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Here’s The Top Fifteen Highest Rated Games Of The Year So Far Via Metacritic

Wondering which titles have received the best review scores this year? Well wonder no more as Metacritic has listed the highest rated games so far. As you’ll see from the list there’s a number of mobile games included in the top fifteen. Here’s the list with and without mobile titles included. What do you think to the selection?

15. Dark Souls II (PC) – 91
14. Bayonetta 2 (WIIU) – 91
13. Final Fantasy VI (iOS) – 91
12. Kentucky Route Zero – Act III (PC) – 91
11. Rayman Legends (XONE) – 91
10. Fez (VITA) – 91
09. Dark Souls II (X360) – 91
08. Shovel Knight (3DS) – 92
07. Table Tennis Touch (iOS) – 92
06. Threes! (iOS) – 92
05. Banner Saga (iOS) – 93
04. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (iOS) – 93
03. Traps n’ Gemstones (iOS) – 93
02. VVVVVV (iOS) – 95
01. The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) – 95

09. Dark Souls II (PC) – 91
08. Bayonetta 2 (WIIU) – 91
07. Kentucky Route Zero – Act III (PC) – 91
06. Rayman Legends (XONE) – 91
05. Fez (VITA) – 91
04. Dark Souls II (X360) – 91
03. Shovel Knight (3DS) – 92
02. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (iOS) – 93
01. The Last of Us Remastered (PS4) – 95

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36 thoughts on “Here’s The Top Fifteen Highest Rated Games Of The Year So Far Via Metacritic”

    1. rayman legends came out august 2013 and fez I got for free on my ps4 and I would never pay for that game I would rather get paper mario

  1. lord ghost : king of the federation

    why are iso games on the list? how about south park stick it to the truth. i feel like getting that game eventually. i heard it was good.

    1. It’s a really good game, too short for an rpg but still full of content, sidequest and collectibles, it’s about 10-15 hours Long if you take your time, feels like a 3 episodes long special when it comes to the story, for a South Park fan is a must.

    2. where gameplay is concerned it’s not exactly good.. it’s fairly mediocre in fact

      but it’s got the classic south park humor and basically plays like a really long episode

      it’s not really worth buying it if you enjoy games, but it’s definitely worth buying it if you enjoy south park

  2. Legit list, except for that fucking card game shitnerdz play too. That has nothing to do in a video game list or else why not also include PartyPoker Championship IX.

      1. Ah ChruchofSaPussy: Everyone’s BEYOND least favorite self-racist fuckhead of a Microsoft bitch who’s crying and itching to buttfuck himself with all COD game cases and shove his defunct dick through the discs to see if anything significant comes out.

      2. Why would you make fun of a man’s death ? Especially when the man in question wasn’t a douchebag ? Stop that crap just to try and get attention, loser.

  3. These are high rated games? Seriously? Seeing the types of games that sells (and rates high) these days always makes me wanna take some Alka-Seltzer. : /

  4. You don’t list mobil with console games. They are reviewed on different merits completely.

    Who in thier right mind would mix casual ios phone games with real console games. What a joke. But hey! At least VVVVVVV got a 91! (obvious sarcasm)

  5. Completely uninspired. The gaming industry is a genuine disgrace right now. Year on year quality gets worse and worse.

  6. Final Fantasy VI was one of my favorite rpgs but why is it on a top games list of this year when it isn’t better than the other versions of the game in it’s format imo as well as being a remake.

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