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Here’s The Aussie Packaging For New Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo has unveiled the Australian packaging for the New Nintendo 3DS XL. The new hardware will make its debut in the region on November 21st. At 3.88 inches, the device is larger than the original Nintendo 3DS. Unlike the standard New Nintendo 3DS, it doesn’t feature a customizable exterior design with replaceable cover plates. Nintendo has yet to announce when the New 3DS and New 3DS XL will be released in North America and Europe.

40 thoughts on “Here’s The Aussie Packaging For New Nintendo 3DS XL”

  1. Has anybody shown an actual side by side comparison between the New Nintendo 3DS XL and the Nintendo 3DS XL? That’s the only thing I need to see.

            1. Well in the US electronic signature have to come with a adapter so or chargers if it is required to use the device. I for one else think it makes more since to include it for people that never owned even though I own a regular and xl. I will be getting the New XL.

            2. That’s your own opinion, and so was the other commenter’s opinion. The US doesn’t have a law for that and never will. What it does have is a law for false advertisement. As in, if that new 3ds box didn’t mention anywhere that it didn’t include a charger, and since it’s necessary, the customer is unable to use his or her product as attended because of it, it’s called false advertisement and is punishable by law.
              What’s sad and pathetic is your reaction to that comment, as if it was set and completely true. You’re one of those retards who is butt hurt at anything you can nab at another country and thinking you’re so much better. Get over yourself you fucking idiot and maybe someday you’ll do something without looking like a complete retard.

    1. Same. They screwed all of us who only wants the XL by making the faceplates only for the small new 3DS. Grrr! I shall NEVER buy small again!

  2. …they rated the system…for mild violence, a PG…okay…don’t see why they thought the system contained mild violence, but okay. I mean, if they were trying to get the point across that it has 3D and shouldn’t be seen by children under 7, they could’ve mentioned that, but…mild violence…whatever

    1. Face Raiders AR Game almost certainly still comes with it. I can see that being enough for Mild Violence to Australia.

      1. I don’t know what it means by mild violence but in Australia the rating laws are very different. Most r rated movies in a America get an ma15+ rating here

    2. When the 3DS was released there were reports that 3D viewing in it could damage children’s eyesight, so Nintendo added the PG mark as a warning, even though the case studies were inconclusive

      1. That’s true. children are under the age of 7 are still learning how preceive three dimensions in the world. Its on till they reached that age that their perceptionis fully developed.

  3. Is there going to be any more colors for the New 3ds xl? I know the regular size New 3ds has the changeable face plates.

  4. Nintendo Second-Lieutenant Haruhi

    This is a very different package when compared to previous Japanese releases. @_@ Maybe the US release will have a different design too.

    1. I think the reason they went for the sleek / original 3DS box design is because if they keep it the Japanese box design, everyone will think the system is childish and nothing new form the old models

  5. This might be the one Nintendo system I end up passing on. I haven’t really seen or heard anything about it that screams “MUST HAVE”. The coolest thing (aside from improved 3D) is the changable faceplates. But that’s only for the standard small ones. So I’m still waiting for a reason to buy one.

    1. no offense, but its probably due to people like you it hasnt been announced yet in the states. it takes alot more more to convince us to buy a new system, even if it clearly is a better hardware improvement. thats all japanese gamers need, better controls and gameplay.its simple. it hasnt been offically announced for the.U.S or Europe, so just wait. once they announce it here, then you can start seeing if its worth it or not,

      1. Why? Just buy one. You will need it anyway for the exclusive titles on it. The face plates not being there shouldn’t be a reason not to get one at all.

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