In a surprising turn of events, Nintendo Europe has tweeted that the release date for Super Smash Bros Wii U has been pushed forward. The brawler which was originally intended to release on December 5th will now be coming to Europe on November 28th. Good news for those gamers in Europe then.

Thanks to those who sent this in.



  1. I don’t hell care. I would get this game by almost end of December as I am Asian and have American Wii U Console. Dammit I don’t have enough memory to download digital version of eshop. Die!!!!


  2. I like Asian girls, they are so cute when you fuck them they moan so hard and boy do they know how to wrap their legs around ones waist. I dont care to speak to them afterwards since they often talk too much and want you to have sticky rice with their grandma on Thursday nights. I find that their cute little anus is not large enough to fit a penis of common girth..


  3. Now UK can wait no longer for this game. :3 I can’t wait to kick ass but I also pray the online will work this time. Brawl was a mess and 3DS online is still laggy as hell but not as worse as Brawl.

    I want a good, clean, smooth online play on my WII U console this time.

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