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Nintendo Updates Official Smash Bros Website With New Amiibo Information

Nintendo has updated and added more information on how the upcoming Amiibo models will work in conjunction with Super Smash Bros for Wii U. The game’s official website now lists a handy guide on exactly how your trusty figure player will take form in the upcoming brawler. Given Amiibos are still shrouded in mystery, particularly the 3DS version which requires a peripheral device, it’s a neat section to brush up on your figure player knowledge.

As Sakurai announced in one of his many daily Miiverse posts, your selected Amiibo can be brought into the game by selecting the NFC icon on the bottom left-hand corner of the Wii U GamePad. This will then magically transform your Amiibo trophy into a Figure Player, which is able to level-up and fight on its own within Smash Bros. So that means the more you let your Amiibo fight, the quicker it will increase its level to the maximum of 50, allowing for much greater attack and defence stats.

According to the guide, Amiibo Figure Players will be able to take up new battle tactics the more they fight against stronger opponents, plus they’ll even bring you presents such as gold and custom parts, which can then be “fed” to your Amiibo for stat gains. You can check out all of the Amiibo features in Nintendo’s guide, here. A snippet of the guide can also be found below:

The maximum level for an FP is 50. A figure player’s levels will increase even faster if you take it to a friend’s house to play or let it fight against other FPs.

Feed equipment you pick up in the game to your figure players to raise their attack, defence and speed. You can also give a figure player up to three abilities by feeding it equipment with special attributes, and you can customise your FP’s special moves as you do with other fighters in Custom mode.

Figure players can fight on their own and will grow in ability. Depending on how they’re taught and raised, the capabilities and even the personalities of figure players will change, making each amiibo uniquely your own.


22 thoughts on “Nintendo Updates Official Smash Bros Website With New Amiibo Information”

    1. … Ummm it has been trash since they announced it at E3. Really, all I play daily anymore is my 3DS and PS4. I haven’t touched anything Microsoft in a few months. I have Hyrule Warriors, Destiny, and Smash Brothers to blame for that. :P Nothing about the XB1 appeals to me other than Halo. Seeing I was super disappointed with Halo 4 and Halo Anniversary, I don’t think I really care to try Halo 5.

      1. And before people start saying, “you’re a Sony elitist, of course u don’t like Xb1 #sonypony #PSfail,” I own the original Xbox and a 360. I’ve logged more hours in all the Halo’s than is sanely healthy for a normal human. I even bought into their original Kinect thinking it would be more than just a gimmicky motion control box… I have had my XBlive profile for 6 years. (But Nintendo has always been free. Good times with Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing, and Phantasy Star 0.)

        1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

          Nothing against Sonyans, they seem to be chiller than Xbox fanboys, who are angry, hyper and pricks.

          Everything was good in the N64 and PS1 days…

              1. Biggest Nintendo fan since NES

                U all Sony fanboy faggots. And yeah Microsoft are the aggressive ones considering the first comment was “xbox 1 is trash” .. fuckin lil kids u r a disgrace to Nintendo console owners

        2. “It has been trash since they announced it at E3” isn’t helping your argument at all. I don’t care for it much besides Halo, but I honestly wish people would stop with the bashing. Lots of people complain about others bashing Wii U and yet they do the same to the other platforms. These are just games consoles. Good grief, people. Play your games and let others play their games. Simple.

      2. Destiny is the new Halo. It’s pretty damn fun for a FPS/MMO/RPG and it makes Halo AI look like kindergarteners. :D

        So, in smash. My characters are leveling up?? How can I check this?

        1. Nintendo is My Blood Reborn

          Hmmm… I hear the reviews for Destiny aren’t what all the hype led on to, though that could just be the people I know…

          1. As long as you personally enjoy the game and have fun with it, I don’t think reviews hold any significance. A lot of people, including myself, are having a great time with Destiny, so I personally think one should always try playing a game oneself before blindly trusting reviews. The main reason for Destiny scoring “below expectations” (by all means, 7.5-8.5 aren’t bad scores to begin with), was the story.
            People just had unreachably high expectations for the game, so the disappointment was inevitable for many, even though it turned out to be a pretty good game.

    1. Omg… You speak blasphemy! What about Halo ODST? That’s the first game I finished all the achievements. Those Vidmaster achievements tested me to the limit. But Recon in Halo 3 was worth it back in the day ha ha!

  1. On topic though, I am really excited for Amiibos. I want them all! However, for the smash brothers ones alone I would be looking in the upwards € 650… So yeah… Not happening.

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