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Miyamoto Says They Could Produce More Short Films Based On Iconic Nintendo Characters

Revered video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto sat down with Reuters to discuss the Pikmin short films that made their debut at the Tokyo International Film Festival . Miyamoto was quizzed by the news outlet as to whether he will create more short films which utilise iconic Nintendo characters. Miyamoto said there’s currently no plans, but there are various things the company could do in the future. Which Nintendo IP would you like to see in a short film?

Miyamoto said there were no plans now for further films based on Pikmin or other Nintendo characters but he left the door open, saying that “technically, there are various things we can do”.

43 thoughts on “Miyamoto Says They Could Produce More Short Films Based On Iconic Nintendo Characters”

  1. Miyamoto also thinks that the internet is a fad. This guy used to be great, he needs to retire before he ruins his rep.

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  3. Any really.
    But i really like to see more Fire Emblem Awakening but you know: more in game characters appearance and an episode that just for fun that has nothing to do with the story.

  4. I want to see a full, live action Legend Of Zelda movie. Not just a short film. I’m surprised there hasn’t been any yet. If Nintendo is in charge of the production, I’m sure it will turn out much better and more true to it’s roots than the Super Mario Bros. movie did. Speaking of SMB, I’m surprised Nintendo has never tried making a SMB movie themselves.

    Better yet……make a SMASH BROS. MOVIE. A movie that features every character coming together or something. The only question is, would live action make it too corny? Hmm…..

  5. This idea don’t come from my Miyamto when he was in his prime, but from a senial, just-begun alteimers, Miyamoto who is trying to hold onto the past.

  6. I’ve never understood why Nintendo could never make movies for their series. The movies could be in anime style or 3d style (think brawl) and would probably do great. A full TV series of Kid Icarus with Pit and Palutena would be hilarious. The pikmin mini series could be like the “Shaun the Sheep” series (if any of you know what that is) and appear between shows. A Kirby anime could even be possible (and has already been done) with or without actually voice acting (I prefer without it). Metroid can obviously be done and even F-Zero, although I feel that would be pretty corny to be honest. Fire Emblem, Toon Link shorts, Star Fox, and the lit goes on and on. Hell, Nintendo has enough franchises to have their own TV Station titled NintenChannel and could be a perk for owning the Nintendo systems if you don’t have cable. Sadly none of this will happen and I’ll have to rely on the dark side of the internet for manga parodies, but I can only dream of the possibilities. Nintendo needs to do what Nintendon’t

    1. WTF?! *flips table* Somebody seriously needs to get Nintendo to hire this person!!! THESE ARE THE BEST IDEAS I HAVE EVER HEARD IN YEARS.

          1. nah dude it’s pretty shallow to hate and generalize a whole genre based on aesthetics alone (correct me if I assumed incorrectly). Personally, I don’t watch very many anime shows (of which I can count all the ones I’ve watched in one hand: HunterxHunter, Yu Yu Hakusho, Death Note) but I know there’s probably some amazing shows out there. It’s like the Wii, there are gems among all that shovelware, you just gotta learn to swim through the bullshit and find the right one :]

            1. I haven’t watched many. I used to watch (and love) Pokemon until I got tired of it’s major repetition (and the fashion coordinater crap ruined it for me. Screw you May and Dawn). About a year ago I watched several Studio Ghibli films, including Spirited Away, Castle In The Sky, Secret World Of Arrietty etc. And the entire series of Love Hina. And I just couldn’t get into ANY of them (though Arrietty was ok).

              I don’t know if it’s dull (or complicated) storylines, the weird things that goes on, or just the overall style of animation. Maybe a little of all. I will admit that I hate the horrible, spiky, unrealistic hairstyles that many characters have. Plus all of the characters looking pretty much the same (just with different hairdos). And it annoys me how even many adult characters look and sound like little kids (depending on which anime it is). There’s MANY reasons.

              Also, many anime/manga fans act extremely weird for some reason. But I’m not gonna get into that.

  7. I would totally get invested in a CG animated show or film for Super Mario Bros. That’s the only way it would work.
    As for Zelda, I would be happy to see a CG or Live action series based on Ocarina or Majora’s Mask.
    The other properties can work in the CG animated Saturday morning show format provided that they have good producers and writers invested in their development.

  8. I’ve always wanted to see some Super Mario short films from Nintendo. It’d be a great way to know our favorite characters better as well as confirm a few myths about them & their world. :)

    1. I’d be happy if I could watch a Zelda or Mario cartoon where the characters all spoke out loud (with the real voice actors from the games). I’m sick of hearing nothing but grunts, screams and laughs in Zelda games. Though even if Link spoke, he’d probably have some sort of stereotypical British accent like all characters in these type of games/movies. They always presume that just because something takes place in or around medieval times and it involves a princess, then they automatically give everyone a British accent. It’s as if people with American accents can’t be heroes. Maybe I’m reading too much into it. (- _ -)

      Even in Mario games where Mario just stands around like a puppet while everyone else spoke has always annoyed me. That’s what bugged the HELL out of me in the Subspace Emissary mode in Smash Bros. Brawl. I kept thinking, “will somebody please SPEAK!?”

      1. But back to that comment I made about British accents, I suppose it’s because princesses don’t exist in America. So I pretty much just answered my own comment.

  9. Nintendo should approach it as an anthology project. 10 episodes per story. This would allow them to flesh out some story from their awesome back catelog and keep the serialized nature of television from diluting their IP.

    I also think they could release their batch of 10 episodes p/ story in partnership with some streaming services available on their consoles (like netflix) and cross promote via eshop etc.

  10. Other M: The Movie

    Don’t even make anything new, just take the amazing cutscenes from Metroid Other M and remove the brief gameplay between them.

  11. Legend of Zelda! Have Link fucking talk in the damn thing! I seriously want to see Nintendo’s take on a talking Link. If it fails, it won’t harm the games as the short film will be non-canon. If it succeeds, it might actually lead to voice acting in the series some day. Then again, Link talking would ruin the feeling that we’re supposed to be Link even though we all know the character does in fact have his own personality. But least it could lead to future Hyrule Warriors games with voice acting.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. I get sick of Nintendo’s mute characters. I remember being so happy to hear voices for Bowser and Bowser Jr. (though corny) in Super Mario Sunshine. Then most people complained, and Bowser never spoke out loud again. It’s clear that some of us has a completely different way of thinking than others. I myself have always had opinions that few others ever seemed to agree with.

      1. I was okay with everyone talking but Bowser. They really should have gotten the voice actor to sound more menacing. But I do like how Bowser now talks with growls & roars. If Nintendo ever has Ridley talk, I hope we hear growls, roars, grunts, etc while what he’s saying is being translated into text on the bottom of the screen like in movies with characters that don’t speak english. Ridley is one character that would definitely be better off never speaking an actual understandable language.

        1. It is actually sad that Bowser, though called King Koopa in the movie, was more menacing sounding in the Super Mario Bros movie thanks in large part to Dennis Hopper.

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