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EDGE Lists The Top Ten Best Games Of Last Gen

Respected gaming publication EDGE has listed what it deems to be the top ten best games of the last generation of consoles. There’s very few surprises on the list, but it certainly makes for an interesting read. It’s also nice to see the iconic Super Mario Galaxy come in at 2.

10. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
9. LittleBigPlanet
8. Bayonetta
7. Super Street Fighter IV
6. Red Dead Redemption
5. Grand Theft Auto V
4. Portal
3. The Last of Us
2. Super Mario Galaxy
1. Dark Souls

97 thoughts on “EDGE Lists The Top Ten Best Games Of Last Gen”

    1. Of all those games, one was on a Nintendo system….. And I really like how you imbeciles are calling the list flawed and saying how the game you like should be on the #1 place and not the game that is.

      It’s called being subjective. This is their list, almost every gaming site has a list of their own, you imbecilic shits. Objectivity is when I say that Wii U sucks and then count 20 reasons that you can’t dispute.

          1. I was told to go kill myself many times on YouTube years ago. That’s when I realized that there was a lot of psychos in this world.

            1. The people who do say that are just the immature ones lol. Better to ignore them are focus on the sane people on the Internet

          2. Nintendo Sub-Lieutenant

            He’s just projecting his modern life onto the blog. Lots of trolls do it. Just feed em and send em home.

        1. I don’t like Dumko’s narcissism, either, but I wouldn’t wish death on him. Although, he did kind of do the same thing awhile back when we discovered Iwata was sick back in June. *shrug* Whatever. Still uncalled for.

    2. This list is very nice! Except I would have Halo 2 at the number 2 spot. Dark Souls 2 as number 1! And fire emblem awakening number 3! And then remove everything else off of this list! Lol.

  1. Dark Souls is number 1? Ok, if you say so Edge. Super Mario Galaxy absolutely deserves its place on these lists though, that game is one of the only ones I’ve ever played that I can genuinely say flirts with perfection.

    1. Xenoblade should absolutely be on that list. It was the best rpg of last generation. If that’s not enough to make the list, then the people that made the list just simply don’t like rpg’s.

      My list would be so much different from that list.

  2. Swap Littlebigplanet out for Borderlands 2, take The Last Of Us out (great story but as a game it’s awful, there’s five minutes of game play squeezed into ten odd hours in my opinion) and replace it with Sound Shapes then move Dark Souls down one and replace Galaxy 1 for 2 and you have my top ten. Swap Portal for it’s sequel too actually.

    COD: Modern Warfare, Borderlands 2, Bayonetta, Super Street Fighter IV, Red Dead, GTA V, Portal 2, Sound Shapes, Dark Souls, Super Mario Galaxy 2

    Really hard to argue with the majority of the games they picked though.

    1. Yup, that’s the case with most of the people here, they think their opinion is more valid than a publication that covers all games from all systems.

  3. These are all very good games. I feel like Xenoblade or Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze would’ve fitted on this list very well, too, but ten games is just not a lot. Mario Galaxy is my personal number 1, but I’m a Nintendo fan so probably biased lol.

    Also: I hate Minecraft, but I must admit that it had a HUGE HUGE role in the last gen, and in gaming as a whole in fact. Surprised they didn’t list it.

    1. LittleBigPlanet introduced a possibility of community sharing and customization of platfomers, GTA V revolutionized the open world genre. Don’t get so salty m8

  4. It’s an okay list but my personal list would have been quite a bit different.

    Side note for those of you complaining about their ratings: How is this list invalid but their Bayonetta 2 perfect score the final word and judgement of all things? lol

  5. Super Mario Galaxy is so beautiful Wii Video game. It should be rank # 1
    on Edge’s Last generation of video games.

  6. 1. Dark Souls 2
    2. Halo 2
    3. Fire Emblem: Awakening
    4. Skyrim
    5. Dark Souls
    6. Super Mario Sunshine
    7. Call of Duty 4
    8. Grand Theft Auto V
    And then the rest of those amazing games follow, except for Galaxy. Galaxy sucks. Stupid ass camera angles gives me a fucking headache.

    1. You criticize Galaxy over camera when clearly Sunshine’s camera is fucking worse, glitchy and does that blue screen death everybody hates. You sir, have no taste and give people a fucking headache trying to understand why you’re so backwards.

      1. Both games’ cameras are terrible. He wasn’t talking about Sunshine so your entire was comment was irrelevant anyways

        1. I never had a problem with Galaxy’s camera because at least it’s intelligently fixed. Talk about irrelevance somewhere else when it’s properly called for fool because hoping over my 1on1 conversation talking about “irrelevance” is a sad display of blinded hypocrisy.

  7. The fact that Call of Duty is in that list makes me not care about the entire thing as a whole. Their opinions are garbage because of that.

    1. COD 4 was the best in the series, Play the game/actually READ reviews before looking like an idiot and being the typical sheep, bashing the series but hilariously not knowing shit about the actual series.

      1. Thank you! Thank you for writing this. I was having a bad day, but reading this has made me laugh so hard that I’ve forgotten all about my troubles. You should become a comedian, just go up on stage and voice your opinion. People are sure to laugh. I’ll keep this comment short, after all, I know you have quite a bit of quickscoping to do, and I don’t want to keep you from that. Also, better go to the store and buy some Mountain Dew and Dorito’s, you’re probably running low on “gamer fuel”.

  8. WTF is Dark Souls? And I bet it’s not even that great. Nobody even talks about it much anyway so, why’s that number one? Galaxy or Last of Us, maybe GTA5 could’ve made that top. But fucking Dark Souls? Again, WTF is that game? lol

    1. Man, you too? Dang, you guys have been living under rocks if you don’t know what Dark Souls is. XD

  9. My list:
    1. Metal Gear Solid 4
    2. Bioshock 1
    3. GTA V
    4. Uncharted 2
    5. Half-Life 2
    6. Fallout 3
    7. Far Cry 3
    8. COD Modern Warfare
    9. Journey
    10. Xenoblade Chronicles

  10. Not a bad list. Here’s mine.

    10. Far Cry 3
    9. Bioshock
    8. Diablo 3
    7. Metroid Prime
    6. Monster Hunter Tri
    5. Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
    4. Skyrim
    3. Xenoblade Chronicles
    2. Mario Galaxy
    1. Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

    So many good games, I hope i’m not forgetting something…

      1. Yea, I wouldn’t argue that. I loved Oblivion, it almost made the list. I just didn’t want to put two games from the same I.P. on the list. Same reason Mario Galaxy two wasn’t on there. However, Skyrim for me was an amazing experience, more so than Oblivion was.

    1. Edge’s list left out so many good games. Where are the Arkham games? Where are the Zelda games? Skyrim? Oblivion? Diablo? The list goes on. It felt like they through in street fighter to say they had a fighting game on the list.

  11. My list of the best games from 7th Gen…

    8. Red Steel 2
    7. Mario Kart Wii
    6. Pandora’s Tower
    5. Pokemon Heart Gold
    4. Chrono Trigger DS
    3. The Last Story
    2. Skyward Sword
    1. Xenoblade Chronicles

    Don’t like my list because it’s mostly Nintendo games & 3rd party exclusives for Nintendo consoles? Tough shit because I only did DS & Wii last gen. xD

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