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Curve Digital Releases First Developer Video On The Wii U Exclusive Stealth Inc 2

Curve Digital has released the first of several developer videos on Stealth Inc 2. In the new video, lead level designer Sam Robinson explains the forthcoming puzzle game’s exploration and overworld, which takes the form of the dark and sinister testing facility of PTi Resolutions. Stealth Inc 2 was revealed earlier this year as a Wii U exclusive. It is scheduled to launch by the end of the year through the Nintendo eShop.

17 thoughts on “Curve Digital Releases First Developer Video On The Wii U Exclusive Stealth Inc 2”

      1. Nintendo isn’t making this, it’s an independent developer. Do people really still think Nintendo is the only company that makes games for the Wii U? Come on now…

        1. They aren’t, but they are the ones that decide which game releases on their system.

          To be fair though, Stealth Inc is an amazing game.

  1. Nintendo Commader Quadraxis.. An idiot savant at best. I think it’s funny how much time and effort you have exhausted in education and the pursuit of knowledge though you will never know the full spectrum as I do. Remember this always from the one that warned you. When the United Nations one day puts an end and band on religion in general the world will be up in flames and chaos and will turn their attention to the ones who bare his name.. Witnesses of that one will be attack but he will protect and attack back. Only then will you realize everthing you worked for is coming to an end and your reality will come crashing down.. It will be too late.. This is what the near future holds..

  2. Kind of weird they are making this exclusive to the Wii U when everyone who played the game and supported it was on the PS3 and Vita.

    All just to test the Wii U’s market? I’m all for motives but that just seems odd. I even bought the game on Vita when the first one released, not like I care that much since I can play it either way, just saying..

    Here is to hoping it does better on the eShop.

  3. Wow! Sick Fucks out today. Must of been the blood moon. Seriously, who posts pictures of an actual dead person on a gaming site. Potential serial killer material there. Kill any gerbils, lately? Dress up like ol’ mum when you recreate Mrs. Doubtfire all over your screen. Hope somebody enjoys your dead pictures when you croak.

  4. It has a feel like, “The Fall.” I may be interested. Looks better than the crap Renegade Kids been putting out lately.

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