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Nintendo UK Remains Optimistic About Wii U Says Sales Are Up 60%

Nintendo’s UK marketing boss Shelly Pearce has told MCV magazine that they remain optimistic about Wii U sales. Pearce says sales of the Wii U are up 60% and they believe that there’s momentum. Pearce concluded by saying that the Christmas period will be all-important for the console and they will be marketing it with a big campaign.

“Wii U has had quite a good year so far,” said Nintendo’s UK marketing boss Shelly Pearce when MCV came to visit the company in Windsor this week.”

“Yet Pearce’s positive appraisal comes from her belief that the Wii U has turned a corner. When it comes with competing with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 that ship – for want of a better cliché – has sailed. But Wii U is actually growing. Sales are up over 60 per cent in the UK this year. And from Nintendo UK’s perspective there’s been a change in public opinion.”

“We’ve really seen momentum pick up with Mario Kart 8 back in May,” continues Pearce. “That was when we saw a step change, not just in terms of sales but also people’s attitudes to Wii U. People are starting to consider buying now, which was cemented by our E3 activity. All the software that we showed then gave people confidence that there were lots of games coming that they wanted.”

UK boss Simon Kemp adds: “We’ve felt a real increase in interest and momentum. Compared to 12 months ago, it does feel noticeably different.”

“It is still about driving hardware to Nintendo fans,” says Pearce. “We have some support, but there’s still more out there. And then we will broaden the console out to families around Christmas time.”


69 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Remains Optimistic About Wii U Says Sales Are Up 60%”

    1. And what makes the UK so different to the US that people on this site always jump on the UK, which is a small slice of the gaming pie, but never other territories?

      Don’t get me wrong, I despise Microsoft and EA as much as the next gamer; they are the cancer in the gaming industry as far as I’m concerned. But there are reasons why a piece of garbage that is fifa sells well in the UK.

      The XBone has sold a lot more units than the Wii U in the states, just like the UK. So does that mean the biggest gaming community, the American’s, also don’t have the right brain capacity? Oh wait………..

      1. can’t agree more with you, there are a lot of NA people on this site jumping on UK gamers throat (just read the comment on weekly Uk charts) but the top of the hypocrisy is Xbox 360 or 1 doing way better in US than UK, the chart in US and Uk are the same, and then they criticise (not criticize) people in UK……

  1. Well, over the last few weeks, I have heard friends and strangers mentioning the console, so while it did take some time, most people know what the console is now.

    I also heard some people getting it around Christmas, because of Zelda, Smash and MK, so they aren’t wrong when they keep their hopes up. There are great things waiting for Nintendo, and they aren’t wrong when they’re keeping their hopes up!

  2. It’s fine to have E rated games but stop trying to market towards families. They don’t care because tablets have taken over that market. Focus on gamers.

  3. To be honest I hate this kind of PR shit.if last year they sold 200 units and this year they sell 320 units, 60% is not good.the marketing for wii u and 3ds is inexistant in UK.they doing fuck all
    after Mk8 despite the fact we were promised 1 year marketing campaigns.just a reminder for those u stag the UK or even Europe Nintendo does a very very bad job,period. No wonder why xbox 1 or PS4 sell very well cause Ms and Sony put the effort.

    1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

      Sony didn’t put in effort. They just got lucky when Microsoft announced DRM. That’s why today PS4 is the only console that can sell without games. Xbox needs games to sell as much as Wii u does.

      1. U must not have watch the TV since end of 2013, or go to even supermarket or out. Have not you see the ad for destiny, or infamous?? or xbox shit ad with the guy playing,using Skype and watching a football game??? Also xbox 1 outsell wii u in UK. Personally bcoz of the Dry Ms have done lot of marketing to make sure people forget about. Finally r u tell me Nintendo UK or even Europe has done a gud job so far.cause me think not.

        1. This is so true and one of the main reasons PS4 and XBone sell well in the UK and the Wii U doesn’t. They are marketed to death on TV, magazines, billboards on roads, in the shops, whereas the Wii U gets little to no exposure.

          Supermarkets have pulled the Nintendo line completely. I don’t even see 3DS games in my local supermarket.

