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Japanese Charts: 3DS Sells 113K, Wii U Sells 5k

This week’s Media Create Sales are now in from Japan. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate continues to reign at the top of the charts and pulls in another 327k in copies sold. Last week, Capcom confirmed they had shipped 2 million copies, meaning we could be looking at 2 million physical copies sold by next week. Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS stays resolute in its chart position at number 2. The brawler sells a further 53k copies and moves into the 1.6 million bracket.

Hardware sales take a dip on all counts this week. Sales for the New Nintendo 3DS and LL reaches almost 90k units, while the standard 3DS and LL sells a further 23.5k. On the other hand, Wii U shifts a mere 5k in sales this week, down from last week’s 6k. Below you can view the top 20 software chart followed by the hardware chart.

Software Sales (followed by lifetime sales)

  1. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate – 327,212 (1,773,501)
  2. [3DS] Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS – 53,075 (1,610,904)
  3. [3DS] Yokai Watch 2: Ganso / Honke – 42,778 (2,755,687)
  4. [PSV] Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy – 12,436 (New)
  5. [PS3] Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix – 11,215 (117,309)
  6. [PS3] FIFA 15 – 4,462 (20,612)
  7. [PSV] Amnesia Later X Crowd V Edition – 3,668 (New)
  8. [Wii U] Mario Kart 8 – 3,625 (690,387)
  9. [PSV] The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II – 3,309 (106,214)
  10. [3DS] Dragon Quest X Online – 3,303 (108,599)
  11. [PSV] Danganronpa: Another Episode – 3,283 (96,396)
  12. [PS4] FIFA 15 – 3,038 (19,757)
  13. [3DS] Nazotoki Battle Tore! Densetsu no Makyuu o Fukkatsu Saseyo! – 2,936 (15,782)
  14. [3DS] Yokai Watch – 2,934 (1,287,733)
  15. [PS3] Destiny – 2,858 (94,324)
  16. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf – 2,666 (3,797,831)
  17. [PS3] The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II – 2,631 (82,104)
  18. [3DS] Yoshi’s New Island – 2,598 (197,108)
  19. [PSV] Toukiden Kiwami – 2,158 (143,048)
  20. [3DS] Pokemon X / Y – 2,118 (4,153,186)

Hardware Sales (followed by last week’s sales)

  1. New 3DS LL – 60,348 (164,756)
  2. New 3DS – 29,341 (70,050)
  3. 3DS LL – 16,771 (19,727)
  4. PlayStation Vita – 8,761 (8,561)
  5. PlayStation 4 – 8,046 (11,697)
  6. 3DS – 6,778 (7,340)
  7. Wii U – 5,293 (6,309)
  8. PlayStation 3 – 4,779 (4,954)
  9. Xbox One – 728 (809)
  10. PlayStation Vita TV – 630 (737)
  11. PSP – 100 (67)
  12. Xbox 360 – 88 (97)

118 thoughts on “Japanese Charts: 3DS Sells 113K, Wii U Sells 5k”

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    2. I don’t think people understand who’s buying the New 3DS

      It’s not a success, it’s the same people who already own 3DS buying another one. There aren’t more consumers, just multiple owning

        1. Any trick to bloat sales has its price. Investors and third party will ask why the 3DS keeps increasing sales while not selling more games

          While PS vita sells so litle numbers and it’s still insanely profitable for indies

          1. Dude, The 3ds sales a ton of software. And yes, most people buying the new 3ds already own a 3ds. But there are still a lot of new buyers. And if everyone upgrades to the new 3ds, that would mean that Nintendo will have sold 90 million units.

              1. PS Vita is insanely profitable, developers are running to it even though the general perception is that it’s a dead system, that’s a paradox

                While 3DS is seen as a success, it’s not selling games, it only sells the same Nintendo games as always, developers don’t want to risk themselves while Nintendo cover their bases. Just look at the games being released for each system

                PS Vita has ton of japanese games from Xseed, Idea Factory, and other, because it’s selling games so well that they need more games to publish on it

  1. It’s not really a good thing that Nintendo basically has a monopoly on dedicated systems in Japan.

    Third party devs should do more multiplatform games in Japan.

    1. It is always a wonderful thing when Nintendo has a monopoly on dedicated consoles and here is why. Third parties are forced to match the excellent “Skyward” games of Nintendo’s in house and second party studios. Reason we got bravely default from Square Enix, ’cause Nintendo’s intelligent solutions set an Olympic bar with ‘FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING’ and SAKURAI’s Kid Icarus Uprising. As compared to the first party Nonsense that is ‘Sunset underdrive from microsoft’s own in house developers or contractors, and Sony’s lack of ‘KNACK’.

