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Shantae And The Pirates Curse Coming October 23rd To Nintendo 3DS eShop In US

WayForward has today announced that Shantae and the Pirates Curse will be launching on the Nintendo 3DS eShop on October 23rd in the United States for $19.99. The company also released a brand new trailer for Rottytops, everyone’s favorite zombie-girl, which you can view above.

Thanks, Lightdasher

50 thoughts on “Shantae And The Pirates Curse Coming October 23rd To Nintendo 3DS eShop In US”

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

      Me too. Rottytops was always my favorite character. Hehehe… Not because I’m into necrophilia or anything. Though I do think there should be more zombie art on RuleThirtyFou- I mean… Top o da mornin’ sempai… ^_^;; I REALLY hope sempai notices me today.

      1. 1. You’re gay so no boobs for your damaged racist ass. 2. Knowing your dumbass acting hypocritical, you don’t give a single shit about Nintendo but rather hide in the crowd after the whole “MLK being overrated” comment and as a reminder, you’re black and for saying that, you’re fucking stupid and hope you somehow grow little more balls to say it in your own black community so they can shoot your ass for that and 3. Don’t even talk to me. I’m intolerable to idiots.

          1. and i say he/she/they could be the guys of the church of sasori. remember they would be killing the clown (exposing the narutard).
            though you were exposed as the church of sasori…

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

      I’m not worried about the price. The release date is a little too close to the RD of Bayonetta 2. I mean… That’s $80 dollars I’m gonna be spending that week. I’ve gots tuition to pay for. I cant be lobbing money like floppin’ grenades.

        1. Seriously, people always complain about the wrong things, while in real life, the world is in much worse condition.

          I can’t stand all these people who go on about character designs all the time. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. This isn’t real life or real people we are talking about, they are imaginary characters.

          Art is completely subjective also, the developers can create these characters how ever they please. How you view them and how you go about thinking of them when you see their designs is of your own perception. So if seeing boobs always makes you think of sex, you must be really immature and that is clearly a problem you have.

          Women have breast, in many different sizes and people are born naked to begin with too. Some really need to grow up.

          What a boring world we would live in if artists just made what people wanted them to.

          1. Yeah, but the thing is, the more times women are depicted sexually in the media/ movies/ video games, the more people at HollowGrape’s school will dress that way. Younger kids tend to mimic what they see. Kids are gullible and are ignorant to bandwagons. This looks like it is a kids/ younger teenager game (just judging by the art style and the E10+ rating), so that’s where I am concerned.
            Having every female character in that game wear clothes with cut-away stomach portions that draw attention to their breasts is, is in my opinion, kind of silly for a kids game. The way we dress effects the way we are viewed, in society. That’s certainly not a good thing (I try not to “judge a book by its cover”), but there are a plethora of judgmental people out there that will instantly think a teenage girl that wears a cut-off shirt and short shorts as a “slut”. It’s kind of sad to see a kids game promote this, because it is subliminally making younger girls dress this way.

            “Art is completely subjective also, the developers can create these characters how ever they please. How you view them and how you go about thinking of them when you see their designs is of your own perception.”
            -As an artist, myself, I would disagree with you on that point. Artists make things to make people feel a certain way or think a certain thought. Every detail that an artist does adds to a conceptual idea or motive.

            1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

              Guys are depicted sexually too y’know. Way more often than women. We just don’t notice cuz we don’t care. Bulding biceps give women pink bullets y’know. We don’t even give it a second thought.

            2. Honestly that has to do with stupidity, if anyone is that influenced by those things, such as TV, movies, music or video games, than they really need a reality check. People should be able to form their own ideas and not be conformed by those around them.

              Some people can very well choose to wear those types of clothes and never be introduced to what you mentioned as well. So it isn’t always that easy as blaming those types of media formats. Of course there is tons of garbage all over the place in that regard. I’m just saying people need to be smart enough to not be that influenced by all the trash around them, it will never go away, so you can either let it control you or you can simply be yourself. An intelligent human capable of being mature, and making sensible rational thoughts that don’t always lead to perversions.

              There are just so many factors that go into why a person may act or do the things they do, it just isn’t that simple.

              Now on the subject of art. Art is subjective, I’m sorry. I’m an artist as well, and I work with many forms of art. The fact of the matter is, irrespective of what your goal was when you made the art in an objective sense, people can still view it totally different than what you had intended them to view it as.

              Art will always be left for the viewer to interpret for themselves. It is somewhat presumptuous to think you can enforce a certain way of thinking in every person. Sure you can try to influence their thought process, just like you talked about with TV, music, movies or games, but it still doesn’t change the fact everyone will have a different point of view.

