consoles. The NES and SNES will always hold that title.

  7. At GameStop now… Someone brought a TV, a gamecube and Super Smash Bros Melee and plugged it in to one of the outlets in the store and now there’s a whole smash tournament now with like 100 people in it! The Hype is real

  8. Another homerun for Nintendo. It seems like Nintendo has 2-3 extremely successful games each year. Thats more than most other third party or even first party developers can say…

  9. I’m in no rush to get Smash Bros. I don’t have a problem skipping out on the 3DS version for now. I plan to get the Wii U version first sometime next year and then the 3DS version. Hope you guys have fun!

    1. The only reason I’m even buying the 3DS version is so I can register both versions and get the free CD soundtrack.

      1. Yep. I already bought both packs for MK8. Now I’m waiting for the DLC. I actually don’t think I will be buying any games until at least like March so I’m just gonna ride all the way into next year (pun intended) with the DLC. Lol.

          1. Not lack of resources. Saving up for a gaming PC. Lol. It costs about $1300 for me to get all my parts. No way am I EVER going to save this up if I spend it all on Nintendo games right now. Lol.

            1. Oh I see. Yeah, too many upcoming Nintendo games. No way you’d be able to buy parts for a gaming PC if you spent all your money on the games lol

    2. AAAAAAAH FUCK! Forget what I just said. Damn it. I was so tempted that I spent my money and started downloading it. I wanted to wait until the Wii U version came! Grrr fuck you Nintendo! X( I may as well play it now though… Lol. XD Sigh.

      1. Wait, you actually got the 3DS version? xD Wow. Unfortunately, I couldn’t help but also get the 3DS version. I’ve been playing it ever since.

    1. Go to a midnight release and buy the game at midnight, then go in the morning and pick up your reserved copy at best buy. Then return the unopened copy to wal mart. I assume you’re getting the smash coin pre-order physical gift? I am and that’s what I plan on doing so I don’t have to wait.

  10. I wish I was there, just to shout “HEY EVERYONE! THIS GUY (points to random dude) JUST GAVE ME A FREE COPY!! AND HE HAS MORE!”

  11. They will spend a longer time waiting in line then they will actually spend playing the game. Pew Pew Headshot.

    1. I would never go to a midnight launch at the Nintendo World Store unless it’s for a home console. I feel like it’s not as special/worth it to just go there for a game. I rather just go to the nearest Gamestop or Bestbuy.

      1. I’m probably not going to anymore midnight launches either.. well maybe smash wii u, if they’d give us a freaking release date!

        1. I wouldn’t go to a midnight launch for a game specifically at the Nintendo World Store. The lines there are just too long. At my local GameStop, the midnight launch lines for Nintendo games are rather short and it’s a shorter drive to get there. I’ll probably go to the midnight launch for SSBU at GameStop.

      2. Never unless for home console? You could’ve bought the Hyrule Warriors Limited Edition two weeks ago. Even if you don’t keep one, reselling one would be such a HUGE profit!

        1. Nah dude. Too lazy to drive all the way to NYC and wait in that long line. Rather just wait until the next day, drive to my local GameStop and pick up the game in a few minutes. Usually when there’s a gaming console launch at the Nintendo World Store, the event is big. Reggie is there and the fans are curious and excited about the new system. Bad part is the wait time. I think I got there at 10 pm, but received the Wii U at 3 am. The buses were already off schedule so I had to with till 8 am to get home. At least I didn’t camp in the cold like a few others did.

  12. It’s okay, it’s alright.. I don’t mind going to midnight releases.. I’ll sit here and keep watching the Tracking Number updates and wait for UPS to arrive anytime tomorrow…
    [closest GameStop is about 250 miles away]

    1. I don’t expect the Wii U version to sell as much, it has a smaller install base and with only stages and modes being different, I have no idea why a lot of people will buy the Wii U version. I’m getting both, but Nintendo needs to give 3DS owners a reason to get the Wii U version too.

      1. I’ve sadly become one of the people that will only get the 3DS version. I’m slowly getting use to the 3DS controls, so the “better” controller won’t really matter when the Wii U version finally does release. The only thing that can save the Wii U version for me now is exclusive modes & some exclusive Wii U characters that can be unlocked on the 3DS version by way of connecting the 3DS version to the Wii U version. So that rumor of unlocking characters by connecting the 3DS to the Wii U version better damn be true.

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