      “A body will stay at rest unless……….”

        1. All we need is for either Microsoft or Sony to leave the scene, better Xbox division exists, and for Sega to return to console manufacture. Now Nintendo, Sony and Sega competing would mean wonderful things. Great games, real mascots and no parity lol!


        2. it kinda is, but think of all the other games nintendo is not getting, as far as I know nintendo didn’t force these guys to jump to 3ds, it doesn’t help sony is not really supporting the vita much any more, made a lot of people lose interest in the vita. Its a good handheld, but sony didn’t do well with it

          1. Sony has been supporting the Vita quite well with titles in Japan. The Western support has waned, yes.

            I’m not saying Nintendo should force any company to do this or that and I’m not saying any other company should force others to go multiplatform, but it would be better overall for the gaming industry – especially in Japan where it’s only a faint glow of the nova it used to be.

            I’m sure it’s not Nintendo who forced exclusivity upon these third parties, which is all the more reason it’s stupid. Sure, there’s no problem with a few third party exclusives here and there, but it’s not healthy for third parties to all be one-sided, which is becoming the trend in Japan.

            Some either make games exclusively for Nintendo or some only do exclusives for Sony.

            1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

              Sony showed better support over Vita than Nintendo showed for Wii u. I think Nintendo stopped and gave up on Wii u after Star fox U. They should have thought about 2014 in 2008.

                1. What graphics commander? PS4 can sell without games. It’s the knowledge of people knowing which console is more powerful this generation that sells a console. If Nintendo thought of 2016 in 2008 it would have sold better. After all it’s not the graphical power it’s the power to load faster, handle more gamepads, not get kicked off Netflix, had an OS that wasn’t srupid and slow and needed three upgrades just to speed it up faster. The power to have Wii U consoles identity Wii OS since it is backwards capability. The power to have more games online, the power to have the Wii U independent from the gamepad if gamers wanted it, the power to comment on youtube, the power to have Gamecube adator work on alllllll games. That’s the power Wii U needed to besure PS4 never outsold Wii U. If they thought of this in 2008 it would have sold. And was stupid enough to think 1gb for gaming was enough back in 2008 for 2015.

                  1. Wii U is so weak DK country returns and MK Wii loads faster than DKTF and MK8. Wii U is so stupid and slow, Gamecube OS loads faser than Wii U. Wii U is so dumb and slow Wiimote works on Netflix but Wii U can’t handle it. Naturally Wii U NSMBU can’t play with the pro controller.Gamecube adapter can’t identify no other game but smash bros. U. Yet plug a gamecube controller in Wii it could play alllllllllll games but wii motion games. Thats how dumb, stupid, weak and slow Wii U is.

                    1. Why would dumbtendo have Wii OS gamecube games without needing to go to an all differentOs but with Wii U you do? Thats stupid. I thought the idea of a new console was to advance the features from previous models not get rid of them then replace that with stupid upgrades? Why would the 2015 Toyota Camry get rid if Cruise control and the 2014 Camry has it?

                    2. Ok. I don’t have a Wii U but I think it’s a great console! I think everything is perfect just needs the same 3rd party support as Sony and Microsoft and It would probably be the most selling console imo. I mean it has the most fun exclusives and it’s the cheapest out of the 3. If it had the same 3rd party support as the other 2 it would make the other consoles pointless to buy. Basically what I’m saying is even if it’s slow, which I don’t think it is anymore, the console is still awesome and creative and I’m looking forward to buying one when I can afford it.

                    3. So Wii had more features than Wii U. Such as N64 virtual console at launch, play gamecube controllers on more than just smash bros.. Why didnt they think to keep these features in 2008? Instead just focused on making Wii U more powerful than the PS3.

                    4. You know Wii is actually more hardcore than Wii U when you think of it. You can at least play with the controller you really want to play with. Wii U takes 2 steps backwards. Wii didnt even have AAA tittles at launch and sold better than PS4. What a shame. Pro controller cant play Wii os.

        3. JTZ from tribe of Judah

          What is sad is Monster Hunter or Smash Bros. Sales aren’t effected with each other yet can’t say the same for Wii u tittles. Yeah Wii U should be killed after Star fox U tittle and make another console. 3ds software doesn’t matter if it is 3rd party or 1St party tittles released around the same time. Yet a 2 Wii U tittles can’t survive together.