          The evil that is EA sponsor Sky Sports, have pictures of Messi and other football stars everywhere you go. EA is even a sponsor on referees shirts during football matches. You simply cannot escape it.

    2. Also, Xbox one and the PS4 are the better consoles. I like the gamepad mostly but Nintendo is not what they used to be. Now you’re playing with last gen’s power. Not only that, the OS and online features are (for lack of a better word) pathetic.

      1. Nintendo’s online is amazing. Anyone that says otherwise does not own the console, and has never experienced it. What you said is a rumor that fanboys keep repeating over and over. You read somewhere on the internet that Wii U has bad online, and you just repeat what was said. Honestly you really don’t have an argument otherwise.The original Wii didn’t have very good online infrastructure. The Wii U’s is top notch.

        1. I posted that comment and this one from my gamepad, chump. Also, anyone that thinks Nintendo has great online has never played on either x1 or ps4.

          1. Oh you mean the online you have to pay extra for? >.< And the Wii U does have good online. Maybe your internet just sucks?

      2. to be honest with you the specs are higher than wii U but so far like many people I don’t see the point of either xbox 1 or PS4. 70-80% of the games release on those consoles are also available on PS3/xbox360 or on PC. As much as I don’t like the marketing and promotion of the wii U I have to say I prefer my wii U compare to those consoles just cause I found the games more interesting and have more fun (personal point of view).

        The frustrating thing with Nintendo is they are please with 60% increase when in fact they can do way better than that, which include a better OS and small improvement online capability. Furthermore they can sale more (wii U) if they make the RIGHT efforts.

        1. What games? The kiddy games, like mario and luigi kinda thing? with their amazing couch coop only /s . Zombiu is about the only decent game and that franchise has been cancelled. MK8 would be good if it wasn’t broken and had the original battle mode not the shit it calls battle mode this time. I cant think of any other games that I would have missed out on and i’ve played just about all the big releases thus far for WiiU.

          1. despite the negative comment I love super mario wii U, OK it’s look like the wii version but a bit more challenging.

            I don’t care if I don’t have the hyper-realistic graphic, as long as I have fun. Ask me to chose between Final Fantasy 6 and the last of US, I will chose Final fantasy 6, cause I found the story so good. My point being it all about the gameplay for me.

            For me MK8 lost mine interest cause they shove you in the face the bloody DLC I don’t want to buy (let’s not talk about DLC). Which make me play mario kart wii more now.

            Finally wii U has some decent mature games, ok they should have way more but I enjoy Zombi U, injustice-god among us and can’t wait to play bayonetta, One piece, zelda and X, as well as shovel knight and mighty #9. At the end it’s just a matter of taste but I found Nintendo game has a more replay value than sony or MS.

    3. nah xbox one is nonexistent in france and germany(fifa bundle didnt even push sales pass 7knand thats the biggest game of the year in eu for xbo unlike wii u where hyrule warriors almost gave the exact same boost in those 2 countries)
      and mario kart 8 boosted germany and france to 20k each XD

      1. I know xbox 1 is not doing very well in France (don’t have a clue about germany) in fact as you mention the console is dead in France but PS4 is sell very well cause fifa15 has been on the chart @ #1 with the PS3 and xbox360 version for 3 week now. In France the shops like micromania put the wii U forward unlike the shop in UK. The problem with ii u in france is the fact the wii still sell very well and people don’t see the point of buying a wii u especially with the lack of software.

  4. Why do people keep repeating the same old worn out stuff about the Wii U. No offence Hell Bound, but you obviously don’t know anything about the Wii U. People keep saying that the Wii U is last gen tech, when in all honesty the Ps4 and Xbox 1 aren’t really that much more powerful. Look at all the so called “next gen” games that have released so far, especially Far Cry 4. It looks identical to Far Cry 3. Besides dynamic partical effects and individually lit raindrops (lol), the games look the same. There is no big step up in graphics this generation, and fanboys across the world are starting to realise this, one game release at a time. You could compare Crysis 2 to any “Next Gen” game, and it looks just as good. Honestly, the only big improvement in graphics are Nintendo games. Mario Kart 8 is one of the best looking games this generation. It’s never been graphics that make a game great. And as the graphics on these next gen games start to level off, people will slowly start to realise this. Sorry for the long rant.

