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Check Out The New Sonic Boom Trailer Featuring Shadow And Metal Sonic

Sega has released a brand new Sonic Boom trailer to coincide with the New York Comic Con. The fresh trailer gives us a good look at both Shadow and Metal Sonic. The fast paced trailer features footage from both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions of the game and you can watch it, above. Sonic Boom comes out on November 11th in the US.

Thanks, Pablo

65 thoughts on “Check Out The New Sonic Boom Trailer Featuring Shadow And Metal Sonic”

    1. yep… I’m still trying to wrap my head around why so many games don’t look as good as they could on wii u, the only ones that actually looked like a next gen game in my opinion were 3dworld, Dktropical freeze, and wind waker hd, but that’s just my opinion. Mariokart 8 looks great as well.

  1. Funny how no one has been commenting ever since Smash Bros released… Anyways, it looks good to me. I might get it. It seems like people are always complaining about what Sonic does no matter what game it is. Even his own fans cry all the time. Smh.

      1. 1: You’re right. Lol.
        2: Lost World and Sonic Boom aren’t even meant to be normal Sonic games. Generations was the last major Sonic game and that was good.

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          Normal or not, the essence still has to be felt, it doesn’t…

          Just take Mario games, most of their different genre of games still feels like a Mario game in some way…

          I’ll admit though, even though I think the graphics looks worse now with this game, the gameplay seems somewhat less horrible…

                  1. Plus we’d get the added bonus of a bunch of Sony & Microsoft fanboys crying about how they don’t want to buy a Nintendo console for a Sonic game & will never get to play Sonic again. Just like with Bayonetta 2. >.<

        2. I didn’t really like Generations though. There were some terrible level design for some levels. Seaside Hill is just awful to play on, Planet Wisp is repetitive and slow and Crisis City is full of randomly placed pits. And the game was too short imo. That’s not to say it’s a HORRIBLE game, but it’s not something which I would call “good”, either

            1. I just think they’ve failed to bring sonic into the 3d realm consistantly. I mean sonic adventure 2 was fantastic, sonic generations was good but since then there has been little to be happy about when it comes to 3d sonic. I just think they should go back to their roots and make more compelling sidescrollers!

              1. And Sonic 4 is one of the most disappointing Sonic games I’ve ever played. It’s nothing like the old Sonic. I wish they would just use their other stuff like Jet Set Radio, Phantasy Star Online, etc. Heck even Space Channel 5. :P

        1. Are you talking to me? Lol I can’t really see replies that well because of my dumb phone. :P Also, no. I haven’t. I want to though. But I only own a Wii U and 3DS. Sigh… -.-
          Anyways, how is it?

          1. Sheapple small screen iPhone exposed!

            Huh. I wasn’t replying to you lmao. It’s seriously one of the best stuff I’ve played this year. I haven’t sunk my teeth fully into it yet because I keep getting distracted by Destiny, but it reminds me A LOT of the Batman Arkham series of gameplay, same fighting style, but more gory, and slightly more forgiving. Whatever you do in the game has a lot of consequence. There’s strategy too, because it’s better if you choose carefully who you kill rather than just going head on, I don’t wanna “spoil” much so I’ll just leave it at that for you to discover. Definitely one of the more surprising games (in a good way) this year

              1. Oh & actually getting killed has it’s own rewards. The creature that killed you will go up in rank with new armor when you restart after your death. You should go to IGN as they had a good review on the game there. But like you, I can’t really play it since I only have the Wii U & 3DS. Oh & the review I read on IGN didn’t have any story spoilers, so you don’t have to worry about those. The comment section might be a different story, though. lol

    1. Too busy with Smash. I’m training to get better in online matches for Glory mode. I really think they made Little Mac OP IMO. Not to mention they should have added an online mode that allows you to use your custom fighters.

      1. Lol Little Mac is OP. He’s awesome. I’m not really going online until I get everything I want like trophies and characters. Also I noticed Lucina is literally an exact clone of Marth and that’s really disappointing. As much as I like her as a character they shouldn’t have even bothered to put her in. :/ And Dark Pit’s a clone too. I haven’t gotten all characters but Pac-Man really impressed me. Definitely glad he got put in. This game feels like an upgraded version of Brawl but the customization options make it really interesting. Going through Smash Run and Classic mode to get new stuff adds a ton of replay value. It’s taking me longer than everyone else though because I keep going straight to Smash. Lol.

