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Capcom Won’t Work On A AAA Sequel Unless Its Predecessor Sold Over 2 Million Units

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono has revealed in the latest edition of Japanese gaming publication Famitsu that the company won’t greenlight a AAA game sequel without over 2 million sales. Ono says that if a triple A title doesn’t achieve these kind of sales then they reflect on that and use their experience on other games.

“For instance, if a game doesn’t sell over 2 million copies, then we’d have to put the brakes on any plans for a sequel. All that means is that we weren’t capable enough. And all we can do after that is to reflect on the experience, take what we can learn from it, and try to apply those lessons on some other title.”

163 thoughts on “Capcom Won’t Work On A AAA Sequel Unless Its Predecessor Sold Over 2 Million Units”

    1. Looking at their track record since RE5, I doubt they’re gonna see any adequate success. Turning SF into an add-on DPC scam even against today’s standards, canceling Megaman for no reason, destroyed Resident Evil and generally pissing on fans in every way possible isn’t gonna save their company from the damage they caused on themselves.

      If anything, Capcom needs new and better management after Nintendo acquires them of course.

        1. Of course I’am. Compare to the rest of these jackasses, I have an open mind and don’t willingly bend over and go blind when companies rape me, my money and expectations for a good video game. Least I’m no sheep or a retard.

          1. You have to admit though, Nintendo does “rape” us sometimes, with things like the Wii U price cut and 3DS price cut, but they did appease it in a way I suppose, with the cool VC discounts on the Wii U and the Ambassador Program on the 3DS.

            1. How so when that’s the nature of early adopters? Do you complain the same thing when Microsoft did it to Xbox One by getting rid of Kinect which should’ve been done on launch day since nobody but dumbass fanboys want that lame gimmick that failed twice? Nope. So what’s your special case with Nintendo? Wii U price cut was expected because PS4/DOne was coming plus its sales was abysmal during Q1-2 period.

              1. Just because Xbox owners are getting raped harder doesn’t change the fact that we’re still getting raped. XD

                  1. Serious question: What will Nintendo do if Splatoon, X, and Zelda don’t do anything to help the Wii U next year? Keep in mind that most people still don’t even know what the hell a Wii U is so if they don’t start advertising now, those games that could be potential system sellers will flop hard.

                    1. I’m honestly not sure much can be done to save the wii u, awesome games or not, it feels like 3rd partys are lookin for excuses not to support the system(and even when they did they barely supported it, only one who put in effort was ubi and they expected too much out of zombiu as a new ip, on a new console).
                      and nintendo itself does’nt seem to be improving their marketing, the marketing for ninty fans has been great, the directs and e3 not to mention the smash tourney, but when it comes to advertising outside of that. I barely see any wii u adds online anymore let alone in stores which they’ve completely vanished from.

                      Still, hopefully smash will do some good to bring it back, I can imagine this turning out like the gamecube 2.0 though, great console, great games but complete lack of any third party support or big sales.

                    2. They did an interview with Iwata, or Miyamoto, or Reggie (one of the higher ups) who said they would move on to the next system only after they felt fans who purchased wiiU felt like they got their moneys worth. I would say a definitive Zelda title would grant that nod.
                      Here’s to hoping that Nintendo moves forward with a much more powerful system that blows away the competition, is innovative, has a unique name and doesnt piggy back off the wii name and cause confusion, and that is based on the same architecture as the other systems so it is easier on developers to port (hopefully with exclusive content) Nintendo really needs to reach out to and appease developers, bc they cant and wont be able to do it alone for too much longer in the future. Even with their big war chest.

          2. ” I have an open mind”.

            LOL. You’re one of the most biased Nintendo fanboys I’ve ever seen on. You’re right up there with Commander, although his roleplaying bullshit puts him on a special level of turd.

            1. lol If I’m closed minded, then tell me all of the pros and cons of Nintendo right now and we’lol see who’s biased if you even know WTF that means without looking it up in Wikipedia which is cheating even for an 11 year old kid.

              1. @Stranga Pros of Nintendo: Great exclusives, handhelds, tries to create new experiences to play games. Cons: Failure to listen to fans at times, overconfident/arrogant, doesn’t pay attention to the competition.