    1. Lol that’s because the hardware in PS4 is already weaker than a PC. If I do recall, last gen, the PS3 was actually stronger than what you could get in a PC when it launched.

    2. ..mk8 is best looking – cred lost

      it clearly goes to ryse

      but I will continue since your a hypocrite, but since you are I will speak in riddles.

      Games take awhile to build…correct?

      WiiU has been out a year longer..correct?

      Cpu in xbox or ps4 eats the wiiu’s cpu..correct?

      Ram on WiiU is 2gb, making x1 and ps4 have 4x the amount..correct?

      Online features of x1 and ps4 obliterate the wiius features..correct?

      3rd parties want nothing to do with Wiiu…correct?

      Stop being such an idiot.

      1. First off, I said Mario Kart 8 was ‘one’ of the best looking. Ryse was so primitive and feature-less when it came to gameplay. The developers could put all thier energy into just making it just look good. That game was made to showcase the power of the X1. And let me just tell you, Ryse is as good as it gets all generation. Your not gonna get a game that looks better than that. And compared to some Ps3 games, the leap is miniscule. And that was my whole point to all of this.

        And second, how am I a hypocrit?

        Another thing is, Just becouse the Ps4 has 4 times the amount of ram does not mean it’s four times more powerful. A common misconseption made by alot of people.

        The ps4 is more powerful that the Wii U, I never said otherwise. But you guys act like the Wii U is light years behind, when in reality it’s not. The Wii U can produce games of equal graphical quality. Mario 3d World and Mario Kart 8 was the first examples. Zelda will be the next, and Metroid and so on.

        You have yet to answer why every third party “next gen” game so far has mostly been a disappointment.

        And No, the ps4 and X1’s online does not obliterate Nintendo’s. lol. Where do you get this information from? Honestly, remember Nintendo’s online is FREE, and it just lacks a few features, like free games. Oh wait, if your in club nintendo, you do get free games. So scratch that off the list. So Tell me, WHY do you think Wii U’s online is so inferior, instead of just saying *it is*.

        What does Wii U not having third parties have to do with the original discussion? Third parties is a problem for the Wii U, but has nothing to do with this argument.

        And I don’t even know what you meant by games taking a while to build. They spit out Assassins Creed and COD games faster than it took me to type this post.

        All I was saying is that there is a misconception about the Wii U. One is that it is a kiddie console. Two, is that it is vastly underpowered. Neither of the rumors are true, but people like you don’t care. You don’t care about facts, you only care about fanboy jargon.

        1. Where do I begin…
          At least know if it’s a fact before you say something is a fact.
          Ryse was not primitive and feature-less. You have to at least play the game before you spew your trash. At least fucking research it you lazy prick. You need a role model. Anyways, where was I? oh yeah! You don’t have a clue wtf you’re talking about, you are clearly a Nintendo kid, nothin but Nintendo for you. The only things you say are regurgitated from other fanboys like your self that are just regurgitating complaints from real gamers that actually own the console and adding exaggeration ontop of that. You fanboys are all the same.

          Ryse is not as good as it gets since DX12 is going to be out soon but you dont have a clue what that is or is capable of, prob sounds like alien tech to wiitards so i’ll move on after I tell you to go watch the new dragonage trailer, it looks pretty sharp, the wiiu won’t even come close to that in its lifetime and this is only year one for the x1 and ps4( which is another thing fanboys conveniently forget).

          No, it does not make it 4x as powerfull. It makes it 4x more likely that a 3rd party will be able to run their game the way they intended.

          If you honestly think Nintendo’s online is as good as x1 or even in the same ballpark, you are not qualified to speak of such things. I am not here to teach you, I am here to spank you. So do yourself a favor by not speaking about it.

          Every 3rd party game has been mostly dissapointing? IT IS YEAR ONE. You fanboys used that so fucking much that you didn’t realize that it was the reason wiiu games sucked so bad in the beginning but again you are comparing year two games with yer one games. Just a thought. Halo 5, Crackdown 3, Fallout 5, Elder Scrolls online and many more will be on xbox one during year 2. Compare that to Nintendo’s year 2 lineup on wiiu lol.

          So your logic is, if a franchise has an annual release that it doesn’t take long to build? All i’m going to say is multiple teams. Next stomp will be..

