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More Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Nintendo 3DS Teasing Continues

When is the Binding of Isaac finally going to be announced for the platform? That’s the big question. Tyrone Rodriguez, Founder at Nicalis, is once again teasing Nintendo 3DS fans with the possibility that the game will come to Nintendo’s current portable system. An announcement has got to be imminent? Right?

25 thoughts on “More Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth Nintendo 3DS Teasing Continues”

  1. I remember hearing that Nintendo had turned down the game a long while ago, due to “questionable” religious content. Glad they changed their minds about it, it’s a reaaally good game. Got it for free on Vita + PS4, but it’s most definitely worth paying for, in my opinion.

            1. Oh shit. I didn’t realize that my PlayStation plus membership had expired because I’m caught up in so much school work…

              Ah well, I’ll just renew it this week so it’s no biggie

  2. Call me whatever, but I’m still hoping that Nintendo stays clear of this game.

    Large-scale corporations can mindfully be respectful to everyone’s beliefs by simply keeping their hands out of messes like this.

    What if it were the other way around – What if it glorified religion? It’s simple, really:

    -No politics
    -No religion

    Again, while I respect everyones views, from a business point of view, not a good idea. It bluntly ‘attacks’ a religious group, quite obviously. For the sake of avoiding controversy, you should keep your hands oyt of anything that ‘attacks’ any group. Same deal if the game were against any political group.

    1. And hey, I’m not saying the game isn’t fun – It’s just controversial. Avoid that all costs to avoid offending large quantities of people.

      In business they teach you to the same thing.

    2. “No politics,” I understand. It’s been a debate of right vs wrong that has existed for generations, and there’s truly no answer to which political group is correct as, ultimately, it’s a struggle of opinion.

      But “no religion”? Plenty of Nintendo games features religion and mythology. Why can’t an indie developer outside of Nintendo reference mythology with their own game?

      Roman, Greek and Norse mythology pop up throughout the Kid Icarus franchise, most notably through gods and goddess such as Palutena who’s based on the Greek goddess Pallas Athena; Medusa and Hades both from Greek, and the Kraken from Norse mythology.

      And Nintendo themselves have created plenty of mythologies themselves, most notably the goddess Hylia, the gods of Fire Emblem, Bionis and Mechonis of Xenoblade, and the (arguable) Arceus/Giratina dynamic from Pokemon.

      Binding of Issac likewise references a mythology, a biblical one, for its premise. So why can’t they, an indie developer, publish their game on a Nintendo platform while Nintendo themselves have referenced mythologies and religions in the past as well as created some of their own?

    3. I get your points and I agree with them mostly. Targeting a religion and presenting it in a sorta negative way isn’t right. Yes, the game is partly based on biblical events, but it’s undoubtedly presented in a sorta “comical” way. I personally do enjoy the game and I believe it’s a really well-made one. But the reason why I feel that way about it isn’t really the plot of it or it being based on religion in some respect, but most definitely because of the gameplay. I would have liked it even better if it wasn’t “mocking” religion in some way. I’m not even Christian, but I definitely can see where people are coming from when they’re offended by it.
      But then again, it’s only a game. A good one at that. BUT THEN AGAIN, that doesn’t make its “wrong” aspects alright.
      It’s a difficult situation, I suppose.

    4. the whole thing about being offensive is, if you find it offensive, don’t play it

      when you try to stop it from being played, you’re no longer in your right, and you start being offensive yourself

    5. It’s not the game’s fault there are actually some religious psychos out in the world that would actually do something like this to their child because they think their child is the spawn of Satan or some shit.

    1. 1. Grotesque does not equal violent. The game is no more violent than a Zelda/ smash bros/ etc game.

      2. You’re leading the question. Why bother answering, if you already have a clear unchangeable opinion on the game?

      3. Violent/ morbid games can be fun. Having disturbing imagery does not make something less sophisticated (nor “fun”).

      1. Blood and gore is not more violent than Zelda..fucking Zelda? Already exposed yourself as a predictable hypocrite defending this garbage.

        The only thing I’m leading is the fact that this site is full of double standard morons with blinded opinions like yours.

        Only to you because you have issues of containing such desire to inflict harm on the person to you. Its exactly why weak parents and dumb politicians always bitch about it.

        1. Dude, just take a step back from your computer, take a deep breath, and sort your life out. There’s no need to be so hostile. There is a person reading your comment- a living person with feelings- and there is literally no benifit to calling people names on the Internet.

          But, unfortunately for you, I am not being hurt by your rabid insults- because I know you are delusional, and I know that I am not a blind double standard moron… I can’t argue with a crazy person- I’ll just let this blog post die, and be on my merry way. But, there are more fragile people out there than I who would be hurt by name calling. I really hope that you understand what the effects of your actions are.

  3. Mythology and religion are one and the same. In a few hundred years most of the current religions will be classified as mythology. There will be new religions & cults.

    1. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

      There won’t be because humans will be extinct and I’ll be satisfied beyond measure knowing it to be so…

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