        1. I feel you on getting all the collectables, I’m so glad they made classic mode short but fun so it doesn’t take 30 min per character to complete. Lucina however is not as much as a clone than Dr Mario and Pittoo. She plays much different than Marth, she simply has the same moves. I main Robin, so playing online with people who use speedy characters is a pain in the a** for me. This still is the best Smash ever (though the screen is too tiny), I’m hoping the Wii U version will be even better.

          1. The Wii U version will be better without a doubt. Although I’m concerned about what it’s going to have. They both have the same characters so it kind of looks like the same game. I wish they would’ve given the Wii U version more characters at least. That’s totally unfair to Wii U only users that they have to be limited just because of the 3DS. -.- And the 3DS version has customizations just like the Wii U and I think the customizations are the same too. No exclusive Wii U movesets. :( But I guess it’s good you can transfer your stuff to the Wii U version when it comes out because you definitely DO NOT want to spend all those hours getting them over again. Lol. I’m getting Smash for Wii U mainly for better controls, HD, and stages, but I hope they put some awesome modes in there. I would’ve gone for the Wii U version first but now that I have the 3DS version, it’s starting to get difficult to convince me to buy it again for the Wii U. :/

            1. I agree with everything you just said especially your last statement. how it will be hard for you to go and by the game twice because there is nothing truly special about the wii u version. That’s what i’ve been ranting about all this time, is how the 3ds version being the same as the wii u version was a huge blunder on their part. who would’ve bought all those wii u’s to play smash bros? your nintendo customers who were 3ds players only of course! they’ve been trying to push the wii u so much this past year, I mean if i had a 3ds but no wii u i would’ve gone out and bought a wii u just to play smash bros and so would everyone else. but they gave their handheld audience the same game so there’s no incentive for your main consumers to go out and buy a wii u! whew! rant completed XD

            2. Okay, let’s say Wii U Smash Bros. 4 has better DLC, some exclusive mode, brings back Stage Editor with a lot more tools and has an integrated gameplay recorder at 720p/60FPS upload to YouTube, would you still buy it? Hell, I would be an idiot if I didn’t. XD

              1. You mean what Mario Kart 8 has? No… That would not be a great incentive for me to double dip for the Wii U version. I wasn’t much for stage making unless it’s simple & to the point. As for an exclusive mode, it better have at least 3. Oh & the DLC better be exclusive to the Wii U. Playable Ridley DLC for Wii U version only would definitely have me go out & buy it.

                  1. In that case, Dark Samus is too cloneish to be playable. After all, Sakurai would just make her into a clone because he obviously doesn’t seem too focused on giving Metroid big support in the Smash franchise. Look no further than Samus’s “alternate” outfits being nothing more than recolors instead of making the actual Fusion Suit, Dark Suit, & Light Suit as alternates.

                    1. Dark Samus “too clone” and yet, missed Dark Pit looking and moving exactly like pit. Sakurai was smart to put Dark Link as a recolor but then failed on making DP a character and not DS who looks nothing like Samus in any of her suit designs, moves differently, attacks differently and has a different identity in case you missed it, DS is Metroid Prime, not Samus. If it were SA-X, then you can call it a clone..because it is.

            3. You’re sadly not the only one with this problem, Hollow. The fact Ganondorf is once again a freaking clone has made me lose a bit of interest in wanting to double dip for the Wii U version. Unless they reveal that rumor that certain characters will be unlocked by connecting the 3DS version to the Wii U version, I might just stick with the 3DS version.

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  4. :o I want to get this game for the Wii U because the adventure aspect is my kind of thing, but I’m afraid I might not be able to afford it since I need to get Bayonetta and Super Smash Bros 4 3DS for my wife’s 3DS next month.

    1. Seriously? Your wife has a dedicated 3DS of her own? That’s just freaking awesome. You really hit the jackpot when you found your wife. XD

      1. Actually, it was my old 3DS XL that I gave to her once I got my Link Between Worlds 3DS XL. But she does play it when she has a game she likes.

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