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Eminem Buys Wii U For Smash Bros As He’s Apparently Bored With Destiny

Prolific music producer and rapper Eminem has reportedly bought a Wii U in order to play Super Smash Bros next month as he’s so bored with Destiny. According to a number of tweets on the issue, the news snippet was shared by talk show hosts on Shade 45 – a Sirius XM radio channel produced by Eminem. Though it may just be an inside joke among the hosts of the show, it’s an interesting tidbit for sure. And given he’s a big fan of Donkey Kong, it’s no surprise he may be picking up Super Smash Bros for Wii U. Here are a few tweets from those who were listening to the show:

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156 thoughts on “Eminem Buys Wii U For Smash Bros As He’s Apparently Bored With Destiny”

      1. At least he’s actually respected within the Rap/HipHop community as being one of the best rappers. Miley is aight, but she ain’t shit compared to Cyndi Lauper or Madonna(circa 80s).

                1. If rap and talent doesn’t gto together then how come you can’t rap. Rap is a form of poetry and I doubt anyone can be the best rapper or poet. Unfortunately today not many rappers are good and that is making hip hop look low. But if you look for real rappers you’ll know what I mean.

                      1. Honestly you need to be educated, if you really believe that. Most people change their my after listening to the Book of Human language.

                  1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

                    The drama begins! MNN is alive once again! Yaaaay!
                    Also, to add fuel to the fire, I’m gonna go ahead and add that; I’ve heard many different genres spanning beyond the country into sub-genre’s unique to every continent. I’ve heard songs that I hate, but I’ve never disliked a genre. Talented individuals can make anything seem appealing. Just look at Nintendo.

                    1. Yeah basically, its hard to cut any type of music out or countries music out. Its always better to keep an open mind, especially when it comes to music.

                  2. There are a lot of rappers with no talent, but to say that rap and talent don’t go together is completely ignorant.

                    Rap is a form of poetry and poetry is a highly regarded art form. I certainly respect those with the talent to write a moving piece of writing. If it is done in a rap and performed well, that takes even more talent.

                    Have you ever seen slam poetry? That is essentially rapping. It is INCREDIBLY difficult to be a good slam poet.

                  3. Anonymous commercial producer

                    This is an embarrassing comment based on bias over fact. Please refrain from being bitter with your subjective posts.

                  1. Allot of Michigan is like that. Anyways Rap is just syncopated, it takes talent to do it right much like a a good drummer has talent.

                      1. There is still good stuff, not what you linked….here is somethings from Michigan:

                        And a friends group from the same state, a little less recent:

                        I could link for days on the subject, along with pretty much every type of music, but don’t want to get too off topic from video games.

                        I would say rap requires a little more than poetry at least from the point of performance side (not writing, pretty much all song writing is equally as difficult), to do it right it become a form of singing. I could go into a long drawn out discussion that would take over the message board.

                      2. Rap music sucks stop trying to defend it. Most rappers prolly don’t even understand real/good poetry and would most likley suck at it. Rap is to easy to make that’s why so many people do it can do it and so many get big with it etc cause it’s easy and it sucks

                      1. I am originally from the Flint area, there is a whole lot of areas like the areas he lived, not just Metro area like Detroit, on sides of the state.

                        You are lucky to be from a good neighborhood.

                      2. As a fellow Michiganer, yes, very much yes.


          1. Miley Cyrus is definitely respected by many, including those in her “community.”

            An example of someone who is NOT respected within their community is Lady Gaga, but that’s because Lady Gaga is socially challenged.

            Either way, both Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus have what really matters which is TALENT. Both can sing and both can sing well regardless of whether you like their music or not.

            You can dislike someone even if they act like morons, but you can’t say someone has “no talent,” just because they act like morons.

            Give credit where credit is due, even if the person is a dipshit.

            1. Thank you for having such objective sense.

              Exemplary fact: Did you know that German Nazi scientists were more than a decade ahead of us in discovering the dangers of smoking, and other drugs?

        1. Yeah because Eminem wasn’t promoting the 3DS a few years back -_-


          Hes a Nintendo fan, its pretty much known by now. at least be grateful that these pop and rap artist are indeed talking about and supporting the Wii U. I don’t hear about these Rock star supporting Nintendo, do you?

        2. Well, Destiny is the most overhyped game EVER made- so of course he is bored of it – man even GAME ONE- the famous series about some nerds are Laughin about DESTINY!DESTINY burned 500 Mio. Dollar Man, youl could have made a cure for EBOLA with that 500 Mio. dollars but no- it has to be another crappy videogame. WOW.
          Good decison Eminem! Just shows, hat not all are dumb and want to play “Movie-games”.Theres nothing more i hate- then movie-games today.

