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Director Of Super Mario Land Satoru Okada Retires From Nintendo

Erik Voskuil, the author of Before Mario, has announced that Satoru Okada has now officially retired from Nintendo. Okada was the director behind classics such as Super Mario Land, Kid Icarus and Metroid. Okada also helped develop the original Game Boy alongside Gunpei Yokoi and was the chief developer behind the Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP and the original Nintendo DS.

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40 thoughts on “Director Of Super Mario Land Satoru Okada Retires From Nintendo”

  1. I’m glad that he was able to leave on such a high note. He’s definitely earned this rest and now he can have fun playing video games at his leisure :)

  2. This is good news. We are grateful for the good memories but you have to be humble enough to know when your time is due. No doubt he will be missed but that only inspires a new generation to work harder and surpass everything he has done.

                  1. The only old games I can appreciate are N64 games and Dreamcast games. Those have some amazing games and some of the best I’ve ever played. Almost every game I’ve played older than N64 seems to disappoint me. Whether in terms of gameplay or controls, it just always does. That’s why I don’t even bother with any VC on my Wii U. The games on there are just… They don’t impress me at all. I’d rather wait for Nintendo to put N64 games on VC. Also, Super Mario Bros 3 looks like an old NSMB. I don’t really see the difference. Lol.

                    1. I ultimately can’t fault you for not really caring for SNES & NES games since I feel the same way about most NES era & pre-NES era games. But I still think you’re a fool for not at least giving some SNES & NES games a chance. xP

                      1. ★HollowGrapeJ★

                        I did give them a chance. I have Super Metroid (didn’t like it) I have Super Mario World (liked it but nowhere near as good as 3D World imo) I have Punch Out (I like that game a lot but the brutal difficulty kind of took away from some of my enjoyment, still enjoyed beating people’s ass though lol) got Street Fighter 2 The New Challengers and it is by far my favorite VC game. I’m not usually one to appreciate older games from a series that have newer games but this game is just great. I don’t care if it’s old it’s great. I have Kirby’s Adventure on my Wii U and it is still one of my favorite classic games. It’s great and it used to be my favorite Kirby until Kirby Triple Deluxe came and blew it way out of the water imo. Lmao this is why I prefer newer games in series!

                        1. Did you just compare Super Mario World to 3D World? That’s like comparing apples to oranges. But whatever. This is the problem with the new generation of gamers. They can’t appreciate the good stuff from older games because they care too much about the new stuff.

            1. It could be better but never replace what the original established. It’s like saying Halo 3 is better than Halo 1 when Halo 1 made a substantial impact of the series and gaming industry.

      1. You will be remembered for your stellar work and effort in gaming. Thanks a million, you deserve the leisure.

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