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Yacht Club Games Offering Europe & Australia An Exclusive Shovel Knight 3DS Theme

shovel_knight_3ds_themeYacht Club Games are giving fans in Europe and Australia a brand new Shovel Knight theme for the Nintendo 3DS.  As a reward for waiting so patiently, fans of the classic action and adventure title will be able to grab a 3DS theme based on the hero of the game. A sneak peek of the light-blue theme can be seen on the developer’s official website, as well as above.

Though this particular Shovel Knight theme will be exclusive to Europe and Australia, Yacht Club Games says North American fans may get different themes in the future based on other familiar characters. Currently, the studio are still working out the necessary details with Nintendo of Europe, however the theme will only be available for a very limited time. Shovel Knight is scheduled for release on Wii U and 3DS from November 6 in both regions. Here’s the official word from Yacht Club Games:

“As a thanks to our patient EU/AU fans, our friends at Nintendo of Europe have worked closely with us to create an amazing Shovel Knight theme, which will be available for a very limited time in the EU region. The exact details will be coming soon…but in the meantime, check out a sneak peek at the theme!!

“Aren’t you excited to decorate your 3DS with the Shoveling Knight? Stay tuned for more theme news in the US and beyond… hopefully this is just the beginning! What’s next? What character from Shovel Knight should be featured in their very own theme? Let us know what you think we should do!”

9 thoughts on “Yacht Club Games Offering Europe & Australia An Exclusive Shovel Knight 3DS Theme”

  1. I think the U.S will get the theme too. They just will have to wait as much time as Australia and Europe had to wait for the full thing. I personally don’t care about this theme, but it seems like the theme was made “Exclusive” because of the delay (even though themes are fairly new.) Just my two cents.

  2. Anyone else confused over the point of the holding Y +up/dwn screen shot thing? Why even add it.

    Listen to Jack Parow♣

    1. because phones and psvita have screenshot feature, you screen shot and share the picture on a social network, like facebook, so you can “hey, I just got this awesome theme” you can now access the image share from the 3ds home menu now to make it easier

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