                1. Now let’s look at the cons: Failure to listen to fans; not always the case and there are rare occasions that they have display disregard to fans like Other M, Wii Music, Skyward Sword. But if you think they’re terrible, may I remind you of what Sony is doing to Vita and PSNow’s ridiculous ass rental pricing, not to mention allowing their PSN get hacked and millions of personal information compromised. Next is Xbox and oh Ya fanboys should know the story. Faulty hardware with consumers sometimes struggle to get replacements like 360/DOne, bullshit paywall, ripoff $60 charge for similar and free online play that you can get everywhere else like PC in case you missed it, the whole DRM they tried or already did sneak into your consoles and control how people own, play and trade games and OMG…fucking gimmick ass Kinect that failed miserably TWICE because Microsoft is beyond stubborn to realize failure when they see it much like Zune and Surface.

                  Overconfident? About what? Nintendo is meant to play cautious and safe for future long runs. It’s like Astronomers watching the skies for a living. Yes they can make short sighted predictions and decisions that backfires. Looking at 3rd parties today lying through their teeth and acting cocky let’s say..Ubisoft and speaking of which, didn’t they promise and talk so much shit and yet in the end, never delivers? That’s exactly what you call overconfident and arrogant, Ubisoft fits that bill perfectly as well as EA but they’re just plainly stupid and greedy.

                  Doesn’t pay attention to the competition? Last I checked, Nintendo is out doing its own thing after GameCube. Microsoft this time wasn’t the one who paid attention when they ignored the outrage of the DRM they attempted to twist and force on fans from X1 reveal and 2013 E3 and also allow Sony to annihilate and embarrass them with their PS4 unveiling taking a sucker punch at their DRM. Sony was gonna do DRM because we all know they’re major copycats but they played their hand smart by waiting for Xbox to take the heat and then change things around so in this case, Xbox failed to pay attention to the consumers more than Nintendo did which the Wii U’s reason of 2013 flop went both ways (themselves and 3rd party), not just one.

                  In retrospect, Nintendo have their faults but nowhere near halfway close to being as terrible as the others and that’s no damage control. All I’m saying is to pay the fuck attention to both sides to rule out all of the possibilities. So, am I still biased now?

                  1. @Stranga Failure to listen to fans for example would be MM remake. Been there, done that. Asked for it years ago and it still isn’t here. Instead, they remade Wind Waker which I don’t think anyone really asked for. That could’ve been saved for Gamecube VC (which still doesn’t exist btw) As for overconfidence, I’m talking about how Nintendo succeeded with the Wii and then made the Wii U basically thinking it would sell like hotcakes just because the previous one did. They basically expected sales to fly their way. No advertisement and lack of system sellers at the time. And they don’t pay attention to the competition meaning that they don’t include things that others have that would make the system better. Online needs to be improved and implemented in more games, needs a universal account system, voice chat, Gamepad should’ve probably been optional so they could’ve focused on improving the overall console itself. Wii games should’ve at least been upscaled to HD. Should’ve included a bigger model. 8GB is unacceptable in this generation. 32GB is just barely enough if you plan on downloading. Meaning you must shell out more money for your own hard drive. The list goes on and on. The other companies have faults with their systems as well, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about the Wii U.

      1. Well said stuff, except do not expect Nintendo to acquire Capcom. Though it’s true that it sounds like something amazing on paper, think about why there has yet to be a bidder on Capcom considering they went on sale months ago. Think about what a company acquiring Capcom would mean financially and also by reputation. We’re talking about a company that is up to its head in debt, only has roughly $150 million in the bank, which is low enough to go bankrupt, and let’s also not get started on their awful recent reputation with not just gamers, but their management. Whoever buys Capcom will still not have enough power over them to control all their management, especially not the higher suits, which means if Nintendo buys Capcom, you are bringing Capcoms terrible management, infamous for their greedy approach to DLC and brutal employment measures, into Nintendos house, who will have the same amount of power as Nintendo suits. Ask yourself if you want that to happen before wondering if Nintendo should buy this company. But it’s not just that. There’s a very big reason why next to nobody has bid on Capcom yet. And that’s their debt. Whoever acquires Capcom also acquires their debt, meaning by buying Capcom, Nintendo must then go head to head with mountains of Capcom debt, and it must be done with their own wallet, since Capcom has no money left. Suddenly Nintendo acquiring Capcom is sounding a lot less awesome, isn’t it? Would it be cool if Nintendo got Capcoms IP’s? Oh yeah. But Capcom themselves? That’s a question up for a lot of debate.

