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Here’s A List of Supervising And Development Companies In Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS

NeoGAF member Hero of Legend has put together a comprehensive list of supervising and development cooperating companies in Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS. You’ll see that there’s a number of big names that supervised and developed the brawler. Here they are.

Supervisors (Original Games):

Koei Tecmo
Monster Games
Next Level Games
Omiya Soft
Red Entertainment
Retro Studios
Spike Chunsoft
Syn Sophia

Development Cooperation:

OrangeBox Co Ltd
Ritterz Inc
SmartPoint Co Ltd
Smart Technology Inc
Arca Inc
Cattle Call
Imagicadigitalscape Co Ltd/Bauhaus Entertainment
Fruit Seal
Gotoron Inc
Agni-Flare Co Ltd
Brushup Co Ltd
Tri-Crescendo Inc
Smile Technology United
Creek & River Co Ltd
Imagicadigitalscape Co Ltd (why are they listed twice?!)
Leverages Inc
Pole to Win Co Ltd
Digital Hearts Co Ltd
Adecco Ltd
E-smile Co Ltd
Tribe Co Ltd
Shantery Co Ltd
Jackalope Digital Factory
Bandai Namco Singapore Pte Ltd
Black Bandit Q Limited
Qbist Co Ltd
Opus Studio Inc
Katsugekiza Inc Motion Actors Japan
Premium Agency

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25 thoughts on “Here’s A List of Supervising And Development Companies In Smash Bros For Nintendo 3DS”

    1. Indeed most venerable Commander. Allies defeating the true evil Microsoft’s Xbox division. Look at what they did to assassins creed unity 900P/30fps. 30fps really lol.

      We have distributed 2.8 million smash bros. 3DS games world wide. Our empire is by calculus exponentially encampassing all that are weak and strong. Very soon the fiends at Sony too shall believe that we left luck to heaven.

        1. Let our empire get even more grand. As the 3DS is running gaming magestically. Imagine the unannounced games and wonders they shall shine.


        1. The WiiU runs and plays any of those games. If you were wise, you would have seen Ubisoft trying to use the ruse of WiiU not being able to run a simple assassins creed unity, for them covering up for their down grading it for the sake of the Xbox one. Microsoft knows their console is in need of help, the PS4 is about to hit stride on the first party and third party front. So they try to sabotage the WiiU any way possible. It is like racism, but it is a modern world Xbox shall falter and eventually leave the gaming realm. The WiiU runs CryEngine 4 easily, a superior engine to whatever makes the assassins creed unity only pull of 900P and 30fps. Ubisoft is a disgrace of a third party developer.


  1. Here is looking at the lost Sony drones, PC-gnomes and xflopians that post on my Nintendo news. Nintendo makes great games and that is all that should be said. From smash brothers to Pikmin 3.


    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

      I’m not rushing you or anything, but it would be awesome if created a wordpress, and added an identifiable avatar.

    1. We’re talking worldwide, players. Let’s not forget that Nintendo’s first party developer RETRO STUDIOS helping out the Nintendo 3DS version of Smash! Hell if they can develop games on the U, why not the 3DS… or better yet… New Nintendo 3DS?

        1. Do not tease our gaming addictions, I am here trying to save for a new 3DS LL next year. Nintendo is definitely getting our money.


  2. “OrangeBox Co Ltd” …. So that’s why Gabe Newell hasn’t finished making Half Life 3, he was too busy helping Nintendo make Smash Brothers XD… Half life 3 Wii U exclusive confirmed.

  3. -Spike Chunsoft- the guys who made the game for Shingeki no Kyojin a.k.a attack on titan: Titan Eren confirmed!!!

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