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Monolith Confirms Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Feature Online Elements

Xenoblade Chronicles X looks set to become a great game, but what we don’t know too much about is its online functionality. Monolith Soft recently opened up a website for the game but what they didn’t expect was the amount of traffic it would bring and the site subsequently went down. In a blog post the company apologised and also said “Huh? Online elements? Of course [the game] will have some!”. So there you go, it will have online elements but no doubt we will have to wait a while to find out exactly that they are. Xenoblade Chronicles X will be released in Japan in Spring 2015 for Wii U.

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61 thoughts on “Monolith Confirms Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Feature Online Elements”

  1. Basically they are saying… Folks, our online will have nothing you desire, there will be no coop and no mp but there will be some variation of a leaderboard.

    1. lol – where the fuck is Bill Trinen? why doesn’t he have our backs? club nintendo going down the tubes. no marketing efforts whatsoever. 2 years late to the NFC characters and even still can only be used for one game. where the hell is the New 3DS and why does Australia get it before Canada??!@?!?

      1. Nintendo doesn’t believe in gamers anymore, they sold out. Maybe Bill realizes this? They are trying to sell their old stock of 3ds’s to vulnerable mothers.

      1. With all these social networks everywhere, how in the world have you not made any gaming friends? I’ll play a coop game with you. What systems you got?

        1. I agree with him, some games just don’t need to be multi-player. It’s not even about not having someone to play with but knowing that some features require another player to fully be experienced is annoying.

          1. This is not one of those games however, it would be awesome with coop. And I do like a good single player game as much as the next guy but to pray to GOD that a game doesn’t have multiplayer means something totally different…

  2. I wouldn’t get too excited about “online elements”. Wait until we find out what they are.

    Honestly, I’m not sure I care much. I’m not going to buy X for a multiplayer experience, that’s what MK8 and SSBWiiU are for.

      1. Haha… Like Advanced Warfare? I was watching a lets play and this guy killed someone, and he respawned inside of the guy that killed him… yes you heard that right. He killed his enemy across the map, and the dead enemy respawned inside of him, right where he was standing.

        Instant respawns and kill streaks have ruined online multiplayer. It’s like playing a slot machine. There is no skill involved..

        No, Nintendo fans are not missing anything.

        1. Oh, what you’re talking about is online mp, competitive. Online coop is much different. It’s sad that Nintendo gamers don’t even know what coop means. This is your fault Nintendo!

          1. Like capture the flag? In Advanced Warfare. Did you even read what I wrote? Online coop and Competitive coexist in the same game depending on what mode your playing. Yea, you want to turn Xenoblade into WoW, and I’ll be damned if I sit quietly and let that happen. Mulitplayer coop is so overrated it’s not even funny. It’s fun on games like minecraft and terraria, i’ll admit that. But in most games single player campaigns is where it’s at.

            1. You must be very lonely. I mean, I have never played a single player game (or any game for that matter) before, that while I was playing, I thought…”Hey, If I had a friend playing this with me, I would just hate it”. I have on many occasions (especially when I was a kid) said ” I wish this game had coop” and I still say it. Even if you’re just trollin about everything, this is still an interesting topic, nonetheless. A gamer that hates gaming with people that comes online to talk to people about said games.

              1. Your going off course here, and your still not understanding my intial point. Xenoblade Chronicles is a single player rpg. It was in my opinion the best rpg in the last ten years. Why ruin that with coop? Now, if coop could be implemented in a way that did not negatively effect the quality of the main story mode, then I welcome it.

                And maybe your right. I am an old school type of gamer. I like to enjoy most of my games alone. But i get it, I assure you I do. I understand why people are drawn to online coop. Hell, two years of my life belong to blizzard, and every so often i’m tempted to jump back in WoW. I made several friends in that game, one of which I still communicate with. But I like story in my games. It’s like reading a great book, or even watching a good movie. It’s a source of entertainment for me to get sucked into an amazing story in a video game. In coop you sacrifice story for the sake of coop. Thats why I’m so defensive about Xenoblade. There are so many different coop oppertunities to take advantage of out there, and some developers are even making games multiplayer only. Single player rpg’s are all but extinct, and that’s very sad in my opinion. That’s what makes Xenoblade so special.

            2. Ignore Mr. Lame Ass over here. He’s a try hard noob attempting to defend COD to death for nothing because he loves POS broken games that holds your hands with faulty aim assist 24/7 which is exactly what COD is now.

              1. Yea, CoD is way overrated in my opinion. No skill involved at all. Not to mention they keep re-using the same character model over and over again. I really don’t see the difference between advanced warfare and ghosts.

                I don’t mind a civil debate with someone. He likes coop, and I understand that completely. But you always sacrifice story for coop, and in some cases it’s just not worth it.

          2. what about you invite some friends/family in your house/flat/appartement/studio and do a coop mission locally instead of the online thing???? Cause at the end of the day Nintendo is about togetherness, hence why they will do everything they can to keep that alive.

          1. Actually, I quite enjoyed MW2’s ridiculously unbalanced multiplayer, simply because it was so imbalanced lol. Also the story was quite good imo

            1. Only the story and the soundtrack was the best parts of the game. Multiplayer was fun at one point but got ruined with OP exploits and hackers…fucking hackers. But the map designs in that game are fantastic like Terminal, High-rise and Favela.

              1. Yeah, its sad how hacked the game is now :( I just loved how rather than actually balancing the weapons in MP they just made like everything OP. As much as people hated it, I have fond memories of all the noobtubers and kniferunners and RPD spammers. Also, since you pointed it out, Hanz Zimmer wrote the music for the game which is freaking awesome. Its sad what CoD has become now

                1. The multiplayer, before the exploits and hacking, was really fun. I remember getting my first nuke and the dude almost killed me. I got super excited and feel an overbundence of achievement and the weapon selections and killstreaks kick ass. :3

        1. This is the only way I’d support online co-op for a game like this is if the other person can take control of one of the other characters on my team mid game & control them. Anything else & I’ll pass.

  3. first i was already hyped, but now i just cant wait anymore xenoblade chronicles x is the sole reason why i got a wii u. and now its confirmed to have online features, but we still have yet to know.

  4. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

    I’m just happy even if there are only 2 players online one one server…

    Hopefully more than just Miiverse…

  5. It better be multiplayer online! That would be so cool and it would fit well! But then again you’re gonna have a in game party so… Maybe not? Who knows? I don’t! Do you? Of course not! But soon! Just soon! We shall see! I can’t wait! Can you wait? Not sure.

    1. I really don’t see how they can keep the main story flowing properly with multiplayer. How could you have multiplayer and still have a single player story mode at the same time? I would absolutely welcome it if it could be done. Otherwise I would choose single player story line over multiplayer any day of the week.

  6. If it doesn’t effect the single player campaign, then yes I agree with you. Otherwise, no way. Have you played the original? It was an amazing single player experience.

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