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Here’s The Brilliant Opening Cinematic For Super Smash Bros On Wii U

IGN has uploaded the fantastic opening cinematic for Super Smash Bros on Wii U. The fast and frantic footage showcases the wide range of Nintendo mascots that will be available when the game launches in the US on November 21st in the US and December 5th in Europe.

Thanks, Snakey642 and Baltharn

40 thoughts on “Here’s The Brilliant Opening Cinematic For Super Smash Bros On Wii U”

  1. Sorry, but no “brilliant”. This is just a sad video mix of all the other trailers. Far away from an original expected opening. Just like Brawl.
    Maybe one day we would receive something as BRILLIANT as the Melee opening.

    This is not far from a Youtube fan video.

    1. This would have been decent I think if we didn’t already see most of it in character trailers like you said. But it’s certainly not like Brawl or Melee’s level of epicness.

  2. Ehhhh. Best one was 64’s
    The master hand bringing the toys out the box then snaps his fingers than bam they come to life. Ahhhhh

    1. It was cool but I like Melee’s the best, music and everything seemed so epic. Not hating on 64 at all, love it very much, especially the throws.

  3. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it.. i want to be surprised! if the opening is the only thing i don’t know about till i play it so be it. just happy to know there’s an opening!

  4. It’s great to know that the game has an opening cinematic, but I don’t want to watch it yet. I’ll save it for when I actually have the game.

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  6. LAME :/

    I have to admit, this opening was frustrating! They made so many investment in the newcomers trailers that the minimum that they should deliver for an opening cinematic was something on the level of Melee’s opening. God, tha opening is still stunningly outstanding even today, my favorite opening of all time for a video game.

    At least, it’s better than Brawl’s opening, and compensates for the 3DS version not having an opening at all.

  7. As of this moment, I’m no longer going to watch anymore Smash Bros. Wii U videos. It’s bad enough that all of my excitement has been ruined from everything I know about it already. When I got the 3DS version, I felt as if I had already played it, and I got tired of it in record time. Though I always get tired of the Smash Bros. games fast.

  8. Yeah, I kinda doubt that this is the intro of SSBU. After all, ICN revealed it. I mean, come on… ICN? Do you really believe those suckers anymore!? Pack of liars like all the gaming journalists nowadays.

  9. Melee’s is better. A lot better. Not to mention Ridley looked great in it. Just give me that bloody model of Ridley playable & I’m good.

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