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Super Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS Review

The first portable Super Smash Bros. game is finally here and, for the most part, it delivers the goods. Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS pits some of the biggest names in gaming against each other in epic matches. Its glorious roster features iconic mascots – such as Mario, Pikachu, Kirby, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man and Pac-Man – as well as characters from lesser known franchises that seem to fit right in.

Most veterans have been fine-tuned – some more so than others; for example, Zero Suit Samus, Charizard and Sheik are now standalone characters – and rightfully so, even if separating them was required as a result of hardware limitations. Fortunately, some of my favorite fighters – like my precious Peach – have essentially returned to their former Super Smash Bros. Melee glory.


Even training and messing around with the 40 plus characters is a ton of fun. There are still a few clones, however. I’m still trying to figure out why Dr. Mario returned instead of more unique fighters like Mewtwo, Roy or even the inept Pichu from Melee. The doc and a few others, such as Dark Pit, would have been better suited as alternative suits for their original counterparts.

The game’s stage selection is almost as diverse as its roster of playable fighters; and the option to choose most stages in their Final Destination form is a refreshing addition, particularly when players want to always duke it out on a flat terrain with no surprises or obstacles in the way. It also boasts an amazing soundtrack, one that showcases Nintendo’s expertise in creating some of the most memorable tunes in gaming history. Users can even listen through the game’s beautifully-arranged tracks while the 3DS is in sleep mode.


The 3DS-exclusive Smash Run gives up to four players five minutes to fight solo through a vast labyrinth while taking down enemies and gaining power-ups, which can be used in a final battle. While this mode is an interesting take on the established Smash Bros. formula, I prefer a full-fledged adventure mode of some sort that allows me to develop and power-up my character along the way.

The single-player mode Classic sees a return and has been tweaked in hopes of delivering a different experience each time you play it. It now contains intertwined paths, giving you some freedom to choose between fighters you want to face off. The infamous Master Hand also makes a comeback as well as its doppelganger, the Crazy Hand, which is equipped with new demented powers that pose a greater threat to those playing at a higher intensity level. The game also features a refined All-Star mode, in which your damage doesn’t reset as you battle classic characters in chronological order based on the year they made their original debut. Akin to Classic, the intensity you select will determine the challenge.


Players can also customize their fighters’ special moves – a first in the Super Smash Bros. series. As progress is made, they’ll be able to adjust stats like strength, defense, agility and speed. Mii characters can even be crafted to use in battle. There are quite a few options that can be used to modify characters, and those who plan on dedicating time in customization will be happy to know that their altered fighters can be transferred to the upcoming Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, which – by the way- can be controlled using a 3DS.

Being on 3DS has a couple drawbacks, too. Battles with three to four players are more difficult to follow than one-on-one matches, because the handheld’s tiny display constantly zooms in and out as it tries to keep up with everything that’s happening simultaneously, including accommodating on-screen fighters and presenting what’s included in Assist Trophies and Poke Balls or Master Balls.


The game is the second entry in the series to include online multiplayer modes. Although it is a significant improvement over its predecessor’s online component, battles played via the Internet aren’t as fluid as engaging in local multiplayer matches. I’ve encountered frequent lagging problems when playing with owners of the Japanese version of the game. This may be an issue related to proximity, but it isn’t ideal when you’re partaking in battles that can diminish your rank.

Super Smash Bros for 3DS is a huge game. It might be the largest on 3DS in terms of the content it offers, with its multiple modes, astonishing roster, hidden challenges, unlockable collectibles and addictive-as-ever gameplay. It plays, sounds and looks great, and it is definitely up there with Melee and should be added to every 3DS owner’s collection.


106 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS Review”

    1. Sony Commander Kratos

      This game is a 9 ? I am intrigued how do i go about to getting into “smash” and is it better than playstation allstar battle royale?

              1. StupidPeopleAreStupid

                I have. I Platinumed it on Vita and PS3. It’s okay but comparing it to Smash is like comparing vomit to a five star meal. Both are food but one is a waste of time in comparison (PSASBR).

        1. Yea, both are completely different games. It’s like comparing a genuine diamond (smash) to a turd trying to be a like a diamond but still a turd (All Star.)