            1. Who said it’s a two game race. Monster Hunter and Capcom sell good on 3DS. That’s great. But cant get the same thing on Wii U tittles. It’s usally one Wii U tittle that can hang in top ten best sellers. You call me stupid but not Nintendo. At least PS4 can sell without hardware.

      1. Sunset is from Insomniac. It will likely be very good. Disappointed they went to MS, hopefully it’s only one game.

    2. Im glad it APPEARS that Nintendo is moving console development to the US (per the recent job posting for a next gen developer in WA) Considering the shrinking market and struggles, it would be important to focus where you can sell the most and that is the West. I mean, it worked for Sony and they dont have many games on the system at all right?

  2. somebody put those home consoles out of there misery,wii u deeeaaad ps4 deaaadddd xbox one err decomposing corpse…hurray for the n3ds

  3. … and yokoi watch 1&2, and animal crossing, and Pokémon. Makes you wonder why anybody would bother to compete or release on other hardware. Or why western developers shy away from it.

  4. Nintendomination is a beautiful thing. The WiiU in a comfortable position especially with all proceeds going to its selling with at a profit. All 3DS models on beast mode. Nintendo looking at the haters and smiling like ” These morons just do not know about us and the quality of consoles and games we always make.”
    Seemer down and enjoy, that new 3DS hold though WOW! There are going to be some butt hurt supporters of different consoles on a channel aptly designed for wonderful dispensation of everything NINTENDO!


  5. 4)[PSV] Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy – 12,436 (New) is at 12000 units, a new release, while third place three month Yokai watch 2 is at 42 000. In Japan and the hand held front, I would be releasing on the 3DS all multiplayer, multiplat games if I were a third party.


    1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

      It’s sad you have to depend on the so called holiday season to see Wii u sales increase again yet for 12 months globally Ps4 sold like 100k a week without games.

      1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

        You mean WE. WE have to depend on it. Stop being weird. Anyway; Next month us supposed to be no games November for PS4. There simply couldn’t be a better window to release all those AAA Wii U titles. I’m pretty stoked. What about you JTZ? What are you gonna get? Smash? Bayo? Watch Dogs? XD

        1. He is getting the waiting game but joke aside Sony doesn’t have a holiday title worth to hardcore gamers to invest on a ps4.

          1. Right until then I’m on my Wii OS through Wii U playing N64 games since Wii U is too dumb and weak to handle it unless it gets an upgrade.

            1. Hm, not so sure about that. It’s a fairly popular series, and the first two entries sold quite good. Considering it will be available on both platforms, it might actually do pretty well.
              But yea, we’ll have to wait and see. I hope it won’t disappoint though, because it does deserve to sell well, in my opinion.

          1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

            WHAT?! Wait a minute… Lemmie catch my breathe. Most of those games already existed on the PS3 though. And everyone who cared already played them. In any case, I cant wait for the Holidays. I love getting together with the family to eat turkey, play games with the kids. It’s such a warm experience for being on the colder side of the year. And the holiday listings are gonna make coming together in the living room and playing as a family that much more special… EXCEPT ALL THOSE GAMES ARE SINGLE PLAYER! ALL ABOARD THE Wii U HYPE TRAIN! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

            1. Not sure what you mean, because GTA V is the only game in the list that’s out on PS3 already, I think.
              I don’t know if you’re referring to the games I’ve mentioned with the singleplayer thing, but LBP features 4-player local multiplayer. d: If you’re talking about all games in general though, then yes, the amount of games not featuring local multiplayer probably is outnumbering the amount of those that do feature it, lmao.

              1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

                I looked into it. You’re absolutely right. Heheheh… And with the healthy install base, they’re probably all sell really well. Do they ever do American sales on here? I only ever see them for Europe and Japan.

                1. I think we get American sales from NPD in the middle of each month. (: We got September’s numbers about a week ago.
                  They’re not as elaborate as the weekly Japanese charts though. Like, we get to know which consoles and games sold best, but we don’t get exact numbers for everything, I think.

                1. You never underestimate the enemy. The PS4 is the strongest force of the console armies right now and would be foolish to try to take it on without realizing what they are packing. The Nintendo army must attend to the weakened forces over at the Wii U bases before they concern themselves with taking on bigger challenges. Overconfidence is the greatest enemy.

                    1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

                      Commander, I think HollowGrapeJ has long proven ready for the title “Nintendo Sergeant”. Requesting permission for promotion.

                    2. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

                      With permission from Nintendo Commander Quadraxis, I Nintendo Second-lieutenand, promote you to Nintendo Corporal HollowGrapeJ! Congradulations Corporal. I look forward to your continued service in the Nintendo Army.

