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Amiibo Won’t Be Region Locked

Online gaming publication IGN has discovered that Amiibo figures won’t be region locked, which is a nice surprise. So you’ll be able to import Amiibo figures and they will work on your console. IGN tried a US Amiibo figure on a Japanese console and it worked fine.

Thanks, MasterPikachu6

48 thoughts on “Amiibo Won’t Be Region Locked”

      1. – Amiibo can’t be used across consoles
        – Amiibo can’t be used with multiple games
        – Amiibo can’t be region locked

        you heard me correctly … of all the things Amiibo can’t do, add region locking to the list … region locking is a feature and Amiibo lacks features.

        1. What? “Amiibo can’t be used across consoles. Amiibo can’t be used with multiple games”

          Both of these are wrong…

        1. Remember when Nintendo said that they expect Amiibos to be hard to find? That could be why they are not region locked; so that you can import them.

    1. These figures doesn’t have enough memory to region lock, plus they aren’t infringing on any copyright or broadcast frequency issues that might be regional. So that is why they aren’t region locked.

    2. Actually, it is a rather important deal. One of my friends has a PAL Wii but only has American games.
      If someone were to go on a trip to some other region, he or she couldn’t buy physical copies of games.
      If one wanted to try the Japanese version of a certain game for whatever reason (example: that one Donkey Kong game that used the GameCube Bonga controller was WAAAY better in the Japanese and PAL versions), well too bad! You’ll have to import a japanese whatever console you’re playing on.
      So yeah, region locking is rather annoying and a whole bunch of gamers would rather NOT have Nintendo continuing that trend, thank you very much.

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  2. Man there are going to be so many! It’s gonna be hard to collect all the ones I want, but I think that’s the fun in collecting!

    1. It is because you are a fuckin xbot that fuckin hates every thing unless it is made by Microsoft, you are riping your self of because you have to pay for everything on Microsoft.

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