          1. sometimes I facepalm at the idocy of fanboys. Play the actual game before spouting bullshit and looking retarded. You have no idea how different Smash and PS All Stars are, do you? Lmfao

            1. I’ve played the game. I still have the game for the PS3. And I agree SSB is different from PS all star. Kindly read my comment again. I’ve acknowledge, on my comment, that SSB is different from PS All Star; “Yea, both are completely different games. It’s like comparing a genuine diamond (smash) to a turd trying to be a like a diamond but still a turd (All Star.)” I wasn’t being sarcastic at all.

            1. Sony Commander Kratos

              Nintendrones are crazy people like sasori, icezeema, and ben sanders are the worst nintendo fans on this site im suprised i lasted this long

                    1. I think his original ps3 fell off the entertainment unit, struck him in the skull and he received brain damage

                  1. Odd. I see you on here more than I do Iceazeama. xD So that makes you more of a Nintendrone than him. I will give you Sasori, though.

      1. At the end of the day its the same core, which is a fighting game. And everybody knows, the joke that is PSAllstars is a poor mans Smash.

        oh, and you’re a pleb.

        1. Sony Commander Kratos

          Poor mans smash? Ha! Please the guy above me says its better than thr original because mortal kombat is better than street fighter

        2. Everybody knows what? You’ve obviously never played the game if you think PS All Stars is a copy. Just another typical sheep getting all his unoriginal comments from what he hears from his fellow fanboys

      2. Contrary to what everyone is saying, there is nothing wrong with Allstar, but the games do have impactful differences in gameplay. Download the demo in the e-shop to try the game for free, try before you buy :).

      3. From a person who has played both smash is hands down better but it is polished been around a while.

        All stars it’s ok but I don’t really like the combat which in a pure fighting game is important, might have liked it better if they used a health system.

        Coming from a person who loves playstation nintendo and is ok with Microsoft (don’t like what they said at e3 after the first Xbox one conference they basically said if you don’t like it fuck off and play 360) anyways I am not biased I own PS3 360 wii,wiiu and soon a ps4 but have yet to be impressed by xbone.

  1. I played the demo, it felt like trash honestly. I wasn’t at home with the controls with this on 3ds. The wii u version will be way better.

    I played a match and was like, it feels exactly the same as every other smash. and turned it off not caring to ever play this.

      1. No i said this game felt just like any other smash, nothing special. It’s like i played the same exact thing before. Then the controls felt fucking weird to me and i couldn’t get used to it or even play it the match i played.

        Very meh to me. The wii u version will probably feel natural for the controls but i mean i have a feeling i will have a meh i felt like i played this same exact game feeling with it, just like so many nintendo games have been giving me.

        1. noo u r a retard and are irrelevant u are a third part sucker and a xbot and a sonyan becos u dont like everything nintndo!!11! u only like gory shoot and hav no taste like uk ppl andps4 is sell only becase hype!!

              1. lol… he didn’t even reply to you. You must me new to wordpress comments format I assume? ’cause your obvious troll comment is down below. Try again retard

          1. You* are* you* pArty* you* don’t* nintendo* you* have* people* because*

            Bruuuuuh… Please use proper english when writing.
            Thank you.

        2. Oh, a troll having his daily troll fun. Of course these trolls are Nintendrones, why else would they be here 24/7? They’re just roleplaying as haters for the laughs, people here don’t understand that.

        3. Despite having the same concept, I’ll tell you right now 64, melee, and brawl were each different in their own way. People who actually take the time to play them can get past the shallow ignorance you pointed out “same exact game”. That’s why people say stuff like “melee was better”, “64 was more fun”, “brawl sucks”, etc. I’m not just talking about content, but also mechanics and tweak/physics that contribute to different feels and opinions. And that’s not even counting the new smash run mode.
          It’s okay if you don’t like the gameplay but if you wanna keep saying “same game’, just because they share the same game formula is ridiculous, you might as well say the same for every other game, unless if it’s that 1 rare revolutionary game once every blue moon.