          The WiiU is a kiddy console.

          1. Every game is a cartoon with no depth or story worth mentioning.

          2. Miiverse is overun with kids begging for yeahs, drawing scribbles.

          3. You get banned from miiverse for saying “fuck”.

          The wiiu is vastly underpowered.

          1. It can’t run AC: Unity.
          2. It can’t even run the fucking batman game.
          3. 3 core, 2 gigs ram.

          No hard feelings?

              1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                According to your misguided opinion…

                You Xbots should go and play your so called “great machines” if you think they are so much better than ours, but since you are all in here, it only means that we are far superior, and that’s why your opinion, aswell as every single one of those apes that bashes Nintendo at every chance are nothing but blind cattle…

                1. Hmmm. What is it called when you have your assumption about an individual confirmed by said individual while maintaining complete validity in the specific context of the original assumption when the original assumption assumed cluelessness of said individual?

                  1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                    Again with your pathetic excuses, you, just like Donko are nothing more than arrogant little apes that thinks they are right but often are wrong…

                2. Actually you’re the clueless one that doesn’t have any cred.

                  Your reference to “Kiddy Games” shows how ignorant you are and that you don’t have a clue about gaming. And saying that MK8 is broken! How? Works pretty much perfectly for most other people. And the battle mode…so one small element in the game that isn’t as good as previous versions means that it isn’t good? How pathetic.

                3. I only got one response to biased Nintendo haters that can’t do nothing but hate on Nintendo & it’s fans.

        2. can I just add that despite PS4 and xbox1 having more memory than wii U, if I remember a E3 keynote in 2013, the RAM is shared between the OS and the game especially true for the xbox which I do believe has 3 OSes. In fact the game use only 2 GB of RAM for both consoles. Don’t quote me on this but I think the game part use 2 cores of the CPU for both sony and Microsoft, the rest is for the OS task in the background and cloud services.

    3. “The WiiU is a kiddy console [the same misnomer that hurt Dreamcast (by Sony’s PR) & GameCube].
      Facts [skewed by shallowness & ignorance].

      1. Every game is a cartoon with no depth or story worth mentioning.”

      Hmm… ‘Every’ game? Even on Wii U? Even just by Nintendo? & how many games, or for that matter any medium, have cartoon æsthetics yet are not for children?
      Depth of gameplay is usually what Nintendo excels @, though superficially simple, a franchise like, say, Fire Emblem is quite deep. Even Mario games (2D or 3D, platformer or sport, all have some deeper level than what the surface might indicate).
      As for story: both Bayonettas, Devil’s Third, & Fatal Frame all seem to me worth mentioning. But then again, real games don’t really need much in the way of stories (Hel, my gamer friends have Destiny & Shadow of Mordor & they skip cutscenes whenever possible, plus they play music when gaming, too. Was the same for their PS2 & PS3 games, & they’re in their early 30s like me).

      “2. Miiverse is overun with kids begging for yeahs, drawing scribbles.”

      Kinda like Facebook, or the generations born w/ social media. Even then, ‘overrun’ is a bit excessive.

      “3. You get banned from miiverse for saying “fuck”.”

      Oh no…how can adults get any communication done if the most mature word can result in a ban?

      “The wiiu is vastly underpowered.
      Facts [just kidding].

      “1. It can’t run AC: Unity [unless tweaked for a customized PowerPC architecture, or unless graphics whoring was reduced].
      2. It can’t even run the fucking batman game [because devs are batty for such a detailed, photorealistic batmobile; imagine if the resources used on it went into perfecting gameplay instead].
      3. 3 core, 2 gigs ram [on PowerPC, which is more efficient than x86 & computes differently].”

      & when will console graphics make the same drastic leap that 6th gen did over 5th gen? When will graphics justify the higher costs, anemic gameplay, & dwindling of included content?

      Nintendo has always been its own subculture. Not everyone is going to like Nintendo or real gaming (I wish SEGA & Sony hadn’t jumped the shark). But it’s really sad when actual games & certain styles are mocked by different subcultures of the same culture, or different cultures entirely. I want my obsession back. Instead, the industry went downhill after the 6th gen. Soon, games will be overpriced movies, hardcore audiovisual obsenities, & “gamers” will wish for QTEs.

