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Nintendo Announces Dual-Pack Edition Of Super Smash Bros For 3DS In Japan

super_smash_bros_3ds_dual_pack_japanNintendo has announced a dual-pack variant of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS in Japan. The special-edition item will release in the region on December 11th and will come with a decorative sleeve and several stickers. Priced at 9,800 yen, it will be available in limited quantities and is exclusive to the hand-held version of the fighting title. The latest Super Smash Bros can be purchased in stores and from the Nintendo eShop for 3DS. The game hits Wii U on November 21st in North America, December 5th in Europe, and December 6th in Japan and Australia.

22 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces Dual-Pack Edition Of Super Smash Bros For 3DS In Japan”

    1. Agreed. And can I just say this is genius marketing buy them. I don’t even own a 3ds but I’m buying both for that Soundtrack and Mewtwo!

      1. One problem with that @DKJames, you will need to be able to connect the Wii U version of Smash and the 3DS version of Smash in order to Unlock Mewtwo.
        You do not however, need to connect both versions to get the Soundtrack CDs though, so that’s good for you…

      1. Mewtwo will come out in Spring 2015, as it takes time to create each character’s model(which they already have completed,) his taunts, his base move set and his custom moveset, his attack animation, his victory movie that each character will recieve in the Wii U version only, record the voice(if Mewtwo gets one) and his character image on the character select screen. I hope this helps…

  1. What’s the point of buying two? I get why you’d do it for Pokemon, but Smash? Unless you’re getting it just to have one to share?

    The thing about this site that annoys me is there there’s only a certain amount of people who comment on each post. And then the comments stop forever. I’ll sometimes go gack over & over just to see if anyone replied to what I wrote, and they still didn’t. Even days after. I suppose I miss my former YouTube channel and friends.

    But I’m very thankful that certain trolls from the past has disappeared. The Nintendo Commander must have annihilated him.

    1. I’ll take your random comment, and raise you by one:
      Yeah not every post gets commented on. I think this site is better than the more mainstream websites (as far as comments and responses go). But if somebody has a really smart/funny comment, I usually make a mental note of it/ think about it/smile. So even if your comments aren’t being responded to directly, remember that there are people (like myself) who notice them but just don’t always respond.

      But there’ll always be trolls. And there’ll always be delusional fan boys. There’s, I dunno, about 4 or 5 (semi)regular posters on this site that I do respect.

  3. A little late isn’t it, how about one that includes both Wii U and 3DS versions, that way, it gives even more incentive to own both versions and both systems…

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