        4. I’ve heard this problem from lots of other people. However, most of them got used to the controls through about a week of playing. Maybe you could try that?

  2. I never expected the handheld version to match up to the console version, if the 3ds version is getting 9’s expect the wii u version to get 9.9’s or perfect 10’s

  3. This game is awesome. Just beat classic twice, have Falco and Ness unlocked. They changed Yoshis up smash which i am really upset about. But his forward smash feels overpowered. I don’t care though, he is my main and im pretty happy with him

  4. Lol. Gotta admit, this Smash Bros is fun. Love the new characters. They take a lot of time to learn the moves though. Rosalina especially seems like she’ll be difficult to master… So far I really like Robin. He’s really easy to control and his attacks are awesome. And Shulk is awesome! I also love all the alternate costumes they gave to some of the characters! I’m impressed with what I’ve played but it kind of feels way too similar to Brawl. Most of the characters do the exact same attack they did in that game except with slightly different animations. Lol. I played Brawl for tons of hours all the time so it really kind of burned me out. :p I’ll be playing this a lot too but it’s kind of a little less than what I expected. Eh.

    1. gotta admit, it was tough seeing a scandalous pic of reggie lying in a hotel, body filled with semen after apparently having sex with shuhei yoshida’s wife!

    1. Breaking news: Nintendo goes bankrupt after CEO,COO and inventor of Mario all die from cancer, and apparently shibata also currently going for treatmen for semen cancer!

        1. I can’t believe someone THAT stupid would waste time trying too pathetically hard to troll when no one even gives a shit. XD He or she or it can keep trying. It’ll just waste its own life cycle.

    1. if iwata dies I would be crying…

      Tears of joy!! that trash boss is shitty and the sight of his dead body makes me smile

  5. Good review Alba! I’m disappointed in the clones and the online lag, since I will be spending most of my time on glory mode, but overall this game is fantastic and gets me super hyped for the Wii U Version that’s coming later this year.

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  7. For thise who enjoy playing Smash i believe this is a great game but ive never liked smash and to say every 3DS owner should own the game is a bold statement cuz i played the demo and i still dont like it. Sorry but its no my style. RPGs/Adventure and Rhythm games now those i buy.

  8. Nintendo Commander won’t be happy to learn you can customize up to 10 versions of every character… He thought it was only the WiiU version! Oh Nozz!

  9. Content wise the game is great, but it feels like brawl all over again. Sluggish characters that are once again floaty. The Demo showed an increase of speed but the final product did not. If I had known that the only characters with increase speed were jist the demo characters I would’ve passed on the game.

    As a fan of melee I find this game very disappointing, but if you liked brawl you’ll love it. The buttons are mappable so no worries there.

    Great game, aweful mechanics imo

  10. Still getting both regardless since I do want that Smash soundtrack from Club Nintendo. It gives me an excuse to keep my disk player from 8th grade.

  11. This game, as usual, exceeds its expectations with flying colors and I’m glad to be a fan of Smash Bros. and part of the hype. :3 This game, even if it has a few bugs and minor drawbacks, deserves a 9 at best.

  12. Good review, but I’m going to have to disagree with you about the point you made about Doc. Dr. Mario is a clone, yeah, but he’s got the original down-b from Melee, and he’s different enough to justify his existence. I do agree that if another Melee vet was to return, it should’ve been Mewtwo. Dark Pit is pointless.

  13. lord ghost : king of the federation

    i’ll play download system multiplayer with me bro. i dont like spending 40 bucks on 3ds games.

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  15. I love how the game saves the alternate color/alternate outfit you last used for each & every single character. I’m going through each color & outfit for each character to see which one I like the most. After I do this with every character, including every one I’ve already unlocked, I’ll be playing the game on Classic, All Star, & Smash Run, more frequently to get all the trophies, custom moves, Mii Fighter alternate hats & outfits, & stages. I hope I’ll unlock another set of challenges once I clear the first set. If there isn’t another set or we have to wait til the Wii U version for it, I’ll be ticked. On the other hand, it was bogus how certain challenges only unlocked Pokemon for the Pokeball. Least I think that’s what the Zoroark & other rewards were.

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