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Grab A Wii U Basic Console With Bayonetta 1+2, Nintendo Land And Wii Party U For £179.84

Online UK video game retailer ShopTo is currently selling the Wii U for a fantastic and enticing price point. You can purchase the 8GB Basic Model with Bayonetta 2, Bayonetta 1, Wii Party U, Nintendo Land and a Wii Remote Plus for only £179.84. Don’t forget that if do decide to purchase this it’s well worth investing in a external HDD.

21 thoughts on “Grab A Wii U Basic Console With Bayonetta 1+2, Nintendo Land And Wii Party U For £179.84”

  1. Very good price, but honestly I’d invest a little more to get the premium model. I got the NSMBU + NSLU premium model bundle for £180 refurbished (it was absolutely good as new).

        1. Oh Ok. Makes sense to clear out the back log.
          I wouldve picked it up had I not already had a premium version since launch. I already have a 500GB external attached to it after I ran out of space for games. It was a rough year or so with games, or lack thereof. Now its great!

  2. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

    You Europeans are always getting the deals and sales. Wii U sales are strongest in the US. Probably why we seldom ever have them. God Speed.

      1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

        Oh yeah… I’ll try not to take it for granted then. It’s really easy to forget about all the regional exclusives. I hate region-based exclusives.

  3. So Nintendo is still pushing the basic model, which gives more justification for the delay of Oddworld due to them making sure it’ll be able to run well on that model – and I think people that buy this are more likely to buy Oddworld since both it and Bayonetta are more mature games for the console.
    Frankly Nintendo shouldn’t even be selling the shitty 8gb model anymore in general, though. If they offered this bundle with the 32gb model in the U.S. (upping the price a bit to compensate for the bigger model is fair), I’d actually seriously consider buying it.

  4. why would anyone want nintendo land and wii party u, especially if they own two of the best action games ever made.

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