      2. Wow Eminem dont advertize for less than 1 million bucks, last time he advertized was Brisk iced tea and that was for 1.2 mill

        Nintendo mustve paid out the as$ like seriously

        1. He is a hardcore Nintendo fan and an avid player of the original Donkey Kong arcade game. He is actually pretty good and goes for the world record constantly.

      1. *drum-roll* And now, for a lesson in punctuation! Let’s see how many ways we can construe the above sentence because of it’s lack of punctuation!

        1. Eminem is a fucking sell-out gamer, or not; His music is trash.

        2. Eminem is a fucking sell-out gamer or not. His music is trash.

        3. Eminem is a fucking sell-out gamer or not his music. Is trash.

        4. Eminem is a fucking sell-out. Gamer or not, his music is trash.

        … Actually, that’s all I have, but my point remains. Whether or not your point is good or justified, or if you simply want to mess with people, you’d be doing your readers a critical favor in getting your point across simply by punctuating it better. I myself do not have a perfect understanding of punctuation, but at least there’s an unmistakable system in place governing the way my readers read my thoughts.

    1. Eminem has shit music but good that more people are supporting the Wii U regardless.
      Also, DK’s expression in the title is priceless xD

      1. His new music isn’t motivated by the same things that use to drive it before, he’s a more season rapper and songs like Music Box and Buffalo Bill prove that he can still rap like he did in the past.

    2. Oh my gosh this is not access hollywood! I don’t care if celebs, music stars, bigfoot, gandi, obama, or even freakin sandy clause are playing the games I’m playing and I don’t think anyone else does either! We come to this site for actual news.

      1. I like hearing when a celebrity I actually like is liking the same things I do. It’s a nice reminder that these people are still human beings just like the rest of us.

    3. Gah, Miley Cyrus is someone I can pretend to like. Eminem, well, not really! Well, welcome to the club “Slim”.

    4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      Good, Eminem shall be a member of the empire now, specially since he has been purified from his evil ways from the past…

        1. well. no xD if everyone liked the same thing, the world would be so monotonous. People like different things, that’s why our world has so many things, cultures and etc

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    6. Yall fucking trolls just stupid. He’s a nintendo fan, who gives a shit. Because he’s a nintendo fan makes his rap music trash? (SMH)

    7. I have 13,000 songs saved on my smartphone, and not ONE of them is from Eminem. I can’t stand Rap or Hip-Hop music. I don’t even think of them as genres.

      I generally favor instrumentals, whether it comes from trailer music (“Two Steps From Hell”) or video games. That’s the bulk of my repertoire.

        1. Two Steps From Hell and Brand X Music are the only two trailer music names that I listen to.

          As for video game music. Well, I can make a list, but I don’t have the time or patience to.

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    10. It’s nice to see all this NEWS on a Nintendo NEWS site. If you’re entire site is going to be for editorial comments, don’t act and present yourself as a NEWS site. That only takes “news” from random fans.

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    12. Listen to Atmosphere. Eminem is a joke and so is his music. I could care less what system he plays, that’s his business. In saying this good for Nintendo, at least words getting around.

      1. Because he’s not a stereotypical fuckhead like Kayne West who raps typical BS about thug life nonsense that nobody wants to hear or care about? Eminem’s music and about his life is as real as it can get and that’s why I appreciate his work because he doesn’t talk or take BS and he’s down to earth kind of guy. Go shove them 50 cent albums straight up your ass.

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      1. Smartest rapper yet who doesn’t fall for casual TV box for game consoles just to play the same fucking NFL garbage every year just to chill with fake friends who hang out over having the same material possessions and certain likes.

    14. Comments either are: “wii u wins again” “hes a white rapper, irrelevant.” “Rap sux cause a lot of people say so -_-”

      Generation z ladies and gentlemen
      Where da moderation in the kid pen?

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    16. LMFAO!!!! People like (c)rap??? Oh well, wii u wins again! Even if we get a (c)rap artist on our side


    17. That’s interesting. Also, it must mean that Eminem is a hardcore gamer, because he is aware of the Smash Bros rumors claiming the Wii U version will be out next month.

      I mean, only people who frequent video game news sites know about stuff like that.

    18. I don’t get the point other than Nintendo looking for names to drop, but he decision is all fact- Smash is funner than Destiny.
      I don’t like Eminem as a rapper, but he seems like an alright gamer who welcomes variety

    19. It’s pathetic. Wii U sales suck so much now it gets posted all over the internet when a celebrity purchases a Wii u. No offense sicr. So i this what people depend on to get Wii u sales a boost? Nintendo should have thought of PS4 in 2008.

      1. Yet you’re so insecure about the PS4 that you have to troll Nintendo websites to feel good about it, get a life loser!

