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The Game Informer Cover Reveal Was For Just Cause 3, But It’s Not For Wii U


Yesterday, Game Informer teased fans on Twitter that their cover game for the month of December would be revealed. Well now it has been officially unveiled and it has turned out to be Just Cause 3 which is destined to be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in 2015. If you’re interested, you can read more about the game, here.

114 thoughts on “The Game Informer Cover Reveal Was For Just Cause 3, But It’s Not For Wii U”

    1. Legend of Zelda has always gotten one, you have at least until next year when Zelda Wii U comes out. So practice your ass off.

    2. Big Mario and Zelda releases get them, I’m willing to be a really wowing Metroid could make it too. I must say I’m suprised they didn’t do a Smash cover. But then again, Smash is big enough to not need the help of Game Informer anyway, at least with all the big updates and announcements.

      1. It’s not a difficult thing to do. I can easily skip out on a Nintendo game and not care. But there are a few games like Zelda and Smash Bros that are absolute must haves.

              1. I have never really been interested in the series. I just never cared for it. I tried to get into Super Metroid and I didn’t like that. It’s just not my kind of game.

                1. Let’s give Hollow a players guide for Super Metroid everyone! He could really use some hand holding. *hands him Metroid Prime Trilogy* Here. That will hold your hand with hints of where to go next. xP

                  1. That’s not my only problem though. I just don’t like the game. I don’t like the controls, I don’t like the story, I don’t like the setting, I don’t like the boss fights (except for Mother Brain, she looks so cool) I don’t like the gameplay, I just do not like Super Metroid. And I’ve never cared enough to want to play the other games. Unless they make some really cool futuristic Metroid and give Samus weapons and let me kill any Aliens I want to and freely go and explore wherever I want. This is the reason why I prefer Halo instead. I have never understood why so many people like Metroid. Maybe they prefer the difficulty but I honestly don’t care about it. Metroid has always been my least favorite Nintendo franchise right next to Pikmin.

              1. Only Starfox I’ve played is Adventures and I loved that game. I absolutely hated the parts where you fly in space and shoot. And the other Starfox games seem to be just that so I have no interest in it either.

          1. I am a Nintendo fan. Even if I didn’t own or buy their products, I’d still be following news about them regularly. I just don’t like how they keep missing out on games.

            1. Don’t bother trying to justify yourself for these tards and their ass-backwards logic.
              One doesn’t have to like every Nintendo game to be a Nintendo fanboy.

          1. I am. It’s just that I prefer to play more third party games rather than Nintendo games, so the lack of third party is a HUGE issue for me. Even when I had the Wii I had more third party games than Nintendo games. But the Wii never got all the bigger games that the other consoles got so that was infuriating. And the Wii U is repeating that. It is really getting on my nerves. I only manage to put up with it because some of Nintendo’s games are really good. But it’s getting to the point where I just don’t care anymore.

            1. Well you already have a Wii U and i assume you have an Xbox, PlayStation, or a PC for third party games so you shouldn’t have to worry :) I bought the PS4 because of the Wii U’s game problem.

              1. Actually, I don’t have a Wii U anymore. Sold it because of money problems right now. :P It won’t be long until we get out of this money situation though and I could possibly buy another but ehh. Not really sure I want to. I had fun with 3D World and all those other games, but I’m not sure I want to be stuck third party-less again. :/

                        1. That thing is a collector’s edition. I seriously doubt it would be available by the time I could get it. :(

                            1. Yep! It does! And you know what sucks even worse? Before I had to sell my Wii U, I had bought both Mario Kart 8 DLC packs. And I was gonna preorder Smash Bros… Everything got ruined. And now I’m just sitting here with no games because I gotta use all my money to help support my family. *cries* I miss Mario Kart. XD

                        2. I know what that’s like Me and my family recently lost our house but we’re back on our feet now. Just riding that wave though is tough. I hope your fortunes improve HollowgrapeJ.

