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Nintendo Sold 19,000 New Nintendo 3DS Faceplates At Launch

Japanese sales tracker Media Create is reporting that around 19,000 New Nintendo 3DS faceplates were sold at launch. There were 38 different ones available for consumers to purchase and they only work with the regular New Nintendo 3DS as opposed to the New Nintendo 3DS XL. The Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Yoshi and Wood Effect faceplates proved to be the most popular.

16 thoughts on “Nintendo Sold 19,000 New Nintendo 3DS Faceplates At Launch”

  1. Well since only 70,000 regular size new 3ds’s were sold, I’d say that’s a pretty damn good number. Almost one third of every 3ds sold! So if they sale five million 3ds’s, you could assume over one million faceplates would sale too.

  2. 19,000 people are gonna regret allowing the faceplates to steer them into buying the small new 3DS instead of the superior XL.

      1. Yeah, I also have an XL & plan on getting the New regular. The plates are part of it, so are the colored buttons, but mostly I’m tired of my portable devices growing & growing; 3DSes or phones, screens or otherwise. & I’ve long fingers, too.

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