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Miyamoto Briefly Discusses Life After Nintendo

Shigeru Miyamoto has spoken briefly about what he believes he will be doing once he has retired from Nintendo. Never one to shy away from new and emerging technology, Miyamoto says that he hopes he will continue inventing things as technology becomes more and more a part of everyone’s everyday life.

“There will be more interactive things in our everyday lives. And I want to be involved in any aspect of that. I don’t know if I’ll be making Mario but in 10 or 20 years I think I’ll still be doing something,”

88 thoughts on “Miyamoto Briefly Discusses Life After Nintendo”

        1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

          If I’m retarded, then you are absolutely nothing else than the disposable waste of the most idiotic lifeform on this pathetic universe…

  1. Miyamoto is a legend. He could do nothing but lay down in bed all day and stare at the ceiling and he’d still be freaking epic.

  2. He certainly has come up with some amazing ideas. it’s creative geniuses like him that make being a gamer so fun.

    1. Veryyyyyy true. I like this guy! He focuses more on how he can either expand off a gameplay style or make a completely new idea! Just look at how amazingly different Pikmin was! Such a creative guy! And then look at Project Giant Robot and Project Guard. He focuses more on gameplay and how it he can make it creative rather than focusing on anything else. He really is… is… a video game designer! The best one there is. NO video game designer is better than him.

      1. He really was one of the best. Not so much these days. We got enough out of the guy time for him to leave with his head up high instead of ending up like Adam Sandler.

  3. All I can hope for is that he’ll leave Nintendo with a bang of memorable recognition and live a happy life afterwards and I respect him for whatever he’ll do after life with Nintendo concluded. No matter what idiots or critics say, Miyamoto will live on, even after death, as a legend of modern humanity in terms of technological and software innovations in the gaming industry.

    1. A legend, my butt cheeks. He merely helped start a was-destined-to-thrive-anyway video game market. If he didn’t do it it would have ben someone else. Miyamoto is showing age a grasping onto old achievements. He needs to go!

  4. This man single handedly caused my video game obsession. The moment I got my hands on the NES and played Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt, that’s all it took. It changed my life forever. My family knows me as the gamer. Or, King of Nintendo. And it’s all because of Shigeru Miyamoto. He’s a true living legend that will never be forgotten. ; )

    1. Man, this comment was starting to sound really good, but then I burst out laughing when I read “it changed my life forever”. XD

      1. What’s so funny about that? The NES changed everyone’s lives forever. At least where gaming is concerned.

        1. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

          He didn’t mean anything by it. He was just teasin’. The NES was badass. The graphical powerless was unrivaled by any console ever released at the time. It had an impact on my career goals see? Even though I didn’t play it until around 1997, It was the first console I came to know well. It belonged to my uncle and we’d play it every time we visited my grandma. My grandma had my dad at age 17 and my Dad had me at age 17, so she was only 41 in 97. God I miss the 90’s XD

  5. Kinda sad that he is nearing retirement. If it weren’t for him and Iwata, the video game history would’ve collapsed. This man made the NES and saved everyone’s gaming.

    Take that Sonyans =3

    1. Same. And I hope we don’t have to wait 10 years for it. And I hope he puts treasure hunting back, instead of just fruit.

      1. I stopped playing Pikmin 3 after day 5. The timer ruins the entire game for me. Not to mention, it’s pretty boring and not that great anyways imo.

        1. I like the timer! It challenges you to get through the game as fast as possible. I found Pikmin 1 to be the most difficult (although that might be because I was 10 at the time) as the timer was a bigger dickhead in that game. Pikmin 2 is phenomenal and the best in the series for me and one of my favorite gamecube games next to metroid prime 2 and RE4.

                  1. Most of the game takes place underground?

                    honestly thats why pikmin 2 is the worst to me, though it’s still an awesome game in it’s own right, the timer was too forgiving and without the timer pikmin is just broken, you can create as many pikmin as you want, and the underground segments while fun in short bursts they became really repetitive after a while, plus pikmins enviorments were always one of its strong part so the underground parts ruined it alot for me. Personally I like 3 1 then 2.

                    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

                      Indeed, they were too repetitive and just randomized which made it non special compared to Pikmin 3 where any area mattered…

                      The challenge however was the best in Pikmin 2…

        2. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

          I played it until the very end, and then NEVER TOUCHED IT AGAIN! Until the Christmas DLC. This makes me want to play it again. Maybe after a year or so.

        3. I admit it’s not as good as Pikmin 2 was (aside from graphics). But it’s still fun. I love the Pikmin series. But yeah, the timer IS annoying. That’s one reason I loved Pikmin 2. Because you don’t get timed in the underground caves. Pikmin 2 is also a much larger game. At least it felt larger.

  6. yoo grape juice you’re a regular here right? mind adding me to your friend list on wii u? If not, sorry for being a creeper brotha haha

    NNID: JupiterJack

    1. But it’s not like he will just give up Nintendo completely, maybe he won’t work on it himself, probably just oversee projects from time to time, give advice and whatnot.
      After all, LoZ, Pikmin, Mario, Donkey Kong and Star Fox are all his creations, he won’t just abandon them completely.

        1. I shall clone him over night muw ha ha ha.
          Then nintendo will be printing money more so than now. Then other countries will be forced to used nintendo currency. Microsoft has no choice buy to give rare and all the other gaming companies it bought out because it could not cut it on its own.

  7. Back in the distant past, Shigeru Miyamoto was the only person that has ever inspired me to want to create video games in the future.
    I’ve been gaming since the NES, and have gotten more and more encouragement with each passing generation. He influenced me a lot back then.
    The Legend of Miyamoto is something that will never be forgotten.

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    1. You’re fucking stupid aren’t you?
      Sticker Star came out 2 years ago, or are you forgetting Pikmin 3 you fucking chimp?

      Miyamoto is the godfather of gaming, he created Mario, he created Legend of Zelda, he is the alpha and omega of gaming.

      1. While I don’t agree with him, if it was in fact Miyamoto’s idea to remove everything great about the Paper Mario series & use stickers, I have to admit that it definitely isn’t one of Miyamoto’s shining moments.

  9. Most people who don´t like Miyamoto is becouse they are around 15 to 20 years old (most of them), because they are a generation past Miyamoto, so they don´t really know wath they are talking about. They know about their case. They think the nes is crap and also that the 8 bit era is all crap becouse of those graphics. Now wath they can´t get in their head or don´t want to is that without the NES the gaming has we know it today will have died (someone else would have done it??) well where is this someone???? maybe there wasn´t anyone, and the people got inspired in this new system that was the base of gaming. There wouldn´t be any plataformers, that later evolved on puzzle, that later evolved to fps, then to openworld etc etc. So yea without the nes there won´t be PS4 or XB1. Withouth the sun (NES) we wouldn´t have anything got it kids???

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