        1. THIS, buying out the company would be insane, but the i.p’s? Hell yes, nintendo needs something people outside of their audience want. if they were to aquire games like resident evil, dmc, street fighter, monster hunter, the like, then that’s something non nintendo fans might just buy the system for, after spending months whining over it like bayonetta 2 of course XD.

          i think nintendo really just needs to pay out for a second party that’ll make “mature” games for them, it’s annoying that they can’t win with their own awesome games but to get the system popular, they are probbly going to have to cater to the majority more imo.

          1. EXACTLY. Nintendo needs to secure the rights to Monster Hunter too before any other company swoops in. Having Dead Rising could be a nice piece of bait to wave over Microsoft to acquire some/all of Rare’s old ips.
            Having another studio who is familiar with HD would also help. (Ive mentioned this several times in the past with Square Enix, amoung other studios who were facing tons of debt and against the ropes)


      2. Is there something hard for some of you to grasp that RE5 sold over 7 million copies, and RE6 is closing in on that…..Not sure where you geniuses get the idea they sold poorly

    2. That should work for PS4 as it lacks games aside from ports and indies. CAPCOM games should sell well on the portstation4

    3. You done getting your wii u jabs in Dreager?.. and where does Capcom think they’ll be getting all of these sales from? They haven’t made any games in recent years worth selling 2 million units.

      1. They’re just fun to make, but I’ve actually been having a lot of fun with it ever since I got Hyrule Warriors. Now that you can use the Classic Controller at all times, that fixed my one negative that I had with the console so it can easily hold its own against all of the others now. The interface isn’t perfect, but from what I’ve seen, the same can be said about the PS4. Gamecube will always win, but that’s because it didn’t have to worry about any bonus features like the internet or E Shop.

        1. Bonus features/eshop are great though. They expand the game beyond initial purchase. Hyrule is a solid (full) game and I will likely buy the $19.99 expansion with extra players and levels. This one took me by surprise as I didnt expect the game to be that great.
          MK8 on the other hand feels a little gimped and while its great they added a ton more content with the downloadable content, (that I already purchased) the game just felt a little “light” or incomplete. Like they held back the dlc just to sell later. maybe this was a marketing strategy as the first expansion goes live in November. The cost of the dlc is great too, with it almost an after thought. Kudos for that Nintendo. Its a gorgeous game and very fun, but Im hoping that they add new/better features to multi/online. Battle arenas are sorely missed. I would even pay for a battle arena expansion, but shouldnt have to.

          1. Im also sooooo tired of all the damn bananas, coins, or mushrooms. Its not as fun being “balanced” out. I used to drop back at the beginning of the race so I could get awesome stuff, but now its not worth it.

      2. Really cause DmC sold about 2 million and Dragons Dogma is sitting somewhere around 2.4 million…So not sure where your getting the notion that they haven’t released anything in recent years that didn’t sell 2 million……You fagboys can cry about DmC all you want it was still about as deep if not deeper than DMC 3 considering EVERY weapon is available on the fly unlike DMC4 that almost killed the franchise and is the worst selling of the original games

        1. Actually DmC did worse in sales than what Devil May Cry 4 did. I also can tell you now it is no where near deep or deeper than Devil May Cry 3. It’s just a half-assed rip off of Devil May Cry 3 if you can even call it that, made by crappy Ninja Theory. The story was terrible, the writing/dialogue was horrid, the only character that grew in anyway but only very faintly was ‘Dante’, the gameplay was slow and clunky, the ‘style’ system is laughable, no matter what difficulty you had it on it was too easy up to a certain point, Vergil killing Mundus’s unborn baby was just plain wrong I don’t care what anyone says it was horrible. Vergil also would never have used any type of gun unless it was one of Dante’s, Vergil obviously doesn’t have any honour or pride in that one just cowardly tactics. They got the myth of Nephilim wrong which isn’t Demon and Angel it is actually Angel and human. THEN you have the blatent insult towards the fans of the original Devil May Cry series in which the mop head lands on ‘Dante’s’ head and he says ‘Never in a million years’ as well as then ‘Dante’s’ ‘Devil Trigger’ is nothing more than him looking like the original Dante but with marks and strange eyes. Should I say more?

