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Slender The Arrival Is Coming To Wii U eShop

A recently discovered PEGI rating states that Slender: The Arrival will be arriving on the Wii U eShop. The survival horror title originally launched on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 back in September. The PEGI rating also states that Slender: The Arrival will come to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and it’s presumed that all three versions will come with additional DLC included for free. You can check out a trailer for the game in the video embedded above.

Thanks to those who sent this in.

26 thoughts on “Slender The Arrival Is Coming To Wii U eShop”

    1. Don’t buy it for gods sake. I made the mistake of doing so and its such a pathetic horro game. It’s just full of cheap jumpscares, just like Five Nights at Freddy’s. There are better horror games out there, like Evil Within

            1. Lets see now, Alien Isolation, Amnesia, Fatal Frame, Five Nights At Freddy’s,Clock Tower. I have no mouth and I must Scream (You wouldn’t have played that, you’re too young to remember) and Dead Space… Also, how do you know I haven’t played many horror games? Do you know me? No, so stop using an already outdated comment.

                1. Oh LAWL the cheap fall-back tactic of “pics or it didn’t happen”
                  This is the internet. Do you really think that proving himself to an INTERNET ANON is worth his time?

                  If this guy in the comments section of this gaming news article is the same BLACKB0ND from YouTube, then all you have to do is watch his videos, as he has a massive collection of SNES, N64, GameCube, PS2, Wii, and PS3 games visible in his older videos. (in fact, showing some of the games off was his intro for the longest time.)

      1. I know right? I cannot believe people are actually scared by Five Nights at Freddy’s. Everyone I know talked the game up beyond belief, then I played it, I was amazed at how stupid it was for a horror game. Bunch of dumb animatronic animals trying to scare you with cheap thrills.

        Now this is creepy. The end is the best.

        1. Okay then, play the game in a dark room, with your headphones on and turn the volume up… you’ll soon learn why it’s scary, Casual

          1. Scary? All you’re waiting for is a sudden image popping up in your screen. That’s not exactly what I would call a brilliant horror masterpiece. I still remember the times when horror was actually MORE than that. Real casual^

  1. Five nights at freddys was a joke! I cant believe that game is so praised on the internet. Especially for being “the scariest game of all time.” Slender is a joke as well, but im glad its coming to Wii U. The more options the better.

    1. Okay then, play the game in a dark room, with your headphones on and turn the volume up… you’ll soon learn why it’s scary, Casual

  2. “Help! Somebody help! I’m being chased by Slenderm-Oh shit! A port-o-potty! That’d be a perfect place to display my drawing of a tree!”

  3. I will admit I did jump at one point… but mostly because of the bloody music suddenly leaping up in volume! Still, if it’s cheap enough, I might give it a shot just for the hell of it.

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