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Grab The Entire Banjo Kazooie Soundtrack On Bandcamp

Grant Kirkhope, the legendary composer behind the beloved Banjo Kazooie for the Nintendo 64, has put the entire soundtrack for the game up on Bandcamp for you all to check out. You can download the entire 164 track Banjo Kazooie soundtrack, right here.

Thanks, Chris

40 thoughts on “Grab The Entire Banjo Kazooie Soundtrack On Bandcamp”

      1. This is the COMPLETE soundtrack. It fills in a lot of little bits & pieces not previously officially available.

    1. Well, it has pretty much one of the best sound tracks for a N64 game. It’s a 3D platforming+puzzle “collectathon”, with a ton of interesting character transformations, levels, and abilities to unlock. There’s a lot of quirky characters and fun objectives to do, so it’s pretty much a fun time from the beginning of the game, to the end. The sequel is also great (it’s also a bit harder than the original). I would HIGHLY recommend it.

      You can buy it on the xbox 360 shop (even though it was a Nintendo exclusive, the company that made Banjo Kazooie, Golden Eye 64, Battletoads, and Donkey Kong Country was bought by Microsoft). Or you could emulate it on Project 64 for the PC. Check it out’

    2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

      Its like Super Mario 64 but was better. You didn’t get kicked off the stage every time you collected a power star. You’d think stupid Nintendo would have thought of that during the development of Galaxy and Sunshine.

    3. Everything. The charm, music, design, it’s one of “Old Rare’s” best games. Of course, knowing you who don’t like retro games because they’re not PS4-quality, you wouldn’t try it or understand why it’s lived by many REAL gamers. XD

      1. I don’t have a problem with most N64 games. I love Killer Instinct Gold and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. I also want to play Goldeneye. It’s just the old 8 bit games I can’t stand. Not only do they have terrible graphics but most of them have terrible gameplay too. Most of the Nintendo games have great quality though. Like SNES games. Those look great. But most NES games make me want to vomit. I downloaded Super Mario World and its great. Although I prefer 3D World obviously since I like newer games. And for NES games I downloaded that Yoshi game. I was expecting it to be some kind of awesome Yoshi Adventure and it turns out its just some puzzle game. Since then I just started avoiding NES games and only looking at SNES. Blegh. XP

        1. You say you can’t stand 8-bit but also don’t wanna try SNES games like DKC and Super Metroid which is 16-bit and are far better in design, gameplay and detail. lol

          N64 had great titles and I miss them and the old Rare who were the best in the business.

          1. I don’t go back to older games if they have newer and better versions. I don’t have to try DKC because I can just get DCK:TF on Wii U. Lol. Also, I already have Super Metroid. Beginning of the game with Ridley was cool and I wish more of the game was epic boss fights. I just can’t stand spending 3 hours searching around for stuff. I just want to get to the action already.

            1. DKC1&2 is absolutely great and you’ll be a fool for not trying those. The controls and visuals are great and those games were the pinnacle of SNES power back then. Metroid has always been about exploration dude so of course you have to explore. XD If you want a game with epic boss fights, try Metroid Prime trilogy. I swear to you, you’ll love Retro’s Metroid games.

        2. If you are looking for a legitimate Yoshi adventure: might I suggest Yoshi’s Island (aka Super Mario World: 2). It’s a classic SNES platformer. As far as I am concerned the only good Yoshi games are Yoshi’s Island and Yoshi Story.

          But, yeah, still check out Banjo Kazooie.

  1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    RIP B-K one of the best fucking plat formers I ever played! Too bad stupid Nintendo didn’t want to keep Rare Ware. Nintendo is stupid in some ways. Also too bad Banjo can’t make the virtual console. Also Nintendo is stupid in not putting Game cube games on the virtual console and the Wii U is nearly 2 years old. Too stupid to have thought of just putting Game cube platform on Wii u back in 2008 and we wouldn’t have this problem. Also stupid in not making game pad work on Wii mode and pro controller. I can’t play Mario Kart 64 off TV mode or 1st Super Smash bros. from N64 yet dumb to make 3ds game to be a controller for Wii u. But too stupid not to focus on making Wii u`s controllers work on Wii mode. But can take the time in Making a 3Ds be a controller for the Wii u.