          1. Idk why fans have a problem with the game. I haven’t played any DMC’s before and it looks epic to me. I never really could get into the old Dante either. I actually think the new one is great.

    4. That´s weird, because RE Revelations didn´t match those figures in any of the consoles where it is available. The only version that actually surpassed 1 million copies sold (including digital) was the 3DS version.

      1. Strange….then again, Resident Evil is definitely not the greatest series at Capcom’s disposal. I did not care for the movies and I definitely don’t play the games.

    5. PS4? You mean Sony. Highly doubt that they’ll be the ones helping Capcom. They don’t have the money. Capcom will have to keep going back to major corporations with money, like the deal they did with Dead Rising 3. Which was successful.

  1. So that’s why Megaman is so barren right now…wait…by this logic, Megaman isn’t getting another game ever…Fuck You Capcom.

  2. But by continuously releasing new IP’s how do you expect them to sell over 2 million? You need to continue to work with new IP’s and if they still don’t have a fanbase after two or three games THEN you stop making new installments.

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  4. So does this mean RE7 yet or not then, really itching for a new RE, at least there’ll be Revelations 2 to tide me over as well as the HD Remaster of the REmake.




      1. You sir are a moron, you can hate RE5 and RE6 all you want, they still have both sold almost 14 million combined and are the highest selling entries in the franchise with RE5 at 7+ Million and RE6 close to that 7 million to date.

  5. 2015-2017 they shall be Nintendo’s second party developer, so all is well. Megaman legends 3, monster hunter 5 WiiU/new 3DS incoming.


        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis has stated it best. Their arrogance at Capcom is their greatest weakness. The squandered profits from MH4 on a mobile games studio. With time nintendo shall purchase Capcom. Megaman is already at home on smash, so is pacman from Bandai Namco.


        2. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

          You have my full support on this one Commander! Just say the word and my fleet of Angels and Demons is yours to command!

        1. I don’t really have a problem with ninty buying capcom, that may just be something in their favor. It just that he was so full of confidences about nintendo surely buying capcom…But hey time will tell so far i’ve haven’t seen much evidence of them doing so.

        2. not really.. what does Capcom still have that’s worth a take over? Monster hunter, and mega man maybe. But right now Nintendo has so many IP’s and AAA titles that still need to be made this gen! Metroid anyone?

  6. fair enough but what does he means by 2 millions unit? cause here the trick. does it means 2m worldwide, or each region? 2 million just in japan, when a game is on multiplatform does it means all the platform had to hit the 2 million mark?

  7. Idiots…

    This is what’s wrong with this pathetic universe, they all expect way too high sales in this sinking ship…

    Soon they’ll be asking a game to sell 5 million copies…

    That’s graphics and garbage for you, higher costs that nobody asked for…

    1. Given how much AAA title games cost to make these days, this isn’t unreasonable at all. Welcome to economics yet again.

  8. For those of you who are curious, that means no new:

    Okami- cult classic series
    Dead Rising- ~1.2 million copies of DR3 sold
    Devil May Cry- ~1.6 million copies of DMC reboot sold
    Lost Planet- sales “below expectations”

    ~info courtesy of wikipedia. Some of it might be outdated, but, it’s not looking so good for these series.

    1. A few more:

      Viewtiful Joe- less than ~500k of Viewtiful Joe 2 sold. Cult classic.
      Dragon’s Dogma- ~1.3 million copies sold.
      Asura’s Wrath- Incredibally poor sales
      Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective- Cult classic.
      Remember Me- Couldn’t find them. But, based on the subpar reviews, I kinda doubt the sales were high.


