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Here’s Another Look At UCraft For Wii U eShop

Nexis Games have provided gamers will another look at their Wii U exclusive title, UCraft. The team say they were originally planning on releasing the game this Christmas, but they have decided to push it back until the second quarter of 2015 to make sure the product is up to scratch. Here’s a few UCraft details provided by Nexis Games.

Changing the way we play

UCraft will deliver new innovation into the gaming world by allowing users to create and complete quests, missions and user generated campaigns online. Players will have the ability to create a game within a game making the UCraft experience never ending and unlike any other.

Confirmed UCraft features

• Never ending support and frequent updates
• SDK Paint integration
• A Never ending world
• Survival Mode
• Quests, Missions and a quest creation mode.
• Wildlife and Mysterious creatures
• Multiplayer (Local and Online) 2 Local and up to 16 for online.
• Voice Chat

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13 thoughts on “Here’s Another Look At UCraft For Wii U eShop”

    1. again, this looks shitty and nothing like the real deal
      its that simple wii u needs minecraft and this isnt it
      *cough* moneygrab *cough*

  1. It’s not looking bad, but the only gripe I have with it is that it seems a bit too lonely, can they show us “mob” or AI like entities? I did see an “orc” I guess but not much movement about it, where are the enemies to make it feel more like a survival adventure.

    Also, is there more diversity? In Minecraft, people make contraptions like elevators, trains and other things, are there more blocks than just normal blocks?

  2. Its still too early. One thing for sure is that it looks better everytime we see it. Wait until they add trees and water. I think im starting to warm up to this. The idea of boss fights in a minecraft clone is actually pretty amazing.

  3. The sdk paint thing means someone could recreate minecrafts blocks,I hope that the ability to make a set of blocks and have a world made of your custom blocks is introduced to!

  4. Yea, with that paint ability, you will have more creativity than minecraft itself. It will allow more detail. This game has the potential to blow minecraft out of the water. IF done correctly.

  5. u dumb asses talking about the game looks bad its the fuckin alpha build the characters are actually 3d polygon as appose to 3d squared sprites. i am getting this game for sure if all is good Ucraft might even be better than mindcraft

  6. Some of you guys don’t seem to get it. Minecraft is one of the best-selling games of all time precisely because of its simplicity in gameplay and graphics, etc. You start adding to much complexity, and you lose what made Minecraft the massive hit it is in the first place. A truly innovative Minecraft-inspired game wouldn’t succeed by just adding more features and better graphics and overall complexity. Rather, it would find a way to innovate while maintaining the simplicity of its inspiration. I don’t see Ucraft doing that. At least not in a compelling way. I just don’t think there’s any real vision or talent behind this project.


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