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Here’s The Official Trailer For UCraft On Wii U

UCraft is a Multi-Player open world sandbox that is being developed by Nexis Games exclusively for the Wii U. In addition to delivering a multitude of textures and materials out of the box, UCraft will also offer plug and play compatibility with SDK Paint (A Hull Breach Studios Wii U Drawing application) allowing users to customize and modify their UCraft experience specifically to their liking. The world in UCraft is never ending so the only limit is your imagination.

UCraft Features
• Never ending support and frequent updates
• SDK Paint integration
• A Never ending world
• Survival Mode
• Quests, Missions and a quest creation mode.
• Wildlife and Mysterious creatures
• Multiplayer (Local and Online) 2 Local and up to 16 for online.
• Voice Chat

83 thoughts on “Here’s The Official Trailer For UCraft On Wii U”

    1. Wtf even if its alpha it still looks like a failed kickstarter from 05′

      And i hope ppl arent expecting dedicated servers or fixed bugs or anything, this is “U” we are talking about

      1. A lot of people here are saying they are disappointed by the trailer. That is doesn’t look as good as minecraft. I’m pretty sure it looks better than minecraft did when it was at this stage in development.

  1. For me to be interested it will need to have some of the things that can be found in modded Minecraft. Things like engines and computers etc.

  2. Ahahaha! I love the trailer! “We dont want your money” and “its not a clone” I love if a developer team reacts to media and fans. Nice job!

  3. Yea, they should have made a better trailer. The fact that they said they don’t want our money means it has to be free now. If it’s not free, they are just going to look like hypocrits. Why would they say something so silly like that? They should have just made a regular trailer for it, instead of trying to be all dramatic about it.
    They want my heart! wow (sarcasm)

    And where are all the trees? I didn’t see one single tree or bush, or any type of foliage at all. Is the game finished? I hope that isn’t the ‘official’ trailer, just an early one.

  4. Not my kind of game (I never understood what people like about Minecraft) but maybe I’ll get it for my little sister.

  5. Come on developers, have a bit of respect for yourselves. I’m so sick of seeing all these blatant mine craft clones, even if it is just the visual style. I guess that is a downside to mine craft, it now gives developers an excuse to be really lazy when coming up with an art style.

      1. You don’t know what you’re talking about quite. There is a large distinction between a “clone” and a game that has been inspired by another. Notch saw Infiniminer, and made a game inspired by that. It was however quite different, even when Minecraft was in Alpha, and certainly in its current state.

  6. After that trailer I lost all hope in this game. Oh well this is only Alpha footage, I’m hoping for something much better in the future.

    1. Anyways, sorry you feel that way. Hopefully you will find a good substitute. Sucks that you can’t get Minecraft… They should’ve brought it to Wii U. I don’t see why not.

      1. I can get it on my tablet( its a t100 transformer book) now that I have a micro SD card inside it. So yeah, hopefully I’ll be getting it soon. :)

  7. Be thankful… Spoiled little brats, I swear. So sick of it.
    If you want something better, start a game company an produce it yourself.
    Who keeps letting these babies onto the site?

    1. Are you really calling us babies with a username “poop”? ..hmm

      Theres nothing wrong with a little healthy critisism. Like for instance, why would they say they don’t want our money? That was an extremely silly and misleading statement that will bite them in the rear later on down the road, when they charge us money for this game.

  8. This dude desperatly needs an artist.

    I would like Minecraft on the WiiU, because the Gamepad would lend itself beautifully, but I don’t think this one guy can accomplish anything comparable with Unity in his bedroom.

  9. …as much as i want to be excited for this, something about this still puts me off. maybe its the character designs. . .and the world lookd a little bland as well…

  10. while its a genuine clone and it looks like what minecraft looked when it came out, im still interested and since majong said f*ck you to nintendo i say f*ck you to them and going for ucraft.

    1. lord ghost : king of the federation

      microsoft didn’t real monopolize anything. buying minecraft doesn’t mean monopoly for the industry. you just sounded like a pathetic loser ouch. remember the xbox one and wii u are video game consoles not social nerdy political wars zone machine.

      1. Buying Rare and destroyed it. Buying Minecraft and about to destroy it. Controlling consumer’s of their right to use and resale their purchases with their DRM BS. Partnering with EA, THE fucking worst conning game company on earth next to Ubishit and Activision. Don’t even fucking go there and defend their shit because you’re simply a retarded, braindead self-racist prick who would love to lick their ass and balls for another Halo and Xbox that explodes and break down in your face. Go masturbate to your imaginary noob skills in BF3/COD Ghosts so any child can pretend to be so good at a “video game” like those.

