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Here’s The Accolades Trailer For Bayonetta 2

Nintendo has released an accolades trailer for Bayonetta 2. Available now exclusively on Wii U, the action title has nabbed perfect scores from a number of publications, including Destructoid, Edge Magazine, GameSpot and Joystiq. The game allows players to dress Bayonetta in costumes modeled after several iconic characters, such as Princess Peach, Samus Aran and Link.

18 thoughts on “Here’s The Accolades Trailer For Bayonetta 2”

      1. Still that isn’t the only one, it has high ratings from every site. So far it is an epic game, I got it yesterday

  1. Doesnt matter how good the damn game is if you cant find it in stores. I think it’s a botched release. They didn’t put enough copies into the wild. Hell, I tried to purchase it day one but couldnt. oh well. I might pick it up oneday if it ever turns up in a store near by.

    1. Sounds like someone didn’t pre-order it.

      I know I did, and I got my copy as well. But for me, the question is when will I ever get around to playing it. I’m backlogged as is.

      1. Pre-ordering has nothing to do with the lack of presence in retail stores. If people don’t see it on store shelves, they wont but it. Only the select few who really wanted the game. I’m telling you, sales are gonna bomb becouse of this. There is no excuse for this. No excuse for not having this game on store shelves. It pisses me off becouse I really wanted this game to do well. Gamestop doesn’t even have shelf space made for the game. Pre-orders only. Thats bullshit, and an epic fail if you ask me.

    2. I furtunately got one at a GameStop store after looking around several stores where was sold out already. And it was 1:00pm only !!!

    1. Your talking about 32 gig to download both bayonetta 1 and 2. I guess i could go drop an extra 60 bucs on a hard drive…. Or just get the physical. which is what i will do.

  2. What I really don’t get is that Hyrule Warriors got WAY better treatment than Bayonetta is recieveing. Hyrule Warriors was everywhere and easily found day one. Walmart made shelf space and so did Gamestop. Niether of those stores are currently displaying bayonetta. At least in my area…And Best Buy is not displaying the game either from what i’ve heard. It’s a pathetic launch to an amzing game that deserves better.

  3. Another shitty quality youtube video! Anyway, I hope I don’t end up with the same problem Deepsouth is having. With any luck, the towns around me are idiots & don’t know about Bayonetta yet, so there will be plenty of copies at the Gamestop & Wal-Mart close to me.

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