                        3. the clergy of the church of sasori praises high priest hollowgrapej
                          he did what the lord ghost don’t, selling the weak u.
                          hails to you high priest hollowgrapej, hails to you
                          Church of sasori

            2. The Ps4 and Xbox1 misses out on games too. I would honestly rather miss out on games like Just Cause 3, than miss out on games like Mario Galaxy 3 and Zelda U. (of course I wont miss out on anything since I have a PC and a Ps4)

              1. You’re like the complete opposite of me. Lol. I wish I had enough money to buy all the consoles and handhelds and a PC. But without the money to do that, I can usually only get one system. And Nintendo systems don’t cut it as a primary system for me. I HAVE to have a second system to go with it. And if I can’t, I’ll just have to stick with one of the other two that might fix my third party needs from now on.

                1. I understand that. I may not be as opposite as you think. Growing up all we could afford was a single console between several siblings. Now that i’m older, I have the funds to buy the consoles and games I want. I’m not rich by any stretch of the imagination though. Things will get better for you. It’s really an easy decision to make. If your more into the third party games, get a Ps4 or PC. If you like Zelda, Xenoblade X, Splatoon, Metroid, Mario Galaxy, Star Fox, F-Zero, Bayonetta 1 and 2, Mario Kart,….etc., then get a Wii… :)

                  1. Growing up, my parents never got me any video games. I worked my butt off from a kid to get anything I wanted on my own. Poor family, but I worked hard. Every now and then a friend would come along and give me his or her old system and I would love it.

                    1. Yeah. And now you have every 8th generation platform along with a Vita and 3DS. Your hard work has paid off. Lol. I was never THAT unlucky though. I mean, sure. My family can be considered poor because of the situation we’re in now, but I’ve always had at least one game system with me. Ever since I was 8 and for my first Gamecube, I have never gone without a game system before. Even in difficult situations where we had our lights turned off. It was still there. Just couldn’t be played. XD So yeah. I’m thankful for that.

              1. Not because of one game. Because of missing the entire last generation’s worth of games as well as this one. I can’t deal with it anymore. Nintendo systems will be secondary for me from now on.

                    1. Don’t worry. Just because I don’t have any Nintendo systems anymore doesn’t mean I’m just gonna turn all anti-Nintendo. Lol. I’m still excited for some of the games and I will buy another Wii U hopefully in the future. I don’t got a Wii U anymore but I’m still buying a stack load of Amiibo. Hahaha!

                1. That depends on how you look at it. I look at last generation with games like Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime, etc. etc… So you could really say they didn’t miss out on anything last gen except a few third party multiplats. There are literally over 1 thousand games you can play on your Wii U if you include Wii Games.

                  1. Yeah. I like Nintendo games, but they can’t fill the third party gap. For every Legend Of Zelda that comes out, there’s like 5 other big blockbuster games that come out. And honestly, that’s freaking annoying. We’ve been waiting For Zelda U even before Wii U’s launch and the amount of great games that have came out and skipped the Wii U is utterly ridiculous. I was thinking about selling my Wii U back around February because of lack of third party. February… That’s only 3 months after its launch. That’s just how bad the situation was. >.<

                    1. Yea, I mean I can’t deny that Nintendo misses alot of games, becouse they do. Even this gen games like Arkham Knight, Dragon Age, and the Witcher 3 are games nobody should miss. But Zelda, Mario, and Metroid are can’t miss games either. So yea, you really need two consoles. Ps4 amd Wii U is the way to go. You won’t miss much from Microsoft… But If I absolutely had to miss any games, it would be the third party games. I just couldn’t imagine not being able to play Zelda U, or Smash. I understand your situation. It sucks ….First World

            3. Nintendo has some of the best first-party exclusives, hence why most gamers who have grown out of the fanboy phase tend to be multiplat. They play games because they love games, no matter the console, whereas fanboys actually hate games for no other reason than the console they’re on.

            1. 2 wasn’t good until the online mod, and its still shit?

              Its either good or not, make up your mind you hypocrite. You’re only sour because its not coming to the Wii U.

          2. This is a from a company that has never made a game for a Nintendo system and this is a computer style game. So its not a question if its coming to the Wii U. Its pretty rare when GameInformer covers something Nintendo, they might do its like once a year and its been like that for more than a decade. That is really a computer gaming magazine for better or worse.

              1. Yes, it was made for Gamestop (Babbage at the time) to help sell product within their store and promote the game industry.

