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NewEgg: Wii U 8GB Skylanders Bundle With Pro Controller And Mario Kart 8 For $299.99

Haven’t picked up a Wii U yet? Well now could be a good time to do so as US retailer Newegg currently has the console on offer for the day. The Limited Shell Shocker Deal includes a Basic 8GB Wii U console with Skylanders Swap Force, a Wii U Pro Controller and Mario Kart 8 for the reasonable price of $299.99.

Thanks, Martin

30 thoughts on “NewEgg: Wii U 8GB Skylanders Bundle With Pro Controller And Mario Kart 8 For $299.99”

    1. I m already full on the 32gb model and use an external memory of 500 gb(not exacly 500 but somewhere there lol).Really lame from Nintendo.

      1. How are you full? I own 18 Wii U games on disk, Shovel Knight, NSMBU, Stick it to the Man, Earthbound, Runner 2, 5 retro Nintendo titles and Zen Pinball downloaded straight to my hard drive and my Wii U is not full.

        1. Well, a shitty game like AC IV can take up to 14gb!!! (Yeah I regret buying that shit) and Bayonetta 1-2 is 27gb+, so you’ll need an external hard drive in order to download those… Not a problem really, but a lot of kids here complain about that because mom/dad won’t buy them a hard drive.
          Let’s be clear here… The main reason to buy a 32gb one, is esthetic aspect (having a black TV with a white console looks awful) so I guess if you don’t care about that, buying a $40 HDD is not the end of the world (don’t want to? Then fuck you and buy physical…stop crying cuz you don’t have space for digitals)

          1. You can add a HDD to the other consoles as well and they come with at least 500gb. The cost of the HDD is NOT the point. The point is Nintendo is cheap as fuck and for some reason, Nintendo fans, they love it and then defend it. Weirdos.

    2. That’s a good deal yo! Yeah memory is short on there but I mainly buy physical games and use a usb flash drive

  1. I have a day one 8g with a 300gb external and I’ll never fill it up. I also buy hard copies instead of downloading EVERYTHING so I’m not stuck with a game after I beat it, I can at least recoup a little money trading it in and put that towards a new one. Downloading is for indies you first timers.

  2. I have a 32gb wiiu and also one terabyte external, and I download everygame, it’s perfect :3
    And this promotion is really nice

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    1. Why is people like “Church Of Sasori” never banned? All he does is post CRAP that rarely (if ever) relates to the topic. Trying his best to stir people up. If this was MY site, I’d instantly ban people like this. Especially for disrespecting the deceased (and their family). Yeah, it would be a good, clean site.

  4. Same bundle I have. But I still to this day have never played Skylanders Swap Force. Never had any interest to even touch it.

  5. I have a gut feeling if the Wii U does not increase in sales this Christmas then something will happen next year! New console, redesign of current hardware, price drop, name change, all of the above? something! I love my Wii U and want it to succeed!

    1. The last two holidays the Wii U has sold 1-2m consoles. So after December the Wii U will be at around 8.5-9m units sold. Thats four and a half million units sold a year. That would put the Wii U right at Gamecube numbers. And now with Amibos just coming out I seriously doubt Nintendo will make any drastic changes to the Wii U. They will ride it out another 3-4 years and then release new hardware. If sales can increase just a hair, and they manage to sale 5m a year, hell they would beat Gamecube numbers.

  6. What is with that crazy guys obsession with Robin Williams? He must have really loved that guy, he’s taken his death hard.

    I will never understand why people download full retail Wii U games over physical copies. No trade in value, no artwork, no collectability. And honestly just the ability to loan a game to a buddy is a good feeling. You lose all of this with a digital download. Only indies and retro games should be downloaded.

    1. @Deepsouth,
      I agree with everything you just said. Except that very last part about retro games. Being a retro (and modern) game collector, I feel that ALL GAMES should be bought physical. Except for the indie games that are digital only.

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