      1. I wish I could have been their when you were typing “mario has hidden, mind boggling depth” so i could have given you a friendly moron-slap ultimately resulting in the absence of said statement.

        Fire emblem, mario, devils third, bayonetta and fatal frame. That is your own list, ok? I didn’t type it for you…agreed?

        “As I looked over your carefully chosen list, I began to tremble. My hands began to shake violently resulting in me nearly droping my WiiU gamepad I had been holding.”

        That right there had more depth then all those games combined.

        Seriously, that list you made is pathetic compared to what Nintendo used to have going for it. Which is what this is about. One of them isn’t even available in english for fucks sakes. I respect what Nintendo used to be, not what they are today, not nearly as much anyway.

        When you say things like “miiverse is not overrun with kids” I think, do you even have a WiiU? You also get banned for saying shit, dick, pussy, ass, homo, fag etc… The point is, you are being told what you can or can’t say and what you should or shouldn’t be exposed to. That is parenting their customers. By default, that makes their customers children. I’m not going to argue about the WiiU specs. It is vastly underpowered, believe it or not.

        Graphics add realism depth. Sure the cost goes up but the results are worth it. There will come a time when graphics reach their plateau but it’s not now. Two TV’s, on one tv set it shows Hyrule Warriors and on the other, Ryse. After looking at both of them for a few minutes, HW will begin to look ridiculous and that’s the bottom line concerning graphics.

        I don’t care about any of that. I play the games, the games don’t play me.

        Before you support Nintendo, know this…

        Nintendo is only interested in finding ways to sell you the same things over and over again. They are no longer interested in the seal of quality. They are no longer interested in making games for gamers, casual is all they care about now. They actually try to tell you what you like and don’t like. They think they are some form of industry god that should be worshipped as such and refuse to adapt to the very same industry. Nintendo should change their name to something else, as a respect to their former self.

        1. -Subject Hell Bound: Nintendo is only interested in finding ways to sell you the same things over and over again. They are no longer interested in the seal of quality. They are no longer interested in making games for gamers, casual is all they care about now. They actually try to tell you what you like and don’t like. They think they are some form of industry god that should be worshipped as such and refuse to adapt to the very same industry. Nintendo should change their name to something else, as a respect to their former self.-

          When you denounce the other 2 misguided species, then you can brag about how bad our empire is, specially since the other 2 are far worse…

          One wants to control your very life, the other wants to drain you empty of resources…

          So go on ahead and bash Nintendo all you like, you hold no valid arguments until you denounce the other 2 permanently…

        2. “I wish I could have been their [there] when you were typing[,] “m[M]ario has hidden, mind[-]boggling depth[,]” so i could have given you a friendly moron-slap[,] ultimately resulting in the absence of said statement.”

          I never typed ‘mind-boggling’, so why did you? Please refrain from putting words in my mouth, & from getting off topic. You are not omnipotent, obviously, but stop acting like you are.

          The point is, even Mario games have more depth than what you credit them for. They’re meant to offer a light challenge initially, but to obtain 100% completion &/or find all the little quirks, the player needs to dig deeper & play more skillfully. & very few games have “mind-boggling” depth to begin w/. If I wanted truer depth, I’d play an SRPG or RPG. As far as depth of story, I’d rather watch a film or read a novel or…play an SRPG or RPG.

          “When you say things like “miiverse is not overrun with kids” I think, do you even have a WiiU? You also get banned for saying shit, dick, pussy, ass, homo, fag etc… The point is, you are being told what you can or can’t say and what you should or shouldn’t be exposed to. That is parenting their customers. By default, that makes their customers children.”

          I guess that means those who frequent & abide by the rules set by religious & professional venues, they’re children, too. Likewise, coworkers, bosses, & customers are parents.

          Well, when you start working for a business or do anything in public, you might understand why society has rules. Just because Miiverse is internet-based, doesn’t mean your free to do whatever. I mean, there are childdren, adults, & the elderly to consider when posting on Miiverse, but mostly adults.

          Also, compare the ages of players who play CoD on Wii U w/ those on the other systems; way more children, even by comparison, on PS4 & X1, respectively. How many college students play Pokémon compared to CoD?