          3. Well I think we all knew they wouldn’t be talking about Nintendo. Oh well at least we’ve had the direct recently so if they were to talk about Nintendo I’m sure it would have been old news.

          4. Thank you GameInformer for showing me that it wasn’t a mistake when I stopped subscribing to your anti-Nintendo publication.

          5. …I don’t know why, but I read that as “Just Dance” and began to question the cover for a second.

          6. Ok so, why is this considered Nintendo news, oh so now we get stories about the games Wii U is NOT getting. I see, that completely makes this relevant Nintendo news…

            Listen to Jack Parow.

          7. Just stop with Game Informer. There are not worth the time for Nintendo fans. When is the day in which a Nintendo game will make it to the front page of this so called “gamers’s magazine”?

            1. They are not anti-nintendo. If you open up the magazine you will see they cover every new Nintendo game there is. They have several pages dedicated to Nintendo information in most issues.

                1. SM3DW released when XB1 and PS4 came out. No way it was gonna take the spotlight then. Bayonetta 2 probably wasn’t hyped up enough to be cared about. Splatoon is nowhere near release right now. And if it happened to get released in February, there’s no way it can stand a chance because there are big games like The Witcher 3 in that month. DKC came out February. That month was all about Infamous Second Son. Btw, Second Son actually did get featured on the front. LOL.

                  1. Then is sad…Was Wii U ever featured in a cover page of their magazine? Bayonetta 2, hyped or not, should have take the place, that is not a excuse. Splatoon was announce during E3 and yet this game above (Just cause 3) was just announced and got the cover. DKC could have been in a cover even before it’s released. I guess we deserve to stay in silence. I’m not complaining though.

                    1. I don’t know all the Nintendo games put on there, but NSMBU got on one of the covers around Wii U’s release. I had that colorful issue. Lol. It was great looking at Mario’s face. :P

          8. Unless GameInformer says “We have a special Nintendo cover reveal tomorrow” it will NEVER be a game that is coming to Wii U… Game Informer covers are always for typical casual games that are on either Xbox or Play Station… because those consoles have the casual audience.

          9. Surprise, surprise, surprise, another day, another GI reveal cover that isn’t a Nintendo game, yet MyNintendoNews hops on it like flies to a turd. “Fingers crossed guys!”

            On the topic of JC3 though, that’s exciting news. I played a bit of JC2 and it was a blast, so I’m glad I bought a PS4. The Wii U is not a bad system but rarely has any legitimately exciting third party games. It’s the same old Nintendo rut they can’t seem to get out of, making awesome first party games but missing out on a ton of third party games with just a few actually notable ones coming to it.

          10. Every time sickr etc. posts something about GameInformer’s upcoming cover, I instantly get disgusted because I KNOW it won’t be a Nintendo game. Because GameInformer is ASS! (just like EGM)

          11. This shouldn’t even be on a Nintendo website, there are plenty of sites that this would be appropriate For, but not for a site called mynintendonews …. It’s not coming to a Nintendo console, so it’s NOT Nintendo News !!! You people seem to love to get the trolls worked up ! ….. It’s Pretty sad really ! If you want to be a general video game website , then just change your name and just do it …..

          12. PC and Nintendo switch this generation, PC is the new Nintendo today, if PC made a handheld Nintendo is screwed the steam is so much better than eshop.

          13. lord ghost : king of the federation

            LOL now people are saying game informer is anti nintendo. do these people even read game informer.

          14. Nintendo Commander Quadraxis

            For the holy N, another human hero based game with human antagonists that we will be missing out!

            -Cybernetic sarcasm

            1. If this was announced for the Wii U you’ll probably be excited for this game. Just cause a game that won’t be coming to the Wii U will be automatically bad. Each consoles have their fair share of games so stop hatin. I also remembered when some of the fanboys praised Ubisoft’s games including Assassin’s Creed coming to Wii U now are stinking on them. Like. W.T.F

          15. How naive you are, and you fall into the traps! looL
            My Nintendo News live on your clicks, and you fall into the trap of this type!
            What is not Wii U do not comment on the open post, and Gogh thing ..;-)

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