        1. Yea, Microsoft has done everything in thier power to completely destroy the gaming world. If Microsoft had thier way, gamestop, and every other major gaming retailer would be out of business. There would be no physical copies of games, and you could only play the game on one console. I’m sure finger print reconition on the controller was next, they just didn’t make it that far. What kills me are the people that support Microsoft. Microsoft has a huge following. They all said they hate DRM, they hate the idea of no physical games, but then go out and buy an Xbox1. It’s comparable to voting against your own interest. Microsoft is going to sneak in thier drm, little pieces at time. Nobody will notice until it’s too late.

          1. I knew about all of this from the start ever since my folks bought that 360. That’s why I’m glad to stay with Nintendo because at least they don’t pull this shit off to screw their customers or some people claim they do like region locking and the current system linked purchases but they should know that Nintendo is heavily at war with piracy and in a sense I agree with them and with the rise of mobile gaming killing the industry as well, Nintendo needs all of the help and money they can get to keep producing excellent quality games. If they were to fall into the scum of Microsoft’s monopolistic ways and mobile serving nothing but half baked freemium garbage loaded with ads and microtransactions, I will quit video gaming forever and that’s one fucking promise I intend to keep until death.

            1. I guess you’re right about Nintendo and piracy. Still upsets me though that if my system dies, I’m screwed because all my games would be gone. Nintendo may have the best games (to most people) but their decisions need to be improved. They almost lost me as a fan if it weren’t for E3. If my Wii U dies, I probably won’t buy another one. Or at least until a very long time. Next console generation, I’m not getting the next console at all unless it meets my expectations. The Wii U made me lose a lot of trust from Nintendo. From 2012-2013, I have never experienced anything as badly as that drought. 3 months into the console’s life and I already wanted to sell it. I couldn’t believe it. But glad it’s a lot better now at least.

            1. So basically if we defend them, we are Sasori……. Someone who always has to be brought up for no entire reason what so ever right?
              So he supposably makes up microsoft/ubisoft/ea/ and activision?

                1. Who said I’m defending him? You brought him up like how I see many people do which is sad. Yeah he’s a sad human being but people who bring him up in the comments even though he isn’t there are equally sad.

          1. And you bought that crap? lol Trust me. It’s gonna come back, one little update and policy change at a time. Sorry that you still believed in that BS but then again, no I’m not. lol

  11. On my gods, this game apparently sucks so, so, so, so much it will be hilarious when Microsoft/Mojang take notice and just ignore it as it is such a (bad and poorly made) clone. This has everything to only contribute to Nintendo by throwing an extra pile of poo in the wall that is hiding the true Wii U from public.

  12. Very interesting! Did anyone here notice 1 important point, which we have really less on the U? No? It’s called VOICE CHAT. Who cares and still compares with Minecraft…? Come on guys and gals, please stop it. This here is U Craft. With some very, very cool features.Don’t like it? Then don’t buy it. It’s really easy…
    I just can say “Thank U” Nexis Games for all of your efforts to make this possible! Now more curious for more informations. 😉

  13. I like the voice chat idea. I always wondered why Nintendo made the gamepad with a microphone, perfect and ideal for voice chat, but have not used it on a single game.

  14. I’m really excited!!! The game is looking great so far. It looks even better than Minecraft!!! I hope it has online support and world sharing. That would make it absolutely perfect.

    Right now, I’m just waiting until they reveal the foliage. There’s gotta be trees, right?

  15. I’d have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first. I thought it was going to be another terrible Minecraft clone like the ones on iOS, but after this trailer, and the new information, I can honestly say I’m excited. Graphics aside, I’ll probably download this when it comes out.

  16. I trully like that the trailer wants to connect with us (we dont want your money – not clone), but since that is so unsual and since there are no images of the gamepad, it makes me wonder if its all a fake.

  17. sweet! i like where this is going, can’t wait to see more. people in the comments, we keep talking about supporting the devs, this is going to be one of those game that deserves to be supported.

  18. I read “We’re not doing this for money” and now I’m hooked… Free online multiplayer game? Why not? Plus they put decent work in this game… Although the textures could be improved… Looks to… Hmm… Eehh… Yeah…

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