        1. Insecure? Oh please just salty because the truth is PS4 proved a company doesn’t need software to sell hardware because the Sony console doesn’t have any. But it does have one thing Wii U hasn’t “Power.” Funny how it doesn’t depend on celebrities to need to sell like Wii U neither. Don’t get mad at me because stupid Nintendo thought of making Wii u just more powerful than PS3 in 2008.

          1. you really are the vain of gaming

            funny how that power hasnt had an impact on the VITA sales. the PS4 sells on hype and marketing. nintendo however, is clearly behind on WIIU marketing, tho its quite noticably that smash will fix this, as SMASH is pretty much all people seem to be interested in some way shape or form. when nintendo clearly doesnt reach out to companies for help, its pretty obvious they would never pay for famous people to use their products. the PS4 sales have droped much fast then WIIUS has ever dropped, we shall see how long it has.

          2. PS4 sold through hype plus Xbox DOne reveal with its DRM scare making their own fan base run towards PS4 and Wii U as a secondary choice of gaming console. That’s it. If power sells consoles, then Vita wouldn’t have done so pathetic and GameCube would’ve beaten PS2 to death and PS3 wouldn’t have had such a rocky start that cost Sony billions of dollars loss alone. Try again asshat.

      2. I’m looking at Xbox DOne failing very hard. Did you forget that it’s been months since we last heard about Xbox DOne SHIPPING 5 million since March-April and nothing else after that? I believe the Xbox is in more of a dire trouble than the GameCube or Dreamcast was.

        1. If you think Xbox One is failing then you are an idiot. Xbox One is meant to be exclusive, for elite gamers only… I bet the only reason you don’t have one is because you can’t afford it. Still making payments on your wii-wii?

          1. Shipped (NOT SOLD) 5 million since March and nothing else after that besides the sales spike from getting rid of Kinect which took them dumbasses forever to figure out that nobody wants it.

            Xbox One..exclusive and elite gamers? lol Don’t make me laugh..oh, too late. 1. Xbox NEVER had a single exclusive to its name because they all end up on PC later so “exclusive” my ass and elite gamers? Only complete morons would spend a game’s worth of money for free online play you can get everywhere else and for what? Fucking achievements that not a single friend in your list would give a shit about AND 87% of them are pathetically easy to get while the rest either takes time or luck.

            If I can afford a $500 iPad, I can afford an Xbox One if I wanted to and if I was that stupid. Why I say that? Because I’m not an idiot to fall for MS’s BS around DRM which they never got rid of completely. Just patched around it to hide it except for the game installing that requires internet time to do before playing. I know a guy and his video who exposed this and guess what? You’re a fucking idiot for believing that they got rid of that gaming dictatorship crap. One of these days, they’re gonna unlock that same old DRM they you blind fools claim to hate and knew was still there but don’t care anyway because your boner for Xbox garbage hasn’t calmed down for a long time and BTW, you think Wii U Gamepad (a hardware buttn controller) is a gimmick? Kinect is the pinnacle of forced and pointless gimmick because nobody asked for it nor want/need it.

            “Still making payments on your Wii-Wii”? 1. It has no yearly payments to make unlike the con service you keep throwing $60 over and “wii-wii”? WTF are you? 12 or having a case of Down Syndrome?

            1. You are actually pathetic… You must have Down syndrome if you think they are gonna “unlock that same old DRM.” You must not know anything about tech so stop copying what you saw in the comment section of an ign video and get the fuck off the internet.

              1. Like if your typical “internet tough boy” response is gonna work and stop being a blind idiot. Why you think that DRM is still present in 360 with that Paywall BS? Don’t you think (which you don’) by now they have gotten rid of it if they were true about changing their ways instead of bribing back the same 3/4 of the fanbase they pissed off and scared away last year with free games that stop selling after its first 10-16 months? And FYI dumbass, I don’t even go to IGN. Its where raving jockey rejects like you go and belong when you have nothing better to accomplish with your short and pointless lives besides drinking the koolaid and stuffing Cheetos up your ass cursing through a microphone thinking you know the slightest clue about maturity. Please fucker. This battle was won and over by me before you even had the chance to copy/paste that reply of yours from some Youtube user other than your own to even think that your cliche tactic is gonna shake me. LMAO You wouldn’t know pathetic if I cram it through your throat.

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    22. So many comment sections on video game sites reaffirm my belief that if this world ever goes down the shitter, I will have no problem killing people if necessary.

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    26. Destiny is a game that requires tact and patience, especially after level 20… something most rappers are not known to have loads of… Destiny has only begun, there is years of content yet to be released. To throw in the towel now would be like deciding to be a rapper rather than a real musician… lol

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