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Nintendo Trademarks Virtual Boy And Polarium In Europe

Nintendo has registered a couple of new trademarks in Europe. The trademarks are related to Nintendo’s ill-fated Virtual Boy and also Nintendo DS title, Polarium. Hopefully this means that we may see Virtual Boy games on the Virtual Console, but it could be that Nintendo is simply protecting their trademarks. Hopefully we will find out soon.

Thanks, Michelle

13 thoughts on “Nintendo Trademarks Virtual Boy And Polarium In Europe”

    1. Who would want to use the name Nazi for their group?

      Just because a name is very infamous doesn’t mean there won’t be people that won’t actually mind using said name.

  1. Oh please dont do this VR thing for the next nintendo console. I dont want to look like a lunatic when playing mario kart 10

  2. Hmmmmmmmm i would love to play me some VB Wario Land!
    Actually a new VB would be awesome in my opinion, the original was awesome, minus the red all over… had the VB been in color and had a better controller, i think it would have been a bigger success.

  3. Maybe it has to do with the 3d glasses patent that turns 2d tvs into 3d and maybe they wanna call it virtual boy for a call back. I would like it.

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