              I’ll use a small example. If I wrote a song in minor to give the feeling of sadness, someone can still listen to that song and take something happy from it or even view it as a happy song altogether. It doesn’t make a difference if my personal intention was to make it feel sad, nevertheless people can consider it to be more uplifting to them.

              Now I’m not saying you aren’t right in a sense of what you said from the artists perspective, but you seem to think just because that was the artists choice, everyone is going to feel the way the artist wanted them to. Which is not even remotely correct.

              The same could be said about you saying this is a child’s game. Again that is how you view it, I don’t don’t necessarily view it that way and Shantae has always been dressed this way. These types of Arabian outfits have always been the same, even in Disney movies. So I’ll say it again, if seeing a woman’s stomach makes you want to look at her breasts, yet again that is a issue you have. I can look a shirtless man and not think about their privates, so why should it be any different? Do women not wear bathing suits that are far more revealing? When you go to the beach, do you just focus on women’s breasts all day?

              Well, I’m gonna stop here, I think I’ve made my point. I haven’t written this much here in a while, but this was a touchy subject I felt I needed to jump into. To be honest, I could keep giving you so many more examples of why people shouldn’t care how these characters look, but this is a long enough already.

              1. Yeah, (on the subject of art), my work is misinterpreted ALL the time. It comes down to “what does the viewer think”, but the artist can influence what is seen. Everyone sees something different in the Rar Shak test. But, I like to hope (or delude myself into thinking) that most people that see my work get the jizt of what I am trying to say (or hopefully they understand in hindsight). But, you are right in that aspect. The viewer plays a vital, subjective, role in a piece of art.

                As for it being a kids game, I agree with you there. It is coming from my point of view. For all I know, adults, elderly, men, women, etc play this game (for different reasons). It wasn’t really a safe conjecture in saying it was a game designed for kids. I’m an adult and I still play Mario games, and that’s not weird in the slightest. E is for everyone, not E is for kids.

                But, here’s where our views differ. People are suspectable to all kinds of tropes: bandwagon, appeal to pity, appeal to authority, etc. People don’t think rationally. I don’t think rationally. There’s a fault in my thinking, and there’s nothing I can do to make myself think 100% logically. If everyone was able to think for themself, then I would have no issue with the character designs in this game. But advertisements on tv are a thing. And if Opera says “oh this book is good,” then there will be a HUGE increase in whatever the books sales. It mightnot even be a good book, but it just goes to show that some people don’t think for themselves. Some people will buy whatever celebrity X is endorsing. It’s a silly thought, but is (unfortunately) true.

                Kids don’t think for themselves, because they are still growing and learning to understand the outside world. They can be influenced more than us, by what seems like trivial things. Until a certain age, children are gullible. As a young child, I thought that the moon was made of cheese, because I saw that on Wallace and Gromit. I saw something fictitious, but I didn’t take it with a grain of salt.

                And, there is a great example on how: the way we dress effects the way others think of us, below.

        2. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

          Speaking of which, the girl who sits next to me in class wore a plaid shirt unbuttoned down to where her boobs ended. There was some serious cleavage and inner-side boob going on. Now, the only reason I bring this up, is because she usually dresses very conservatively. Covering up from head-to-toe. Why she suddenly decided to dress like a harlot? I’ll never know. I’m not gonna assume she wants the D. I’m just going to leave this one alone, as I already have a girlfriend. Jeez, I hate getting bownerz in the middle of class.

          1. Lol same here. I sit right between two girls and the one on the right is suuuuuper cute. I can’t help but stare. And the one on the left looks like she doesn’t even belong in high school. Her chest is bigger than the teacher’s. XD

              1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant

                I’m in college. California too. Lots of sexy Mexican girls. I’m not talking about those sassy, slutty one either. Got some quiet conservative ones as well. Probably from those traditional families unfazed by westernization. Goddamn westernization, tainting all tradition with easy and convenient lifestyles. “Use machines, not humans” and yet pay pennies for the desperate neighbors to pick our crops… Did we just tangent from Zombies to boobs, to school, to Mexicans, to Americans, to American use of Mexicans? I’m gonna stahp posting in this thread @_@

                1. I don’t think so. I’ve seen a lot of old movies and pictures and the women in them seem to always be fully dressed from head to toe. It’s rare to see that nowadays. I wonder why…

  1. Hopefully this is worth the twenty dollars. Always wanted to play the Shantae game for ds but I never could bring myself to pay the 13 dollars

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