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The Spinner Themes Are On European Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop, But They Aren’t Free

The Spinner themes are now available on the Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop, but they will cost you £1.79 each. The themes appeared earlier last week where they were priced up as free, but anyone that tried to download them were greeted with an error message. You can now download Spinner Mario, Spinner Rosalina, Spinner Bowser and Spinner Peach on the European Theme Store.

Thanks, Kitto

29 thoughts on “The Spinner Themes Are On European Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop, But They Aren’t Free”

    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

      This makes me happy somehow. Knowing that they were never free at all and it was just a big mistake. The number of disappointed people who went do download and couldn’t. XD I feel really bad for them.

      1. Knowing everyone has to pay for something while people in one certain region get it for free… Well, I’d be happy for those very people, but at the same time, I’d most likely be pissed, lmao.
        I was one of those people who tried to download it btw, haha. I figured that it most likely was a mistake after trying it a few times and seeing other people getting the same error though, so no big deal. d:

    1. Just two days ago I got a free copy of “A Link Between Worlds” just by entering my 3DS PIN code and my Smash Bros PIN code on Nintendo Greece’s website. A 45€ game that has been in my wish list for months.

    2. Well in Europe there was the Super Mario DX giveaway, and both in Japan and Europe they gave the DS version of Brain Age on the Wii U. Also, there was Four Swords for the 3DS and DS in all regions and Excitebike 3D on for signing into the eshop when it first opened. Those were the one I can think of off the top of my head where you didn’t have to buy anything to get a freebie.

      Still this is bad, or a big whoops.

    1. inb4 some retarded idiot complains about something that was never free to begin wit-

      Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m too late.

  1. Because all the ps3 themes and all the live avatar clothes are free, oh wait, there not, people bashing Nintendo saying they’re cheap when the other 2 companies been doing this since 2007 -_- and they don’t complain about them

  2. I bought the Bowser theme and a Link between worlds. Somehow the themes jacked up my SD card and my 3DS is off to Nintendo for repairs…again.
    (At least it’s free and my warranty resets!)

  3. To be honest, they should release them for free now. They messed up, and it’s only fair to roll with it. Don’t say something’s free then change your mind. Big fail Nintendo.

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