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Here’s The Official Sonic Boom TV Series Commercial

We now have the first look at the Sonic Boom television show which is due to air on November 8th on the Cartoon Network in the US. The footage was broadcast during the Sonic Boom event at this month’s New York Comic Con event. The games are coming November 11th.

26 thoughts on “Here’s The Official Sonic Boom TV Series Commercial”

  1. Graphics look the Xbox,gameplay seems like a Jak and Daxter rip off,game is very slow for a sonic game and somebody please tell me since when does sonic punch foes?

    Worst sonic ever, it’s going to flop harder then Sonic Lost World

    Sega gonna want to be this garbage on PS4 recoup lost sales

    S.E.X. signing off.

    1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

      I can guarantee you with 100% certainty, Sonic Boom looks nothing like Jak and Daxter, then I would consider buying it, if you going to troll, at least do a proper job and not half-arse it.

    2. Um, this is the trailer for the TV show and, for a CGI TV show animation, this is actually pretty high quality from what we’ve seen so far.

  2. This actually seems pretty funny. This whole Sonic Boom series looks like a lot of fun (both the show and the games) but of course the fanbase will rip it apart because it’s all they now how to do.

  3. Where the heck is the Nintendo properties on Saturday morning.
    Would love to see a CG Zelda or Mario Series.
    Although finding good show runners would be very difficult, Nintendo must not want anyone tarnishing the Mario name after the Super Mario Bros. movie debacle.

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