    2. Only a moron thought there was ever going to be a new Okami…The game epically flopped 3 separate times. It flopped on the PS2, flopped on the Wii and flopped on the PS3/360. Even the sequel epically flopped on the DS






    1. Uh they’re porting REmake to other systems because people have been asking for it for 12 years idiot…Not everyone wants to go track down the overpriced GC version or play the trash looking Wii ports…

  10. Idiots there doesn’t even describe in how long time wise they need to raise 2 million and it’s not like it’s gonna happen ever again. They generally destroyed themselves after so many fuck ups with Megaman, Resident Evil and so forth. They’re on thin ice and unless they get a new management in place to undo the mistakes they did, there’s no way Capcom is gonna see another year or two of daylight in the industry again..unless Nintendo buys them out and then we’ll see real changes for the best.

    1. No! I don’t want Nintendo taking over Capcom, Capcom brings so much baggage and debt and Nintendo is just starting to get out of their own funk. I9f Capcom wants to sell their Ip’s A.K mega man Monster Hunter.

        1. Lmao it’d be funny if Iwata rejected Capcom if they tried to sell out to them. The whole Nintendo fanbase would be on his ass. XD

  11. I remember being a kid and getting excited when the Capcom logo would appear knowing I would soon be having a blast playing a fun game. Not so much anymore. The Monster Hunter franchise is the only Capcom games I care about.

  12. sinclair spectrum 48k

    capcom have no money there almost dead

    res evil revolations 2 on ps4 looks like a 3ds game, its being sold in bite sized episodes

    gamecubes graphics boosted resident evil zero-one are being ported to xbone ps4 with no new graphics just up ressed

    there a disgrace and so are the deluded playstation fanbitches sucking there cock…

    there most profitable games and systems NINTENDO get ignored

    monster hunter on nintendos is there biggest profiter and resident evil 4 wii was there best RE game THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO GO

    1. No, just No. Capcom is still a capable company. I say this simply becouse of Monster Hunter. Any company that can create that gem of a game deserves success.

      However, if they didn’t have the MH series, I would agree with you.

    1. sinclair spectrum 48k





  13. sinclair spectrum 48k

    wii utterly destroyed this PATHETIC INDUSTRY and rightly so….sony going bankrupt thq gone EA in the shit house 80% less AAA budget games being made…

    ur engine 4 flopped cryengine flopped id software tech 5 flopped ubisoft making garbage

    xbox devision of ms lost 20 billion to date


  14. It would be great if Nintendo just bought Capcom already, Capcom was one of the best game companies and maybe Nintendo could fix them up to be great again :D

  15. sinclair spectrum 48k

    in 2006 IWATA said we are to DISRUPT the industry DID YOU NOT REALIZE THIS STATMENTS INTENT


  16. If Nintendo bought them that would mean: They would have more than enough money with help from Nintendo to make new games. They could revive other IP’s, and Nintendo gamers would not miss out on their games like they are now. Everyone else would miss out though and then they’d be required to buy a Nintendo system to get the games in resulting in more sales for Nintendo’s consoles.

    1. I’m sure Nintendo has thought about buying Capcom. There has to be a reason they haven’t bought them out yet. As of right now, MH is the most successful IP they have, and Nintendo already makes a good profit off of that series from the 3ds sales. Nintendo may not see as much potential as we do.

      1. “There has to be a reason they haven’t bought them out yet.”

        Because Capcom isn’t up for sale or acquisition and none of the other large investors are foolish enough to motion for a hostile takeover.

  17. If a company can sell 1.5 MILLION copies of a game, and still not make money off of it, something is seriously wrong. I believe we are going to start seeing less and less of these great big blockbuster type games. A complete crash is even possible in the future.

    1. games from nintendo and many other have the development cost between 2-25 million dollars. and with advertisement that’s about 10-25 million dollars right there! so let’s say the game costs 25 million dollars and the advertisement costs 25 million dollars. that is around 50 million dollars right there! now let’s see the price of the game. if it was 50 dollars for the game that’s about 75 000 000 dollars so you only earn 25 million dollars.. now let’s look at games like oh let’s say call of duty mw2..

      Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – $200 million – In 2009 article on the game’s launch, Ben Fritz, then a reporter at the Los Angeles Times, reported that the game had a production budget between $40 million and $50 million, and a total launch cost — including global distribution and marketing — of $200 million.