          “I’m not going to argue about the WiiU specs. It is vastly underpowered, believe it or not.”

          You refuse to argue the specs, yet state they’re “vastly” underpowered. So, I just have to ignore the details & take you @ your opinion? & underpowered compared to…? That all depends on how those specs are utilized, & what type of game or interactive movie is being produced. Plus, Wii U is the only 8th gen console, while PS4 & X1 are budget PCs or multimedia boxes, so are they really in the same catagory? Even the software offerings are different. Then there’s the original PlayStation & Wii’s successes compared to their more powerful competitors. & consider how too much power can crush creativity & create a lazy environment. Maybe most of what can be done in a game was done in the 6th gen, that maybe gameplay & balanced story-telling peaked then. Yet, devs wanna morph the medium into another, already established medium: movies? Blech! They’re backsliding.

          “Graphics add realism depth.”

          Sure, never disputed that. Look @ Wind Waker & how the graphics add smooth motions & realistic mannerisms to the characters, not even the photorealistic dolls of this gen have approached that level. Actually, when æsthetics try to mimic realworld visuals, they better be near-perfect, otherwise, you still get stiff & super-shiny dolls, flimsy flora, & repetitive movement. The more soming tries to look real, the less real it ends up looking. Our reference points (humans, animals, fire, smoke, etc.), are already around us, & we instinctually know how they’re supposed to look & act. But, create a more stylized æsthetic, & those real-world reference points are less important, though in some cases still necessary, just not to the same degree.

          “Before you support Nintendo, know this…”

          Too late, I already started supporting them w/ the original Game Boy & the Super NES. But I did enjoy PSOne & Saturn. Envied PS2 & Dreamcast, but only Nintendo has delivered since.

          “Nintendo is only interested in finding ways to sell you the same things over and over again.”

          Compared to 3rd parties? No. The other 1st parties? No. FPSes, Sandboxes, photorealism, “mature” content, & shrunken catalogs are the order for them. Controller evolutions? Nintendo goes farther.

          “They are no longer interested in the seal of quality.”

          Alas, the decline in quality is prevelant in the industry. But if Nintendo truly cared about their seal of quality, there’d be way fewer games on Wii U & 3DS, & both Nintendo & 3rd parties (including indies), would need more time & money than they can afford just to reach that level. W/ more consumers (especially impatient ones), more competition, & an ailing global economy, it would be nigh impossible to compete. Plus, haters & misinformation doesn’t help, either.

          “They are no longer interested in making games for gamers, casual is all they care about now.”

          Fire Emblem, Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem, Bayonetta, Devil’s Third, X, Fatal Frame, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze… The Classic Controller (Wii), the Pro Controller (Wii U)… VC…

          “They actually try to tell you what you like and don’t like. They think they are some form of industry god that should be worshipped as such and refuse to adapt to the very same industry.”

          Hmm…you criticize them for NOT selling out? For NOT catering to graphics whores (yeah, N64 & GCN beat Sony’s “weaker” consoles sales-wise)? For NOT throwing money @ support? & while they are in the video game industry, they are still their own subculture. Even when competing w/ SEGA & pre-7th gen Sony, they stood their ground; granted, the times were different then.

          “Nintendo should change their name to something else, as a respect to their former self.”

          If anyone should, that’d be Sony. They are the ones who bowed to Microsoft’s whims.

    4. OMG. So many inconsistencies to everything you said. First off, 90% of your post was nothing but insults that I will not respond to. I don’t associate myself with that type of childish behavior.

      But you did make a few valid arguments that I will address. First about the dx12. Xbox is currently running on dx11.2, and I can assure you that the jump to dx12 is not going to improve the graphics. lol. Even Phil Spencer himself said not to expect a visible increase in graphical quality. Dx12 is really just to help speed up first party development. It will likely not impact third party at all. The idea that it was going to increase the graphics was a misconception by fanboys. Ryse is as good as it gets. Sorry to bust your bubble. But look, Xbox 1 has enough graphical power to have fantastic games. Write a letter to Microsoft, and tell them to focus on gameplay instead of graphics, and you guys just might get at least one game worth playing next year.