    1. “…stupid Nintendo didn’t want to keep Rare Ware.” I would agree to that only if Rare still continued to produce quality games like those during the N64/SNES era. But…where are they now? The studio is a has-been, and it’s been known that most of their quality staff left the studio to do other projects (some even joined Retro). Actually, Nintendo didn’t even own Rare in the first place since they had about 49% of their stock; MS bought Rare itself and the other half of the stock, which is when Nintendo decided to sell its remaining stock.

      1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

        If it wasn’t for Rare N64 would have had a gaming drought. And the staff left when Rare went to Microsoft. If stupid Nintendo kept the 49% of rare, Banjo kazooie and tooie would have been downloaded on my Wii.

        1. “If it wasn’t for Rare N64 would have had a gaming drought.”
          To an extent, yes. However, that’s not the argument that I was referring to.

          “And the staff left when Rare went to Microsoft”
          That may or may not be true, but it’s also been said that they’ve left BEFORE the MS acquisition of Rare. Unless we have sources to prove otherwise, our assumptions are just that.

          “If stupid Nintendo kept the 49%…Banjo kazooie and tooie would have been downloaded on my Wii.”
          No, that’s not how stock works. MS paid over $300 million to own over 50% of the studio. Like I said, Nintendo never really owned Rare in the first place, and MS essentially bought Rare itself. Owning 49% of the company would’ve still left the IP’s in MS’s hands, consequently making the stock worthless to Nintendo now because there was absolutely no chance of MS releasing a Rare game on a Nintendo console.

          Nintendo could negotiate for the IP’s with MS in the future, but MS knows how successful these games were on Nintendo platforms. They could let them go, but most likely at a ridiculous cost no doubt.

          1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

            Nintendo gave up too easy letting Rare go without a fight. At least they could have fought for the Banjo Kazooie IP. But Nintendo doesn’t defend nothing. Kirk Hope worked on Nuts and bolts and later left. At least Nintendo could have pushed for Banjo Threeie that was planned for Game cube and was done because of the picture released for it. But Nintendo was stupid to not fight for that.

    2. I played Banjo 1 and 2 reccently because I’ve been curious. Pretty damn awesome games. Number 2 was challenging but the areas were big just for the sake of being big imo. The atlantis theme is my favorite theme. Hugs!

  2. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    Also why didn’t stupid Nintendo make 3D world have us collect 6 power stars or ten instead of those easy to find 3 stars? That was stupid. Even Retro didn’t dumb down Donkey Kong they added it making it still harder and everything. Yet 3D World was the easiest Mario and Super Mario 64 was the hardest. Tooie was harder than Kazooie. So why did stupid Nintendo have to be the only one to go backwards?

      1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

        Not to me. And even if Tropical Freeze is easier than returns, the gap between those two are much closer than Mario 64 and 3D World is. Unless you rather justify and lie to everyone that 3D World is most difficult 3D Mario game.

  3. JTZ from tribe of Judah

    And why won’t stupid Nintendo ask Retro to add a new 3D plat former with a new IP since there is no more Banjo- Kazooie. Also why didn’t stupid Nintendo purchase the rights to Krystal’s staff? She’s basicly just a cloned star fox without it.

      1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

        Is three differences all you can come up with between Fox and Krystal without the staff? And I thought you were going to list me 20 or more differences Of course she has tits she’s a girl like Zelda and Bayonetta. If Krystal didn’t have them it would like strange. I mean Falcon is a bird so I guess he isn’t a clone huh?

  4. Looks like it’s not up anymore :( Is there any chance Grant Kirkhope will do this again? I would REALLY like to have that soundtrack…like, you don’t even KNOW.

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