                      1. Hm… Tsk, tsk, tsk. Not so sure about that. I’m an unbiased gamer and I don’t really like to take sides. I like to defend when people are attacking against the other consoles. (As you can see what I just did with the PS4 up above) I’m sure I would be a good member of your army, but I am so, so sorry. I must refuse your offer.

                      2. Sadly, Hollow can’t be trusted. He could go Sonyan, Xbot, or PC Master Race on us at any given moment. *narrows eyes on him* He could turn any second now. o.O

                        1. Huh… That’s funny. Because I was just looking at the Xbox One price drop and I was like “Hm… Halo Collection sure does look like fun”. Then I looked at the PS4 and thought “Maybe I ought to get one for The Last of Us and Infamous…” Then I continued to go back and mess with some PC build lists that I made. So, in a sense, you are kind of correct. *evil laughter* Decisions, decisions…

                          1. For the love of all that is holy, at least go for the PS4! Least the video game industry isn’t going to shit because of Sony!

                            1. That last comment was me. It didn’t sign in for some reason. Anyways, more games, the better! I’d rather play Halo, Infamous, and Super Smash Bros than just be restricted to one system. No way. I’m an unbiased gamer and I like to play whatever games I can. Anyone that wants to insult me for buying an Xbox product can fuck off. Lol.

                            2. Sorry, I don’t buy my consoles based on the company that makes them. If I was interested in enough in the games on the Xbox, then I’ll buy it. So far, there are an increasing amount of exclusives I’m starting to get interested in. And the Masterchief Collection looks really fun. I don’t have time to participate in these dumbass console wars. I do have some friends that play on Xbox and I’d be more than happy to join them if I ever before interested enough to buy an XB1.

                  1. Dude you don’t even have to claim PS4 future tittles it sells 100k a week on hardware alone. Wii U needs games to sell more than PS4 does. And when those 2015 wii u tittles launch it will barely pass Xbox one tittles globally. That’s sad a console losing to another console with quality games. Nintendo should have thought about PS4 in Project Cafe’s R&D.

                2. I’m not buying watch dogs because my revenue I spend on it will just be for Watch Dogs 2 for PS4. Not investing in nothing that will benefit PS4 tittles.

                3. We? You brought up the holiday season not me? I’m looking forward to know if the Fusion will be thought of ahead like PS5 level.

          2. Not a dead market, Japan is the third largest video game market in the world. And Nintendo owns it. Japan’s console sales have always been like this. I don’t know why everyone is so suprised about Wii U and Ps4 sales. If the Wii U can sell one million consoles a year, that is a huge success for them. But that all boils down to holiday sales. Honestly, Nintendo is winning this gaming generation so far. The 3ds is on fire.

            1. JTZ from tribe of Judah

              Bayonetta 2 would have sold better if it was on 3Ds in Japan. Why do people in Japan prefer weak games over definitive games with better controllers and game play? Smash bros 3Ds hurts my left hand if I play too long.

              1. Although I love my 3DS I’d rather much more my Wii, but japanese people love more the 3DS =s
                I didn’t buy smash bross yet, I’m waiting for the WiiU version

                  1. Yeah but PS4 sells are selling at the same price without a price drop. A year ago wii u needed a price drop for the people who dont have money. Yet PS4 isnt affecting by the economy. Power sells hardware this generation.

              1. No home console doing better? PS4 globally has been selling better for almost 12 months. Where you been Lala land? If Nintendo thought about power in 2008it would have sold without games like PS4 can.

          3. You haven’t seen nothing yet. Wait until pokemon releases. Last pokemon game sold more than 12 million copies. This new pokemon game has more pre-orders than x and y. Thats insane if you ask me. Nintendo is in position to have their biggest year yet with the 3ds.

          4. I love how Wii U is just completely separate from Xbox/PS4. They’re battling it out and Wii U is just producing great games on its own. Such a refreshing console, pure gaming joy, in my opinion.

            1. Monster Hunter 4 is a beast of a game. By itself alone, it has put Capcom back in the black. This 3ds monstrosity has already sold 6 million units in Japan alone. It is still selling very well in Japan, and will probably end up selling another 1-2 million there. I think it will sell 2 million in the U.S…. And it will probably sell 1-2 million everywhere else combined. Your talking about a THIRD party 3ds game that will possibly sell 12 million copies. On par with pokemon. Thats amazing. Smash cant keep up with that. Hell, pokemon can barley keep up with that.

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