      …. 200 million dollars. do the math! so when heavy hitters fall from the pillar they smosh their face on the pavement! and i heard capcom games are around 30-60 million dollars to develop not including marketing! so 1.5 million sold is like barely 15 million if 50 dollars. if they force the 60 dollars for a while it will be alittle bit more! the reason for why those costs so much is because of the rate their games come out! more people to develop the faster the game comes out!

      extremely bad way to handle your money. the risk is gigantic!

  18. Capcom makes me sad. They went from being one of my favorite 3rd party companies (during the NES and SNES days) to being a company I don’t care too much about anymore. Something definitely went wrong somewhere.

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        1. I still don’t think so. It isn’t just Ubisoft’s games selling poorly on the system. Wonderful 101 didn’t do so good either and they put 101 percent into that. Bayonetta 2 could end up with the same fate that game did. Lots of Nintendo fans said they’d get W101 and then they just changed their minds all of a sudden. Lol.

          1. I do still believe they did not gave their best before saying they quit. I f platinum wants to say they quit i understand them since they gave their all but ubisoft has not show anywhere they did try their 1005 on wiiu. Thanks for the not trolling reply.

              1. Would you buy a game you already have without nothing added just graphics for a full price and no new content? Also need for speed was developed in 6 months by 6 developers. Is clear that the wiiu is a capable system in the hands of passionate developers.

                1. I knew you’d say that! Lmao. That’s assuming all Wii U owners have multiple platforms. And if that’s the case, why didn’t Rivals bomb on the new consoles? There wasn’t even an install base yet compared to the Wii U’s. They put tons of work into the Wii U version of Most Wanted to make sure it was a high quality port. They could’ve just given you the game on Wii U’s launch missing content and glitched since you prefer to play it that early. They even said they’ll add the new DLC if there was enough demand for it. The Wii U had a few million people playing the system at the time too so there’s no excuse for it to bomb that hard. Not like it needs to get PS4 sales or anything, just a few million would’ve helped. Lmao sold way under that though.

                  1. A few million is large amounts of sales, most games in the industry haven’t broken a million in sales consistently.

              2. Its cause it was only advertised by Nintendo, EA didnt bother they had buried it under a ditch.

                Basically its unhealthy for ANY company to think they need a 1million sales to make a profit. IF they do they are just setting themselves up for failure. That has been the view for every console prior to the last generation of PS and Xbox. All of the companies are sliding down this slippery slope.

                That said UBI did turn profits on majority of the games they sold on the Wii U, but they didn’t spend huge amounts on porting games either.

          2. The 101 thing was based on the media false reviews and negatives score but if platinum want to say they quit they will go out has champions of their trade.

          3. Maybe part of it is consumers now but it started with Capcom making mistakes and disappointing their customers. As a consumer why would anyone buy a game from a company or genre that greatly disappointed you. I used to be a playstation fan with ps1 and ps2. then came the ps3 and playstation wanted me to “work for my ps3” haven’t bought playstation anything since. then I was a Microsoft fan with the xbox 360 and a die hard halo fan, then came halo 4 and shortly after all the shitty things they revealed at the E3 and tried to force things on fans that we didn’t want A.K.A Kinect. So didn’t get xbox one even though I was giving up halo because they continually disappointed me. I made fun of the wii u when it first came out. Now it’s one of my favorite consoles of all time! You know why 3rd party games don’t sell very well on wii u? It’s because we have already dedicated our hard earned cash to Nintendo’s IP’s and AAA titles. From a personal standpoint the only company that hasn’t disappointed fans with their games is Nintendo, so Nintendo games are what we spend our money on.JMO

    1. If they were in it for profit without motive, you would still see games like Tetris coming out on the Wii U, cause that is a game with low cost and high yield for that system.

  20. It is sad, but it shows Capcom’s lack of creativity, and why they are going to go down the swanny. The best idea they had had in the last few years is a remake, of a remake, of a remake of a 96 title.

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  24. From the late 80’s to the early 00’s Capcom couldn’t fail… OK Megaman 5 sucked… But It’s a shame really, because other than RE6, I thought most of their big titles, even from the last decade, fell somewhere between good and classic (RE4, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Street Fighter and Darkstalker re-releases, Dead Rising, DMC, Ultimate Ghosts and Goblins, Megaman 9 and 10… and probably more). I didn’t give the Lost Planet games the chance they deserved but I was broke at the time.

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