      Next I will remedy this idea that you think games will look better becouse “this is just year one”. First off, there was a great improvement in graphical quality in the lifespan of the Ps3. The reason for that was becouse developers did not truly understand the hardware. It took them years to tap the potential of the Ps3’s proprietary infrastructure. The Ps4 is different, It runs on x86 hardware, essentially making it a PC. Developers know everything there is to know about the Ps4’s hardware becouse of years of developing games for the PC. So, games will not look better over time on the Ps4 this generation. What you have now, is what you will have tomorrow. Now, who is to say that Sony wont releases an upgraded Ps4 in a couple years? maybe. But that is the only way. Developers will not find untapped potential on the Ps4 like they did with the Ps3. Same goes for the Xbox1.

      And as far as your idea that Nintendo games don’t have story. That is actually valid argument. Some nintendo games lack story. But they make up for it in gameplay.

      And if you are seriously missing out on Nintendo games becouse they are “cartoony”, well then that is just your loss. Me personally? I’m sick of all the realistic looking games with stiff life-like human characters. Geez, i mean don’t these third parties have any creativity? Every game has Human beings in a real life setting shooting guns. Period. That is every game so far from third parties. I don’t care how realistic they can make a mans nose hair look, that is just boring.

      1. The amount of dumb in that post is ridiculous. I can’t believe I wasted my time. You claim to be in your 30’s. The hell you are! … Unless you’re a U.S citizen in which I understand and apologize. It’s not your fault, it really isn’t.

    5. Phffts. I should have known not to try an intelligent argument with a troll. Oh well, lesson learned! I will bring myself back down to your level now, and just go back and forth on who’s console is better.

      1. You just said what I said. Only, you said it after you read what I said. Do you even have a clue how lame and pathetically desperperate that suggests you are? You said nothing that would suggest you carry an iq over 100. I’m going to assume you have an iq of 97. Mine is 142. The problem I have with people like you is that you don’t even know that you are of limited intelligence.

          1. The fact is, is that you don’t know anything about gaming. Just what you hear other people say, and you repeat it without fact checking first. I’m not going to go off topic with you. Have fun with your insults.

    6. It’s funny when people say they respect Nintendo for what they used to be, but hate them now. That is the most re-used phrase i hear from trolls. The fact of the matter is, Nintendo has not changed one bit since the 90’s.

      1. It’s not funny. It’s a trend created by Nintendo’s greed, over confidence, lack of leadership, failure to adapt to the changing expectations of adult gamers and their focus on the casual market.

      2. Nintendo used to be my favorite back when I had a Gamecube, but ever since, their systems haven’t been impressive to me at all. The only system as of late I really like from them is that New 3DS because they’re giving me the option to get a much better handheld. Imho, the Wii U has better games than the last system before it. Almost every iteration of a game is way better than the previous one for me. Super Mario 3D World is the best Mario game I’ve played to date. But for someone like me that plays multiple different games and wants to experience different stuff, Nintendo games alone are not enough and the biggest thing wrong with the Wii U is the lack of third party. It isn’t even all about graphics for me. It would be better to have the games be there at all than not be able to play them. Gamecube is still the best Nintendo system I’ve played. The Wii was very disappointing to me and the Wii U is an improvement, but I wish they would still bring out another system that could give me as much enjoyment that I got from Gamecube. Funny thing is though the very first and one of my favorite games that I even played on the Gamecube were third party games. I didn’t get nearly as much enjoyment from Nintendo games. I used to not be able to live without Nintendo games, but now I can easily just skip them without caring much. They just aren’t offering all the games I want. Luckily for them, I’m a person that likes to play all types of games, so I’m more than willing to pay for another system to fill the third party gap.

        1. I have a wii u and xbox. With that said much rather have nintendo when is comes to gaming. Dont want to miss out on the best man. Thats with anything:)

          1. Maybe for you. But I’m more of a third party gamer. I owned more third party games for my Wii and Gamecube than Nintendo games. And the very first game I got for my Wii U was Sonic Racing. I can deal with missing Nintendo games. I’d rather play the latest third party game and then pick up on Nintendo games later.

    7. Hell bound seems like Dumko 2.0. “I maybe arrogant but that’s because I’m right most of the time!” xD And that’s the meaning of arrogant, ladies & gentleman: someone that thinks they are almost always, if not always, right.

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